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King of the Castle - Lopatino (Melee only - OOC Event)
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  1. Share Your First Day On The Server

    My first day on the server was all I could hope for. As a hunter I was working my way to the south when I ran into this guy named Andy who was carrying a double bus tire. He told me he had a place that I might like a place they called the "Plantation." Out of curiosity I followed him back to meet the leader of this group and to engage in the best hour of role play I've ever had. They gave me supplies and ammo, and accepted me into the group. What a night!!!
  2. Hello People!

    Thank you all, my first night on the server was more than I expected. I have already found a great group of people and had many great RP encounters.
  3. Hello People!

    UPDATE: I am now a whitelisted member! Looking forward to playing!
  4. Hello People!

    I am a newcomer looking for a great roleplaying experience and I hope this community is truly as great as I have seen/heard. I'm in the process of whitelisting! Give me a shout! Hope to see you all in Chernarus soon! (Unless youre a bandit )
  5. What are your RP pet peeves?

    My pet peeve has to be getting robbed every encounter. I get that it adds an element of fear to RP, but I can't stand when every encounter ends in a robbery.