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  1. Had tons of fun tonight with @Infamous, @Carg0cult, @Darra, @HALEZY and unfortunately it ended up badly for @Mr. Blue otherwise the whole RP was one of the greatest RP I had for a long time! I do hope I'm will meet some of guys in the future. Was that you @Keira? I was surprised by @Mr. Blue letting you pickpocket him.
  2. Where's everybody gone?

    During the last few days I've played, I've spent my time in Cherno, but tonight I've been thinking about of trying to get to the north part of the map and see what's happening over there.
    • HALEZY

    Welcome back lad!!! al never forget the day i found you on the road side and took you home to the fireflys...

    1. SameOldRalle

      That was ages since it happened, but it was an honor to belong to that group despite all the adversities we experienced. :)

  3. So.. Who's gonna be online tonight?

  4. Time to play some DayZRP!

  5. Erik Norberg

    My name is Erik Norberg, I was born on November 8th 1990. My father and mother lived in the northern countryside of Sweden for all of their lives. My father owned farmland while my mother worked as a nurse in the town’s health center and sometimes helped him on the farm. Naturally, I grew up with the notion that hard work is a day to day thing. As I grew older, my parents gave me more responsibilities. My father showed me how to sow crops and took me out on numerous hunting trips, teaching me the basic principles of living off of the land. I took to it quickly and passionately, the thrill of the hunt was not what got me, it was simply being out in the countryside with nothing but you, silence and your wits. By the time I was 16, I was familiar with small firearms such as pistols and learned to use the farm’s shotgun and hunting tools. Outside of the farm and home life, I went to the university in Stockholm at the age of 20 and studied Mechanical Engineering and Agricultural Engineering. While I was progressing my studies at the university, I made a few good friends and picked up English along the way. Embarrassingly, I picked up a bit of a speech impediment along the way in the form of a stutter. Living in the city shattered my nerves, I could never speak fluidly anywhere except home, stuttering my way through social circles and school. Eventually, this caused me to become more withdrawn, keeping to myself to avoid feeling like an idiot every time I spoke. After a while, even my native tongue began to trip and stumble out of my mouth, I felt trapped. My friends never cared about it and turned it into a humorous thing, making it seem normal to me, building my confidence up again. Friends meant everything to him because of that, making him loyal and protective over those he called friend. When I turned 25, I grew sick of my home country and decided that it was time to see the world. I didn’t have much money, being a student didn’t pay well, so I decided to hitchhike my way through the north of my country, eventually ending up in Russia, taking odd jobs here and there from a few Swedish speaking locals. After a few months, I found myself in Chernarus working in a small bar in an out of the way town in South Zagoria, shortly before tensions kicked off in the region. That all seems so long ago now… I'm in a place called Kamenka now, and there's no sign of people. Not living anyway. Sticking to the woods I stay out of trouble, but more and more recently I've been seeing more towns and houses and along with that there are people. Only they're not people. They're aggressive. They're sick. It's like something out of a movie I saw as a kid, only worse! I've seen them chase wildlife that wanders too close, I just hope I never run into them. I've heard gunshots and I'm positive I've seen firelight in the sky at night in the distance. I'm going to leave this note here, for anyone who finds it. I must go now. If I don't find people soon then what is all this for...
  6. Post pictures of your pet

    Here you see me with a bunch of CCD (Chinese Crested Dog) owned by my mother.
  7. What do you guys think?
    Should I make a character and start playing again or isn't worth the time anymore?

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    2. Nihoolious


      To answer your question, Shadayo was in Akrasia when the video was made and when he made the reply. 

    3. SameOldRalle

      Yeah, you have a point.
      But it was a few months since I roleplay'd so I'm probably a little bit rusty now when it comes to Roleplay.

      Thank you!
      I really appreciate that someone could answer my question.

    4. Darra


      Mini, give it a try.  Come and visit us at Kovar's Market.  It's a good place to get back into role playing.  Once the rust is gone, you can venture out into the unknown.

  8. How many times have you been a hostage?

    Can I ask who were you and the group you were with? I mean your group were attacking these people inside of the building and If I remember correctly, I was one of those people captured by CJ and his group, and it was all about CJ trying to make a deal with Louie.
    • ToeZ

    I still love you.

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    2. SameOldRalle

      It's really cute that you think so, but I'm not into that kind of stuffs.

    3. ToeZ


      Hey you've been dead for months, don't scare me by coming back to life thnx.

    4. SameOldRalle

      I thought you were ready for a Halloween joke?

  9. A well-known voice. (Open Frequency)

    *Erik hears a man answer back and listen carefully to what he has to say afterwards, Erik thinks for a while until he takes up the radio and pushes the button* It sounds like nothing has changed then and to be honest I'm not surprised. And it's probably for the best if I don't try to find out where my "old friends" are now either because they're probably dead or stay hidden too.. *He drops the button and waits for the next response while opening the backpack and picking up everything to see if he has enough of ammunition, food and medicine for his journey*
  10. *Erik brings out his old radio from the worn backpack and thinks of everyone he has met over the years, then he chooses to push the button.* I'm not dead, I'm just abandoned by both friends and enemies. It is time for me to start moving from this hole and see what has happened in recent months. The question is whether if I will be treated kindly by strangers or still needed to show my gun to everyone I see? *He sits on the ground next to a campfire and awaits a response from everyone.*
  11. Should I start playing or not?
    I really can't decide if I will stand out with the drama or not.

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    2. Idole


      You should start playing again and when you want take breaks when the drama is too much.

    3. Elmo


      Drama is great tbh

    4. Darra


      Mini, I missed you.  It's good to see you are back!  Poke me next time we are both in TS if you'd like to chat.

  12. I feel like I'm in the end battle of a Swedish folk movie when I come here

    1. Western

      Allways peaceful to come here. 

    2. SameOldRalle

      Maybe because I'm against the "Banter" and other bullshit plus I'm very rarely online on DayZRP anymore, cause I have other things to deal with than playing games all day like what I used to do before.

    3. Elmo


      Shade :ph34r:

  13. Important security announcement!

    It is a common but also "old" name here in Sweden, but it has also confirmed my suspicion why he calling himself for Rolle.