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  1. I just want to thank you all for the nice words. It really means a lot. I hope to see you all soon. See you later Rolle-San.
  2. So here it is. I'm going to be leaving for probably a long time. These past couple of months have really taken their tole on me and I'm really struggling day to day with my life, eating, drinking and just getting out of bed. I'm not active here anymore so I don't see the point in sticking around. On top of all that the family is really struggling for money so chances are I'm going to have to sell my PC, monitors and consoles including my retro ones and probably a lot of other stuff like my keyboard/piano and (hopefully not) my phone. I don't have a job and I highly doubt I'm going to get one for a while and get possessions again. I don't really know who to tag since I don't talk to people here anymore. So yeah. Maybe I'll come back one day. I just hope my situation gets better and my mental health will let me come back. That's all I can say really. See you later.
  3. Lad


    Tbh he wasn't really doing much apart from reminiscing about DayZ Mod for the past year and not really had much input if you read the latest SR. Aye sure he'll be missed but at this point the devs' vision is in sight so he doesn't need to be there anymore.
  4. https://dayz.com/blog/status-report-may-8-2018 New report up.
  5. Lad

    Scenic Thread

    Took a few more pictures
  6. https://dayz.com/blog/status-report-april-25-2018 New SR my guys.
  7. With some of the locations I can actually see a central hub within the new NWAF especially the large hangers. Got the trading runners standing on the walkways watching the area, black market business happening else where. God it's gonna be fantastic.

    Legit a good song.

  9. Lad

    Beta First Impressions.

    NWAF is fucking beautiful.
  10. Lad

    Beta First Impressions.

    The footage seen so far looks very nice. Wouldn't be surprised if the no recoil was either a bug or simply disabled so people can PvP better since after all that's what this Stress Test was for.
  11. Holy shit Halo Online is fucking fun it's 7AM I've been playing it for ages I need sleep.

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  13. my spirit animal


  14. Lad

    Reminiscing Childhood TV Shows

    Not gonna lie that was the best key framing I've ever fucking seen. Never seen the actual show but Pingu was fucking great.