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  1. Blake is not what you'd call a hard working man. In most things he often only puts in minimal effort which hasn't got him very far. While he has completed his schooling, barely passing will all C's, his lack of motivation and effort made it difficult for him to find work. However, he was lucky enough to have a friend who knew someone who was looking for someone with blake's particular skills and interests. Blake has always seen himself as an outgoing type of person. He spent a lot of his childhood running about the neighbourhood, exploring and learing about his surrounding, even if it got him into trouble from his protective parents. The company his friend knew were a surveying company and needed a new employee to work on site. This job allowed Blake to visit new areas and survey the area while getting paid for it. However, since Blake has no skills in surveying he took up the job as an apprentice. A few months later in mid to late June he discovered that he had an older brother who was currently living in Chernarus for the next couple of months and was willing to pay for Blake's flight over there to visit him. Blake soon arranged with his employer to allow him to leave for a month to see his brother, in which his employer was relitively understanding, and took the flight over to Chernarus. When Blake finally met his older brother Nick, it turns out that he was 6 years older than him and they never knew each other as when their parents were divorced their father took Nick back to his home country of England while their mother kept Blake in Australia. However, while catching up over the next couple of weeks, the outbreak had begun.
  2. Blackdragon67

    Help in regards to the BasilMod Ravens

    I decided to remove all the Basil Mod files and verify LIF through steam and that seemed to fix the problem
  3. Blackdragon67

    Help in regards to the BasilMod Ravens

    Well, if its not my basil mod that's causing me to not be able to join the server then I don't know what is. I might just reinstall LIF
  4. Blackdragon67

    Help in regards to the BasilMod Ravens

    I tried to join the LIF server a little while ago and all it gave me was this after I tried to join with the character I made "unpack did not match pack for event of class EventSkillToClient". I'm not sure what its trying to say, but I have basil mod pack v4 yo_1.1.5.7 installed
  5. Blackdragon67

    "The Worst Guy" - The Story of Mack James

    Mr. Black is the leader of a neo-Nazi esque group named Alba 19. I am a black man that held him hostage with my group, Outrun. I was mocking his group's motto, "Glory to the 88", as well as their signature stance, a finger raised in the air, akin to the Nazi salute. I hope that cleared up any confusion; I thought I put enough clues in there but I'll make sure to be more descriptive in future parts. Next part comes out tomorrow, by the way. Oh ok, maybe I just read it wrong.
  6. Blackdragon67

    "The Worst Guy" - The Story of Mack James

    wait, so this whole scenario started all because Mack didn't want to put his hand down?
  7. Hey everyone, I'm a newcomer to DayZRP and I'm really excited to be apart of this community, I have always been a fan of role-play servers but have never found many active ones for my particular gaming genres. I hope this will be as great as I hope it is. See you in Cherno.