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  1. I don't know if I should really type all of this but stuff it. 

    From me looking at the forums every day (proper forum basher me like) I do see a hell of a lot of people bitching and complaining about everything in the community. I truly have no idea where it comes from, I really don't. I've been here for over a year now and I know it wasn't this bad last year, I dare to say it was better and like I said, where the absolute fuck has it come from?

    A lot of people were looking forward to the new lore, myself included and to be honest I'm happy with the lore. I do however think there should be more lore related events, but life gets in the way. The Lore Master team is one down for heavens sake, and still hasn't been replaced yet so that's one reason why lore events haven't advanced yet.

    But one thing that really does get to me, the amount of people who will gladly shit all over someone's RP. Literally get them in a bowl and take a proper wet shit all over it. (Apart from ERP, down with ERP). People will gladly put OOC salt everywhere and for what purpose? Have we as a community become that snobbish that we won't:

    A) Talk to each other about the problems to work shit out so EVERYONE can get more enjoyment?

    B) Work together to create better character storylines NO MATTER the RP style? 

    C) Work with the LM Team and Admin team to create better groups, and therefore create better RP on the server?

    There's a lot more options to help each other out and not have as much OCC bullshittery but people get extremely petty with each other and for what reason? I really don't get it. 

    I still remember when I first joined and got reported for being underage (spoiler alert, I'm not), and I still remember the person that reported and still haven't approached them because of it causing shit because there's no point and there's no negativity. But the reports section are filled with so much salt it makes McDonalds look fucking tame.

    All of this stuff that goes on the forums really kills the motivation for me to be on the servers, not because of the RP cos I do enjoy it when it comes my way in small bits cos I usually travel alone, just how I like my RP. But because I know if I go to these hotspots, all you can really sense is just OOC salt. Might be just me there but it's there.

    Come on guys, what the hell are you doing? 

    I genuinely think people need to put their bloody problems on the table with each other and talk it out instead of shitting all over it so people can get along and make DayZRP enjoyable again. It's tiring as hell to watch.


    And the sad thing is, even as I write this down, I know people won't either take notice or shit all over my opinion. But I feel like as a community member that enjoys being here as it is my hobby, I feel it's right that I can share my opinion. 

    1. Samaritan


      New Lore but old ideas unfortunately for the most part. Some people are trying and some are just criticising. I believe in this community, that's why I have been around here so long. It'll get better, always does. People have been saying it's dead for 4 years now and it always bounces back.

      Simple really, get in game people and provide that RP I know you're capable of. 

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