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  1. Should I start playing or not?
    I really can't decide if I will stand out with the drama or not.

    1. Buddy


      It's all about who you chose to surround yourself by ;)

    2. SameOldRalle

      It's not easy to decide when you are abandoned.

    3. Buddy


      Not all hope is lost, smile <3

      Image result for pikachu patting caterpie

    4. SameOldRalle

      It doesn't matter who you play with or which group you belong to, it's just a damn big drama all of it.
      That's my reason why I disappeared a few months ago.
      I'm just being a realist.

    5. Buddy


      don't beat yourself up over it. i vanished for a full year xD 

      it's all about what YOU want to do

    6. Scarlett


      You should start playing again and when you want take breaks when the drama is too much.

    7. Elmo


      Drama is great tbh

    8. Darra


      Mini, I missed you.  It's good to see you are back!  Poke me next time we are both in TS if you'd like to chat.