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  1. Cieara looks around herself, frowning. "B-boys, as f-fun as you two might b-be having there, I've spotted some l-landmarks for you to go to. I'm on a water t-tower in a b-big c-coastal town." She frowns and looks out at the water. "A-also, the most b-beautiful water that I've ever... G-god I miss Tali."
  2. The young woman's heart almost stops when she hears a voice asking if she was looking for Natalia, and then saying that they knew where she was. "P-please, if y-you know where sh-she is..." She pauses for a moment, considering what the voice on the radio asked. Where was she? "I... I have to b-be honest with you. I d-don't know where I am. P-please, if T-Tali is alive, I-" She holds the radio close to her head. "I'll d-do anything. P-please, just... I want my s-sister." She looks up at the few infected who were just out of range of finding out she was there. "Hurry..." She whispers, holding the radio close to her.
  3. A thin bedraggled woman fumbles with the radio in her hand and looks at it carefully, pressing the button on it slowly. "H... hello...?" The small woman almost drops the thing after her first word, cringing at the static that bursts from the radio as she turns the volume up. She fiddles with the device for a minute or two before sighing and pressing the button. An audible sigh is heard over the feed before she starts talking. "My name is... *sigh* well, if anyone can hear me, you can call me Pup. And I've been silent for a very long time."She lets the button go for a moment, before standing up and starting to walk again. "I am... Well, turning twenty-three tomorrow. And I'm hoping that... for my birthday, I would like to see my sister again." There is silence again over the comms before a few sniffles and a deep sigh is heard. "Tali... If you're out there... If you can hear me... I-" The silence after that is almost deafening. The small woman can hear the moans of the infected, too near to her little hiding place. "Well... If you're out there, I'm sorry. If.... God forbid... If you're not... Well, I'll be with you soon, Natalia." There is a moment of silence and the small woman braces herself on the sturdy stick she is using as a crutch. Her eyes flick towards the art supplies in the corner of her small hideout, and her right hand touches the slightly burnt picture in her pocket. "Sorry Tali. I tried."
  4. ... Alternately, no. :I edit: beep boop im a robot
  6. Howdy! I'm Book! Book the Book! *hides from the wild Rose*