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  1. Hello everyone I was accepted to the community a couple days ago and want to give a little bit about me! Hope to see everyone around! Hello everyone I am Jay I'm 22 years old and I lost my brother in this attack. His name was Alex he was my best friend and my whole life we grew up very close to each other, we did everything together. We had to be close because both of our parents died when we where in the 8th grade, we were left to fend for ourselves. This all changed as I was sent in to Chernarus as the CDF ground unit. And my brother was in there. I was hoping as I dragged out dead bodies and threw them in the truck one by one I would not find the one of my brother. I got my wish but he was no where to be found. But something bad did happen I lost my whole ground unit I lost 3 people that I was really close to and who has helped me throughout this hard time in my life. I had to get revenge every time I saw someone who was infected I had to do what I could to put them down these infected people are deadly, well I think there still people. They killed my friends and might have killed my brother. Every time I see an infected I will kill it and every time I see someone who needs help I will save them. I do this because I hope the lord will guide me to my brother if I do what is right with my life. I will be starting off my journey soon from the south airfield and will be on a mission to save my brother and save the community. And hopefully meet some people who are looking for a loved one and I hope I can help them as I hope they would help me! I hope to see everyone around and I hope I get to know everyone!
  2. Yes that sounds like so much fun I would play!