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  1. John Shepard was a police officer in his hometown of Ft. Worth, Texas. John being a single man lived his life looking for the adrenaline rushes. John loved helping people, but due to his job he started to lose faith in humanity, always having to deal with people at their worst. John was following up with the events taking place near Chernaurus knowing that his friend, Morgan Foster, who he had met while helping the FBI with a case in Ft. Worth. Morgan and John bonded over the fact Morgan solved the case but his supervisor didn't let him pursue it, John being a sort of "rebel" helped Morgan gather his evidence and helped save a girls life. When John lost contact with Morgan, he flew to Chernaurus to look for him. John was not prepared for what he was going to see there, but he vowed he would do anything he could to help in hopes that karma would help him find his friend.
  2. *John sits in the corner of the house he just took shelter in staring at the radio contemplating using the radio for the first time* *John picks up the radio and clicks the PTT button" *With nervousness in his voice* "To anyone out there, I am looking for somewhere with doctors" "My friend, Alex, was lost to illness and I'm dedicating myself to helping anyway I can. I have medical supplies, I wish to deliver to people who can help the people on this hellhole we're stuck with calling home" *John starts tearing up and releases the PTT button" *John regains his composure and clicks the PTT button* "Please, I know there is someone out there to help. I'm not affiliated with any group. People need help. I---" *John releases the PTT button after hearing something outside
  3. I'm new to the RP scene. In Arma I did co op missions where RP is ish. I watch DayZ youtube videos all the time and I'm looking to renew the love I had for the mod with DayZRP I'm new with the entire RP scene, but hope I can learn a thing or two.