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"Holy whiskers, you go sisters."

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  1. Think it's fair to say this recent break up has completely drained me and destroyed me and my sleeping pattern. 

    But hey at least I got memes right? EX DEE HAHAHA


    seriously i don't know what im doing right now please help


    time to chill

  3. TBH Rolle-san, it would be a massive waste for opening a server to console version. Sure you can have all these new influx of people which would generate income, but the hassle the team would have to go through to maintain it, for console owners to go through the hassle of going on a laptop or tablet or PC to sign up for the community, how would it be verifiable? How can a whitelisting work? How would we know if someone has a hacked console? There's too many variables that come into play as a negative. Just stick with what we have now and hope .63 brings a new influx of players on the PC because that way, at least we can keep a track. But yeah. .63 is looking dope.
  4. Ciao

    In a bit boyo, have fun with arma.
  5. Tbh no point in the community branching out to console. I'm just excited that we may have Stress Tests by the end of next year.
  6. Peep this update video for .63

    Real talk. We'll not get it till May, I bet you.
  7. Not gonna lie, even though the 1998 Godzilla movie is terrible, it's such a guilty pleasure.

  8. Dog names

    Call it Good Girl, would've said Good Boy if it was a lad dog. Shame.
  9. Tbh I just don't understand why they extended the map but left this small part out like fucking come on, extend this tiny little land mass you dopes.
  10. Scenic Thread

    Went out the other day with a couple of mates, got quite a few good shots. It's all in the spoiler cos fuck me there's a lot.
    • Jamie
    • Lad

    tbh, you deserved that GM spot. 

  11. New NWAF Video - HASes, Helicopter zone, re-vamped taxi-ways

    Now that is pretty lit
  12. ok this is fucking lit 


    1. Aiko


      Needs more anime.

    2. Lad



    3. Max


      Love that shit. Just as good as the series

  13. Hey @RolleLAD and @AikoLASS. Here's a fucking certified weeb classic


    1. Aiko


      Sorry...but you said it wrong.

      Its Rolle-Senpai and Aiko-Chan....get it right.

    2. Lad


      Never. I shall never fully conform to your ideology.

    3. Aiko


      If you are posting stuff like this....then you are already conformed...

    4. Rolle


      Submit, or stay oppressed. 

    5. Lad


      I... will... NEVER CONFORM!

      I'm a user at DayZRP, I'm always oppressed :trolle:

      plz nu ban i like it here

    6. Mexi


      The fact you're feeding this disgusts me Lad, I thought better of you.. Clearly I was wrong.

    7. Lad


      It was a weak moment I'm sorry Mexi please forgive my sins.

    8. Mexi


      This can never be forgiven, you've already gone into the darkness. Goodluck, old friend.

    9. Rolle


      Leave Lad-kun alone, LEAVE HIM ALONE. Baaaaaaaaka!

    10. Mexi


      Absolutely disgusting, the lot of you

    11. Lad


      Staff Team versus the community at this fucking rate 


    12. Rolle


      OH fuck, I lol'd out loud at work after watching that awoo, hahahahaha. Getting strange looks now. RIP career

    13. Lad


      You're welcome Rolle, I aim to meme.