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  1. hawkeyemoraze

    S2-Chernogorsk KOS 2:52

    @SarcasticSurgeon that would have been him hitting me with his fireax
  2. hawkeyemoraze

    S2-Chernogorsk KOS 2:52

    Oh sorry didn't see the kill logs, guess it wasn't...... @Jade
  3. hawkeyemoraze

    S2-Chernogorsk KOS 2:52

    I had just died because of accidental misfire and i overheard over teamspeak @NanaMcfaffy give the man 5 seconds to put his hands up. I think he might have still been running at him so after the 5 seconds he shot him.
  4. Cooper was born in Canada and lived there most of his life, at the age of 17 his father got a job offer in Chernarus that would make him enough money to support the family by himself. After they moved to Chernarus Cooper saw the lack of firefighters and decided to join as a volunteer, after volunteering for 3 years they finally took him on as a paid employee. After that he became stronger and had a higher respect for the law. When the outbreak started Cooper was one of the people trying to keep society going and keep people calm, after that didnt work he left Cherno for his Cabin on Skalisty Island. Cooper has a big heart and is willing to give supplies to anyone who needs them.