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  1. Jonathan was born on a cold and grey Chicago morning, causing his mother's death - that is, if you ask his unaffectionate and alcoholic father about it. Jonathan does of course not remember any of this, but he does remember having to take care of himself most of the time. Yeah, his father made sure he went to school, made sure he was dressed and fed, but was emotionally distant and would mostly watch TV when not at work, never showing the kid any kind of affection. Growing up like this, Jonathan quickly learned to shut people out of his life and rarely ever show any emotion under any circumstance. Intelligent, but nearly a social recluse, Jonathan had a hard time interacting with people as he never knew what was expected of him. Good grades throughout all his years in school, but no idea what he wanted to do with his life, he worked odd jobs after graduating from senior high, until he applied and was accepted to the Defence Intelligence School in 1988. -RECORDS DELETED-
  2. Vrik

    derNils random pictures

    The briefing before we hit Prison Island. @derNils in his pretty green beret. Then this happened. Sorry for posting pics in your pic thread. Not. :*
  3. Vrik

    Strong Arm Robbery..no Consequences?

    I concur whole-heartedly with @Thumper's opinion. It might make it harder to draw the line, especially with the more eloquent bandits, but hinting at violence is quite threatening in itself.
  4. Vrik

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Jackieboy gave a pretty great ad lib speech, trying to incite a six-man riot outside a locked compound, just because he was high, drunk, and an asshole rockstar. Thoroughly enjoyed the clusterfuck that followed.
  5. Vrik

    Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    "If fighting is sure to result in victory, then you must fight!" Sun Tzu said that, and I'd say he knows a little more about fighting than you do, pal, because he invented it! And then he perfected it so that no living man could best him in the ring of honor! Then he used his fight money to buy two of every animal on earth. And then he herded them onto a boat... and then he beat the crap out of every single one! And from that day forward, anytime a bunch of animals are together in one place, it's called a zoo! ...unless it's a farm! -Soldier, TF2.
  6. Vrik

    18's Photo Album

    You just had to get the close up of Marc, didn't you?
  7. Vrik

    Warning to 101 [Open Freq]

    *pauses in his tracks, just as he is about to end yet another infected's "life"* ...I recognize that voice. *pulls the radio out of a pocket, wrinkles his forehead and presses the transmit button* Belong? Nobody belongs anywhere, nobody exists on purpose. Everybody dies. Libera temet ex inferis, Tsezar. *lets go of the button and stomps down on the neck of the poor semi-dead woman at his feet*
  8. Vrik

    When has lag struck at the worst time for you?

    I think the worst time for me was during one of the battles for Haven, when it was situated at the eastern edge of Novaya Petrovka. During the fight, I was prowling the ruins to the east in order to catch unwary players from behind and act as a spotter. I'm standing behind a sheet metal barrier, when someone starts taking pot shots at me from behind. I guess that dude was in a hurry, because he missed with every shot but did manage to drive me to the other side of my cover. That's when I notice someone in a black raincoat and blue pants running at me from the base. I raise my gun to spray this person with bullets, and... lag the F out! Out of 12 shots, I think ONE hit, and it certainly didn't kill him. He yelled something running past me, but I couldn't make out anything beyond "S... fu... g...!" If you recognize this, please come forward and tell me who you are, dude in the black raincoat, and how ridiculous I looked. I'm pretty sure New Moon was involved in this battle, if that helps.
  9. Vrik

    Northern Alliance[Private Frequency]

    *frowns and presses the transmit button* I already told you, Haven's moving back to its first base, at the original compound. The car doesn't work though, so it's gonna take some time. *releases the button* *mutters* He never fucking listens...
  10. Vrik

    Ra's Al-Hayyah [Strict Recruitment]

    Hoping to run across you guys some day. Cheers! [mp3]http://k003.kiwi6.com/hotlink/glkpvmbrji/REMOVE_KEBAB_perfect_loop_.mp3[/mp3]
  11. Vrik

    Gear RP Discussion

    I mean 240hz screens exists I dont have one I just have Vsync turned off. Cant say iv ever had shadowplay drop my fps though that why I use i over fraps/bandicam or whatever else. Ah, yeah. I always run with vsync on. [align=left]- Your screen doesn't limit the amount of FPS you get, it simply has a limit to how fast it can update. Ie. Your game could run at 150 fps but your monitor will only be able to update at a rate of 75 fps. This does in no way mean his framerate has changed. It's just a bottleneck. On another note, we had experience firefighting up in the north at the lumber yard and stary yar. The desync was ridiculous and you often got rollbacked minutes at a time, between absolute freeze lag and crashes/forced restarts. Server got wiped and it helped the problem for a few days. Unless you use vsync, right? Then it's capped at the screen refresh rate. I know you did and I had it too, but it was a rare occasion, and my experience with the Stary Yar tent city is not one of rubberbanding (that happens everywhere and usually 6+ hours after a server restart) or a significant FPS drop. Both servers experience the same problems, and Camp 101 isn't on both servers. The only thing I've noticed that nearly kills the server hamster is when a large number of people are in a small area, trying to do a lot of emotes.
  12. Vrik

    Gear RP Discussion

    -snip- Yeah I actually get close to 150fps on this game in practically every situation so please dont assume Im speaking only for myself thanks I probably have a better PC than pretty much everyone on DayZRP actually but thats besides the point because I never mentioned FPS at all. Burden of proof? LOL I just gave it to you, its up to you if you want to be lazy and actually open google or not it since its publicly posted knowledge but you know you got people claiming they remember stuff from status reports and statements from the devs and I just provided you with a place you can find it all but thats ok the problem doesnt exist because im not spoon feeding you the info right? Not that it matters anyway Rolle already gave his answer and im sure the NA guys are cutting down 150, you say? Must be one killer of a screen. I'm locked at 144 fps, and have dropped to ~100 because of Shadowplay. No, you didn't mention FPS, but many others did. No. Analogy time! You claim that there are unicorns, and I say I don't believe you. When I ask for proof, you just reply with "go outside and look for yourself". This isn't proof in any way. [align=left]My digging brought me to the changelogs, where build 0.58 lists the issue "Camps with multiple tents may experience issues interacting with items", and in hotfix v0.60.133861 (15 Jul 2016) we get "This patch is a hotfix intended to adress issues with the Stable release of 0.60.133811 regarding interaction with tents, barrels, garden plots, etc. It does not introduce any new features or changes to the game, only fixes." [align=left]Furthermore, I found this, and nothing else that isn't a year old or more. [align=left]The problem might exist, but no one here has anything beyond mere conjecture. [align=left]You're right, this discussion is now moot.
  13. Vrik

    Gear RP Discussion

    Well I tell you what how about you go to google and type in something akin to "dayz tent lag" and see if you can find I dont know maybe 10+ reddit threads or dayz forum threads where the admins have stated that large amount of tents in close proximity with a lot of items in each cause lag. The only people who are ignorant about it causing lag are people like yourself who have done no research and know nothing about im not going to provide you with the proof because I already know it causes lag its up to you to go disprove me which you cant. Why are you doing my arguing for me? Do you even know where the burden of proof lies? FPS drop is not the same as serious server issues. Upgrade your wooden computer, please.
  14. Vrik

    Gear RP Discussion

    So to sum it all up(TL;DR): Some people in this thread think a large settlement screws up the server performance, yet they have no proof and can't be arsed to go look for any. "I know this, HERPADERP" means nothing, absolutely nothing. Right after the server wipes, performance was still abysmal about 12 hours after a restart. Others are obviously displaying envy but are either ignorant about it, or not bright enough to understand that it's anything but subtle. Some are admitting to griefing. Way to go, buddies! Keep making the community a friendlier place. Does the NA need all that shit? Absolutely not, but as it's been stated over and over again, it's not only for the NA. Don't worry peeps, it'll diminish with time as the sorting guys start to prioritize.
  15. Vrik

    The 'Savages' [190.8] (Open Frequency)

    *holds down the PTT* The incessant mewling of the intellectually inferior Mittens has grown wearisome. They will be silenced. *releases the button and returns to staring at the sky*