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  1. Something I've noticed with multiplayer games and servers is that creating a dedicated server for 1 particular play style or rule usually end in one of three possible outcomes. Example You have one server, S1 with about 80/100 people on average if you add a second server for a particular play style (1st person only for example) 1. People will split between the two, the 1st person only people and 1st/3rd person people, so then you have two servers not even half full, S1 40/10, S2 40/100 (Often not a 50/50 split, but you get what I mean) or 2. People don't like the idea of the second server, thus don't play on it. S1 70/100, S2 10/100. or finally 3. This is only the case if S1 is 100/100 during peak times, you introduce S2 with 1st person only and that gets populated (say 60/100), not because there was a high demand for a 1st person server. It's just because there was enough players wanting on, and they were willing to put up with 1st person only, just so they can get on a server. Much like with me in Euro Truck Simulator 2 MP. I only play on the Speed Limited servers if the Non-Limited servers are full. tl;dr no point in adding new servers if you're not filling up your existing ones.
  2. Hi John, I'm John. May I say, you have a top-notch name. :thumbsup: Welcome, and I hope you get accepted, more John's is never a bad thing (Especially with the correct spelling).
  3. Hi. Thx. That's the plan with Aiden, relatively normal survivor, with a decent proficiency in handling hand guns but possibly below average skill when it comes to knowledge of assault rifles and other military grade equipment. (Stuff that can be learned though) Thanks. :thumbsup:
  4. The luck must've done it's job. Cheers
  5. Civs with military weapons, I think it's ok, even if this was the start of the infection, a civ with no other way of defending themselves would most likely pick up an AK or something, on the ground even if they didn't know anything on how to use it. As long as they look like they know how to use it, that's good enough for about 70% of human interactions I'd say (at the start of the infection at least). But as time goes on, these weapons would become less and less common, and more sought after, potentially making these civs more appealing targets for thieves so civs would need to make the IC decision as to whether the weapon is worth the risk of getting robbed.
  6. *starts loudly playing ' Running in the 90's '* Thanks. Cheers I'm doing great, especially once I finally got past the Questions part of the app, having failed at that part twice before, (1st time was me not reading the questions correctly, even though I thought I did but obviously I didn't =P. 2nd time was a legit wrong answer though.) I've had a read of some of the guides, I lurked for a wee while before applying I'll give them another read though.
  7. Hey people. I'm John and I'm from Scotland (unfortunately/fortunately without the great/rubbish accent) I've been interested in DayZ(RP) for years, watching countless (I wasn't counting) videos on it, and eventually buying DayZ SA when it "launched" and I've only gotten back into it recently with the FPS issues seemingly being resolved, I've had limited RP experience in the past, but I think I'll be able to get into the swing of things quickly. I've submitted my whitelist application and I'm hoping it all goes smoothly. (Though when it gives you a chance to check your Background story, etc., it appeared as a wall of text, when I know I structured it into readable paragraphs, so I hope it's not just a wall of text when it gets read.) I plan on playing a relatively passive character first, until I get used to everything. But a more... uh... "confrontational" character also sounds fun, in the future. http://i.imgur.com/P0J6kbd.jpg[/img] Anyway, I'm looking forward to meeting you all IC. (I'm also a massive weeb, if you haven't guessed already) Edit: I'm now whitelisted, yay.