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  1. Lad

    And as soon as I come back on the forums, I smell rule 4 in the air.


  2. Lad

    Another sleepless night. Currently 6:37 and just sleep is like "no, fuck you".

  3. Lad

    This radio broadcast in game is top notch.

  4. Hall of Shame

    To be honest I'm just impressed @evanm23 has got so many points, fucking hell.
  5. Event Coordination Team Recruiting

    Welcoming @Zero to the Event Team! Glad we can have you!
  6. Summary We need a large pool of people who can help us refine and execute larger events. Two men doing this especially with our limitations In game makes that quite difficult. But with 20 people, 10 from European and 10 from North American to cover most time zones. You Must be able to: A decent writer and know basic principles of piecing together a larger narrative Been a member of the community for at least 1 month Can be flexible with schedules and be at least available on slack Work with lore factions and other groups Have a good temperament and have a cool head Current members North American Team @Mischief @Coda852 @Taryn @Zero _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ European Team @Mexi @Lad @lukaszxe @WulfeGirl Application Format IRL age: Date you joined the community: Roleplaying experience: Why you want to be apart of the event coordination team: What can you contribute in 1 word: What time you can operate in coordination and which sub team would you be in based on that:(server time) What kind of characters do you play best? What playstyle? Are you ok with being involved in PVP? Any further comment or question please pm @Lad for more info OR Go HERE Apply now!
  7. Lad


    fucking yes

  8. The City of Stary.

    That's fantastic to hear man! Glad progression is being made and it's fair to say this can go on the timeline
  9. Event Team Discussion

    It's happened to me before and I know it will happen again, which is why I always would love to know what kind of feeling the community is in for events. I know the recent PVP event was quite successful, but I know that constant PVP events will not only be boring, but quite distasteful considering, as people have said before that if it's just PVP then go play on a pub server. I still advocate PVP events, however and I think it goes without saying there should be some RP meaning behind it. With that in mind, it's why I want to work with group leaders to help create events to further their story line through RP, as well as PVP. And with the great addition of the calendar, it's going to be great to see what events are going to be put in place through the coming weeks and months.
  10. So! Lad here from the Event Coordination Team. So, I've been working on my own event and such in the past and it got no traction unfortunately. The team have created events in the past to some success and with some in the works (apart from mine but I'm working on that after seeing my own faults) And @lukaszxeand I have been thinking about the community and the event team a lot after watching @Joffrey and his events, as well as criticism following the thread in regards to the team. So instead of letting the criticism get to us I want to reach out to community for a few various things. What kind of events would you, the community, like to see in the future. Ideas that we, the team, can implement to assist those who wish to make events and communicate easier. What we, the team, can do to help you create an event and give guidance if necessary. Now, I do need to say this before people will comment. I genuinely want to try and make improvements. I want people to voice their concerns without fear of hiding what they truly feel. I am willing to talk with everyone here on thread and privately if needs be because it goes without saying there are people who want to improve and help the community. I want the team to stay because I am invested and I believe it can work, but not without your input. Some ideas have been created for the team to which I'll publish here: 2 Teams, one for PVP/misc related events and one for RP events so people can talk to the appropriate teams. More control of the new Calendar so more events could be put in place at user's request. Be a middle man between two groups and their leaders on what kind of event can be made and it can go together. Community NPC volunteers if you do not wish to use your main character for various events (with special permissions which is still in discussion). These are just few of the ideas that we have discussed recently. I do need to reiterate that I want genuine feedback as well. Because without genuine feedback how are we to improve and help. I hope you wish to help us improve and I'm looking forward to discussion as well as your feedback. Cheers.
  11. Event Team Discussion

    So far, plans for S2 are in my mind to be brought up at the next meeting. Once we have something concrete, we'll leave it up to the community to see the plans and then we'll pitch them to Rolle and the Admin team to get the final verdict. And I'll definitely keep yourself in mind if we need a scared hostage or anything like that I genuinely really like the positive comments, it really does me myself want to work harder with this and make it work. I know there are people who think the event team should be around now, but I'm not here to prove them wrong, I'm just here to make this work
  12. Event Team Discussion

    Personally, I believe that we should still have an event team of people who wish to not only create events but to also help out other groups with future events, which we were pushed to do so the LM at the time could focus on other work. Since we now have no LM I still don't see why we should all pack our bags and not bother to help when we feel like we can offer a helping hand to the community. The PVP event was not created by the Event Team and was created by Joffrey himself. I'm sure the LM gave it the get go but we had no hand in organizing it. Well, I've got some ideas for the middle man idea, as well as the NPC volunteering, so keep your eyes and ears out and hopefully we'll get something out there. If you have any more event ideas and whatnot, you can PM them to me, or ask one of our team members to give you a helping hand with sorting it out
  13. Event Coordination Team Recruiting

    Since Major has left his position he has assigned myself as the owner of the Event Coordination Team. I really hope to push this team forward and recruitment is still a go ahead.
  14. Event Team Discussion

    Events are certainly a good thing that's for sure That is very true, not much like that has happened before, however if you keep an eye on what Joffrey is doing then you might potentially like what is going on there. Severograd and Svetlojarsk was hotspots and such but I'm not so sure right now. Unfortunately with the griefing not much can be done, which trust me is very, very annoying but it's just one of those things right now. And with the Safezone Trial place, that's no longer in place right now and with 0.63 settlements will be easier to reinforce and safe zones could be implemented easier. At a later date, probably when 0.63 hits another discussion could be had and something could be done, cannot promise anything but we'll see what happens.
  15. Event Team Discussion

    Tell you what I'll do cos I think it'll be unfair if I just say no it's not a good idea and then it won't happen. I'll bring it up with the team and see what they say, then if quite a number of us like it we'll see what the admins and Rolle and such say. The more and more I read it through the more and more I understand especially with inactivity, but I'm sure the Admins already keep on top of that. Regardless, I'll bring it up with people and see what they say mate.
  16. Event Team Discussion

    Hmm, I can see where you are coming from, and while I appreciate the idea I really do. I might have to say no on this one. Groups themselves can create events at their own leisure and can get assistance from the team. But to force them to create events once a month isn't so much of a good idea. I feel like a forced archive isn't a good thing as some groups would rather be on the down low. One example is The Tower, as far as I'm aware they don't really make their presence aware and such. So a forced event for them would probably not be a good thing for them. Again, I appreciate the idea though, thanks for your input mate
  17. Event Team Discussion

    I understand what you mean Brayces, definitely. Modding will GREATLY improve the quality and organisation of events, but in the meantime I've got some ideas for the use of S2 if possible to help make and create events for the community. Your kind words are really awesome to see and you're right, people want this team to improve and now that I'm running the team I'm going to certainly try my absolute hardest to make everyone happy And it's always awesome you want to try new things, it's the best way to experience RP in my opinion
  18. Event Team Discussion

    I'll certainly do my best. o7.
  19. I'm done.

    Shit man. You were fucking great and what you did. You're going to be well missed. Focus on yourself and take care of yourself. Don't be a stranger now.
  20. Event Team Discussion

    I do think it's a good idea. It's been pointed out to me that this was done before in September last year, thought it seemed familiar. If we can get a server up for it, the preparations and community interest then it'll definitely be a go. I'll bring it up in the next meeting like the rest of the events and we'll see what happens. If we have anything more to add then we'll PM or if you have anything more to add, PM myself or anyone else in the ECT. Cheers
  21. Event Team Discussion

    I feel you bud, I feel you. I'll definitely take this idea on and progress with it. Thanks man.
  22. Event Team Discussion

    Of course, we always encourage everyone to make events, but our job is to assist those who need and want the help. We're always willing to work closely with any group that wants to make an event either OOC or Lore based.