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  1. Lad

    DayZ RP Custom Map.

    Again Get this god damn section expanded towards the East and fill it out because this infuriates me. Snow towards the north or even a mod that adds dynamic weather patterns that actually effects the landscape. For example, snow would stick and eventually melt, making the ground really muddy and the normal ground noises would be replaced with the muddy noises and crunch noises for snow. But when it comes down to it, I would LOVE to see a mining system scattered around the map at the entrances as well as a Tisy Underground expansion.
  2. Got myself out the other day, was a very nice walk that's for sure.
  3. Lad

    Objects (weapons, clothing etc) you'd like to see in the game.

    I'd love to see more eastern weapons such as copycats of what we have, as well as a VZ52 Rifle. In terms of items I'd like to see Vodka, Whiskey, more variety of shoes, hooded wear, sandbags for base building. Cameras, tape recorders, more eastern clothing in general instead of western clothes.
  4. Lad

    Item shop descriptions

    "100% Chance to have 5.56* "Man's Never Hot" "This game doesn't even have a Jungle but hey, there you go".
  5. Lad

    Day of the Dead (Last Stand)

    You know what, I need to get more involved in events, if I can I'll do it.
  6. Lad

    New Website Banners Go Here!

    Had a few stockpiled Hope any one of these are good enough my guy.
  7. Lad

    The Tortugan State.

    lit Nice one lads.
  8. feel cute in this, might delete later
  9. https://www.dayz.com/blog/status-report-9-october-2018
  10. Lad

    Google+ Memorial Thread

    You will be missed G+..
  11. Lad

    In game Premium poll

    So, I am generally against any kind of in game premium. There's a lot of things here than shouldn't be put behind a paywall essentially. Spawns I think should be more spread out in unpredictable patterns away from military locations, as I have stated before. Group clothing items should be an incentive to create a group I feel but added requirements (like establishing a set goal for example). And when it comes to Q4, I feel the Airdrops should be a random event set by a mod or staff member. I did recall seeing a mod showcase of a plane dropping off a crate. Such things should contain tins of food, bottles of water, something for groups to go after and what not. Even though I like my idea I can somewhat agree with what you have proposed for Q4 Roland but obviously under a different name.
  12. Lad

    October changes poll

    Better vote nicely or Pepe will have you. But seriously, I've only been in the server once since I came back, and not really bumped into anyone, but voted anyway because that green frog scares me. And if the spawns do change again, I would say make sure none are close to any military areas, make them more towards out of the way villages and such I'd say.
  13. Lad

    Offical Elite: Dangerous Thread

    Hey lads So, somehow managed to find a hole in the wall and reached Barnards Loop. These screenshots are just my journey. EZ Orion After I reached EZ Orion I decided to try and head to the Horsehead Nebula Interestingly enough you can't actually get into the Nebula itself as all the Horsehead dark systems are walled off, so it's just a massive bubble around the nebula. Might keep going further out.
  14. His vision blurred, he wakes up in the forest with what seemed like the biggest headache known to man. Matthew was just a young survivor in a cruel world, doing what he can do to survive while retaining some old world traditions as he calls them. Some seem to respect it, others.. not so much. He wakes up from his unintentional slumber in the middle of the soggy mossy ground, and looks up towards the cloudy sky. Bird sounds are vacant, with the autumn leaves rustling in the slight, gentle breeze. His hands covered in mud and grass, he slowly gets up and stumbles, holding onto a tree to hold his balance. He looks around as his vision becomes more clear with not a soul to be seen. He memory was foggy, he couldn't quite put his finger on how he got to where he was. He wiped away the blood away from his busted nose and began to walk alone. He could remember his home life and his family. The joys of a beer on the Friday night after a long work week. He remembered the first of the infection that hit the UK, and he remembered the sorrow he felt knowing his parents committed suicide by overdone in their bed, as to not become a Stumbler as Matthew called the infected. However, after trying as hard as he could, he could not remember how he got to the country, but only parts of the bigger story such as Germany at The Hole as it was called. A small traveler town created by a small pocket of humanity, and even then the memory seemed clouded in his mind and heart . His name was never forgotten though and he firmly kept that very close to him, as losing his identity was losing his humanity, as he thought. He carried a big weight on his shoulders. With his apparent, hopefully short term amnesia, holding him back it was up to him and him alone to pick up the pieces of his memory and hopefully remember what brought him to the epicenter of the infection, and with the scars he held on his arms, he began his journey.
  15. Lad

    Starting Items

    Yeah I can pretty much get behind this. It'll be good to let players spawn with the uttermost basic of surviving essentials that you would reasonably be left with say, and as an added thing, have the stuff you spawn in be worn or damaged if possible. In the current time of the lore, it's pretty unrealistic to spawn with Pristine stuff I would say. And a knife to yeet yourself if you get a wrong character.