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  1. Here's my point of view on the situation. Shawn and I are literally new players. When we met up, it was probably my third or fourth try on the DayZRP servers. That has nothing to do with the situation, but its really stretching my mind as to how a gigantic report got filled about some people trying to make fools of us. I realize this was an RP server. I realize some things were strange, but I tried my best to act within reason of my character. The person, "Taking a piss break" was not in fact Shawn. That was ME. And I only did so because I realized that my in game name was not my character name, it was my usual DayZ name, "WheresCarl". I did not want to break the immersion of the situation, so I stated I had to take a pee break, walked behind a house, logged out and changed my name, and returned. As far as everything else, I feel that I acted within reason. Stating several times that Shawn was an addict and I was virtually his handler, that whatever "William the drug dealer" gave Shawn made him act this way. As far as the bad roleplaying, I feel some aspects may have been a little strange, but It was hard to follow who was who. I thought we were all friends in Vybor, even going as far as noticing someone there had a UMP, and I had a magazine, and giving it to him. (I believe this was the very man who held me up, as well. Tsk.) But it was dark, the captors seemed upset every time we needed help (mind you I used // to indicate i was speaking out of character) with anything regarding movements in dayz such as getting on our knees and etc. Even going as far as calling us retarded, when I clearly stated I was fed up with that statement. (Rude and offensive behavior) As far as the end and displaying "No care for life" Mr. "Smiley" made it clear that we weren't making it out alive anyway. My character, being the man he is, a Veteran and a capturee in a war in Afghanistan, knows what anything he does will result in death. So I made the choice after witnessing my friend and brother die, to die by my own hands as well, leaving the capturers without their satisfaction of kill. To be mature about it, as the rules tell me to, I didn't return afterwards to my body or go anywhere near that area after my death, I simply respawned and logged off for the night. If I done anything wrong, I am not beyond correcting or standing for my own mistakes. But as the situation goes, I was generous to a group, that group held me and my friend up, I followed what they told me to do, as best I could (It was hard to tell who was the one giving orders for the entire walk because it was dark and I did not know some of the commands they told me to (on knees and etc.) And near the end, I was fed up with being told we were doing things wrong when I honest to God tried to follow along, knowing that it was painfully obvious we weren't getting out of there alive. Thank you for hearing my account. Have a good evening.