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  1. c0a63480f785cca5d152eb9e9b94bb89.png


    I swear to fucking god @Roland I pop onto the website for the first time in a while and I see this. 

    God damn Weebs...

  2. merry christmas eve lol


    1. Shnitz


      More like merry christmas in general because on the other side of the canal we actually only celebrate christmas eve ???

  3. Yo when the fuck did you get GM? My boy is growing up 


    1. lukaszxe


      Thank you, Lad?! I got it last week after some promotions were done, I'm glad I got to move up

  4. When you walk into Grishino prepping to start your RP to progress your own story and meet new people and you get massive anxiety and stage fright so you just go look at the town map for 10 minutes and log off.


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    2. Ender


      LAD You should hang with us. Me and Lyca have actually started playing in game again. with a small group of old schoolers. 

    3. lukaszxe


      Lad you should meet up with me!

    4. Shnitz


      God damn it, all you fucks invite him out to play but no one wants the lame ass campfire RPer here as well, I see how it is

  5. Again Get this god damn section expanded towards the East and fill it out because this infuriates me. Snow towards the north or even a mod that adds dynamic weather patterns that actually effects the landscape. For example, snow would stick and eventually melt, making the ground really muddy and the normal ground noises would be replaced with the muddy noises and crunch noises for snow. But when it comes down to it, I would LOVE to see a mining system scattered around the map at the entrances as well as a Tisy Underground expansion.
  6. Got myself out the other day, was a very nice walk that's for sure.
  7. I'd love to see more eastern weapons such as copycats of what we have, as well as a VZ52 Rifle. In terms of items I'd like to see Vodka, Whiskey, more variety of shoes, hooded wear, sandbags for base building. Cameras, tape recorders, more eastern clothing in general instead of western clothes.
  8. "100% Chance to have 5.56* "Man's Never Hot" "This game doesn't even have a Jungle but hey, there you go".
  9. So I've decided to get back into the emulation scene with PCXS2 and such, and currently I've got all my games working at a solid frame rate, rarely a stutter in sight. 

    But now I'm considering some kind of free cam mod or so for the software but I can't seem to find anything? If anyone here knowledgeable about that kind of thing or have any leads, let me know ❤️ 

  10. You know what, I need to get more involved in events, if I can I'll do it.
  11. Had a few stockpiled ? Hope any one of these are good enough my guy.
  12. feel cute in this, might delete later
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