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  1. HI Everyone! My name is Travis. I normally go by TAE in RP. I am happy to be whitelisted and part of this community. I am very into RP and love to engulf myself with my character. I am 29 years old and I am a casual gamer. I work as a Virtual Systems Infrastructure Support Engineer. I look forward to meeting all of you in game. Well you will not be meeting me. You will meet TAE. Here is his story: Hi I am Tae, I am an IT consultant and I was in Russia at the time Chernarus had its outbreak. I had recently met a lovely woman named Christine from Chernarus that was working in the same firm that I was in Russia. When the outbreak started she returned to her home in search for her family against my strong recommendation to wait. I waited for a week or so for word from her and continued to read and watch the horrible tragedy un-fold before my eyes. Since the infection my retreat to the US was not an option and honestly I could not even fathom the thought of leaving without knowing for sure if I would ever see her again. Since I was in Russia on a government contract for the security firm I was working at. I able to procure a position close to the border servicing the primitive yet necessary communication lines. After being there for a few weeks I was able to befriend some of the soldiers that would occasionally return from the borders. I was able to go out on an escort to the border one day with a group of these soldiers. As we stood at the border looking out into the masses of people standing at the borders crying, screaming and pleading to be let across I see my Christine. With passion in my eyes and fear in my heart I ran. I ran as fast as I could towards barricade. Jumping the barricade and running to the person I thought was my love I outstretch my arm and turn her. Panic and sadness fill my soul as I realized this is not her. I look across the border to my friends, my comrades, my one chance to return to the safer zone. They turn their back and walk away. I remained at the border about a week until the border riots. I retreated back into Chernarus. My goal is survival as I search for her. She lived in Каменка so I am going to start there. If I am unsuccessful in my search I will survive and await the support and rescue that will surely never come.