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  1. Mod? 

    Fucking disgusting.


    1. Samaritan


      Thanks for the nice post :D

  2. Farewell!

    Best of luck to you mate out there!
  3. Offical Elite: Dangerous Thread

    I really like the idea, I'm in
  4. Real life picture Thread

    Starting to slowly lose weight so thought I'd post.
  5. DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    Well I'll be holding out till BETA anyhow, sure modding won't be in the first patch, but I believe, and correct me if I'm wrong, they will bring modding out very shortly after the first initial patch. The most important thing along side the modding is definitely the server tools. That would make things so much easier for the ECT and the rest of the community. Am I looking forward to BETA? Yeah, is it going to offer much? Meh, we'll have to wait and see.
  6. Urgh, not my day.

    First off my phone dies on me so I reset it to factory settings. Lose everything which is okay.

    I put my SD Card back in the phone after setup and it erases it and fills it back with Phone Apps that already come with the phone, erasing precious videos and pictures. 

    THEN, when I download all my apps again, I come to find out my old phone (which steam still uses apparently) is fucked so I cannot get my mobile authentication sorted.

    THEN! I've been told to go shopping, no biggie. Apart from the fact it's started pissing down and the jacket I use is in the washing machine.

    Can I go back to bed?

    1. Oliv


      Good cos I've also found out I have to make myself more overdrawn with my bank to do shopping so we can eat. 

      And I'm hungover.


  7. Solntsevskaya Bratva

    Looking good bud, wishing yourself the best.
  8. Well, time to spend the rest of the night playing Final Fantasy IX while I sober up.

    In the meantime, as a thank you for visiting this little whitename's profile, have a picture.


    1. Oliv


      I think I have a selfie that resembles that... Have fun sobering up

  9. Wishing you the best of luck out there. See you in 6 months and I swear to fuck I better see you online in 6 months
    • Mexi

    TBH Nice avatar, great movie as well

  10. Metal supporting my char has completely broke, so now when I sit down, I lean back and to the right at a proper angle.


  11. Anyone who used to get the PlayStation demo discs remember this track? 


  12. RIP Visceral.

  13. Onion's Story Of The Week - Competition - Prize: 1 Month Tycoon

    Oh boy. So, let me start with the Story of Andy ( @DerSchnitzler) and Tommy. The story of our characters went on for MONTHS, and I literally mean MONTHS. We started at the start of the year, towards the end of Black Fox we agreed OOC'ly that we we bumped into each other. I was looting a house looking for some food and water when Andy pulled a gun on me, and I pulled a gun on him. We stayed there for what seemed like hours shouting at each other to put the gun down, but eventually we both put our guns down due to a mutual understanding. And since then we came to know each other a lot better. A lot of internalRP on the road staying away from the TriangleTM due to genuine IC reasons that we didn't wanna fucking die. We took some people on, made home in Cherno in the "Flat" where we IC'ly traveled halfway across the map to a town to get wood, travel all the way back while RPing carrying this fuck load of wood. He, over the mic, essentially had a makeshift Foley studio where he nailed nails into a hammer to simulate that we bordered it up to make it safe. It was one of our many meeting areas in case we got separated. We actually had a lot of fun. There was one time we managed to get a truck working and we traveled down towards the flat, when a group initiated on us while we were driving, fair to fucking say that was scary since we nearly died. And yes, it was a proper initiation. We crashed the truck and ran like mad. Fast forward to the end of our story before Lore Wipe. Tommy contracted a strange illness in his chest, essentially killing him. After a month of not seeing each other, Andy rushed to the one place Tommy would be. What was meant to last 30 minutes lasted two hours. Tommy had given up, he wanted to kill himself but couldn't do it. Andy knew of a place in Russia that could help so he tried to get Tommy there by carrying, however it was no use. They settled into a house where Tommy drew his last breath, they went outside the feel the last wisp of wind on Tommy's cheeks as he stared down the barrel of Andy's gun. They said their farewells. We both IC'ly and OOC'ly cried. It was fucking heartbreaking to end the story the way it did, but it was and still is the best RP story I've been involved with to date.
  14. I got one here actually, was going to consult you with it before I start my GM event fully.