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  1. I'm not getting anything, just telling me this: " You haven't played on our servers recently, get in game! " which is really wierd since I am online since 10 minutes.
  2. Northern Europe -> Scandinavia -> Sweden Born and raised mostly for my entire life in Norrland and moved down to Svealand 3-4 years ago.
  3. Apologize and this time it will be my last comment until a Staff asks me to answer questions. You say your character doesn't understand English, then how can he scream "Bandage me! Bandage me! Help! Help me!" ?? And you can also see in @Rover 's videos that your character speaks clear English with the following words "No English" and "Move" and also when your character tries to hide within the group until I point you out and your character reacts to it while walking away to the Police House and becomes very defensive. And also reacts to when of these guys said "communist" in the first video after that your characters start to run away. For me, it does not go together simply, either you do understand English to a certain point or you don't understand a single word regardless of whether someone is talking to you or when you are close to others and they are talking to each other.
  4. In-Game Name: Erik Norberg Affiliation: None group Video Evidence: None Point of View: I stand in the "Civil Park" outside the Police House in Novaya Petrovka and see lots of infected around me so I decide to climb up the kiosk and clear up that area so I start shooting and it will only get more and more infected while I'm hearing other people shooting, probably against infected and when I turn around I see a green camouflage dressed guy with plate carrier and has a military weapon in his hands plus a small beige / brown backpack on his back while an infected running after him so I decide to help him kill this infected so I shoot one time and miss this infected and shoot one more time and this time the infected dies then this guy starts screaming in English "Bandage me! Bandage me! Help! Help me! " and running towards me while lots of infected running towards us from the Polic House so I started shooting every infected while this guy started climbing up to the same kiosk as I'm standing on and starts to screaming the same words again "Help me! Bandage me!" and I say "What ?!" while I'm looking around to see if there is more infected coming and was I right because I could see that there is more infected running towards us at the same time as he takes out his weapon and start shooting them, only then can I see that he bleeds a little bit so I decided to bandage him and when it is done this guy jumps down from the kiosk and run away without a single word. Later, a group of civilians and perhaps some members of the Saviors will come (I don't really remember which ones were who then) and asked me if something had happened to me because they had heard at least 2 different weapons shooting so they were worried about me and I started to tell what had happened just before they came then I see exactly the same person in the group, the guy who screamed for help and climbed up the same kiosk as I was on so I pointed him out that it was him or maybe him because they had exactly the same outfit and then this guy started slowly but surely backing off from us with his face to us then turn around and go to the Police House and it is from there @Rover's video starts from. You can hear me talking during the first video but when we decide to go back to Savior's base then I have nothing more to add except that when the third video ends I actually got there where everyone died because I wanted to help if there was something I could do then. OOCly I was really surprised at what just happened and thought there was something fishy with his roleplay because he just said a few words to me then runs from there without even a thank you. Otherwise, I have nothing more to add to this report and won't say any more until a staff member asks me to answer any questions.
  5. *Erik hears several voices but only one of them is familiar and he tries to figure out who it may be until he gives up while he brings out his radio while decides to answer all three of them and presses the PTT* Which one of you was screaming in the megaphone and using weapons, so one of you say the war is over while the other says you killed them? Which one of those claims is true? And the man who needed help, I can only say that you can handle yourself, I have not intended to die just because someone is screaming for help on the radio. *Then Erik releases PTT and puts the radio on a hay ball while he draws up his weapon and waits for new answers from the men while he is looking at Novaya Petrovka*
  6. *Erik follows the main road in the northern part of South Zagoria and is about one meter from Novaya Petrovka road sign and starts to wonder if he should continue in the city or go north and just when he decides, he hears lots of shots coming from the city and deciding instead of going north. But at the same time, he starts to wonder what happened there so he brings out his radio simultaneously and presses PTT* Last time I heard something on the radio it was only civilians who lived in Novaya Petrovka so why did it sound like a fucking war while some guy shouted in a megaphone that gays were a freak? *Erik releases PTT and waits for an answer while he continues north*
  7. *Erik takes his radio and presses the PTT* Huh?! What are you saying? I already have my passport and identity card since I left Sweden many years ago, it is a bit worn around the edges but anyone can see clearly my personal information without any problems, so why should I look for someone to give me a "new identity card"? *Erik shakes his head while he says two words " Jävla idiot! " then he releases PTT*
  8. Nothing bad meant without this being more like an example. I play as a Swedish character and am also from there IRL and if I meet a character from the same country I had actually expected that this player should also be able to talk that language, to some extent in any case if this player is from a completely different country IRL. So I understand why this has happened to you but not why you were annoyed by it. In my opinion, you should learn at least some words in Spanish when playing a character that is from Spain.
  9. I didn't know him but still, it is damn sad that young people die. Rest in peace!
  10. Why do I get the feeling that when grenades are in the game, there will probably be one or two suicide bombers in the group?
  11. That's your opinion and I have a different opinion, so why not drop it now before anyone of us gets points for having a big mouth towards each other? It sounds like a great idea to me, anyway.
  12. Quite frankly, almost all rap songs are just shit regardless of language, it's just a few rappers who can do okay music while the rest just does it to become a celebrity. But at the same time, it's just my opinion while everyone else might have a different opinion and that's fine by me.
  13. Characters: * CJ "The Clown" - After hearing everything ICly and also being kidnapped and torturing by The Clowns and CJ despite all the ICly hate against them, it was one of my funniest memories in DayZRP. * Grisha Petrov & Sasha - ICly Grisha Petrov was one of the most feared characters for me and if Grisha was nearby then it was equally certain that Sasha (Don't remember his character back then) would be nearby and scare the shit out of me. * Dusty - I don't remember but I think Dusty was with Akrasia and during that time he and the gang were always a pain in the ass when I was either with Louie or 101. * Unknown guy from Plantation tried to "kidnap" me by being friendly and if I had followed him then they would have made me their slave, but the guy got scared to death and ran away when four friends of mine appeared, but it was very weird yet really funny rp for me. * New Moon v1 - I don't remember how or why but suppose Louie must have been big in the mouth as usual against this group and it ended as usual in a gunfight that led to me being captured and it was probably one of that weirdest rp that I have seen. People trying to get me and other unknown people to dance naked, marry each other and then shot to death in a tower. Groups: The Clowns, The Horsemen v1, Akrasia, The Plantation, New Moon v1,
  14. Now it's time for Donald Duck's annual Christmas show! ?

  15. The same here and I can understand that in the beginning, people are not used to it, but if you start to force them on it then the complaints will disappear.
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