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  1. ShadowReapz12

    S1 NVFL, Avoiding RP, Combat Log 09-10-2016, 03:34

    Don Pablo POV: Me and Frank were taking our time moving to and through Stary because his internet was giving him problems when we ran into the group of people Nihoolious was in. Me and Frank were in a steam call and he ventured off in the midst of everyone talking because he felt the whole situation was fishy and as I started off to catch up to him I was told to put my hands up. So I did. Frank, before my radio was taken, asked me what he should do and I told him whatever he feels he needs to do. But then my captors told me to announce their demands to Frank then proceeded to take my radio, so I put our steam call just on hold. While we're sitting in this spot he messages me saying he lost connection to the server, I inform my captors and they presumed he combat logged but I assured them that he did return shortly after. Then another group arrived and distracted pretty much all my captors so I ran away and eventually got caught again. They tied me up but gave me my radio to say their demands to Frank again so I informed him that our location was different now and where were and how long he had then they took the radio back so I put him back on hold. So we sat there for about two minutes and then they pretended to kill me then took me away to a house to most likely torture me. As soon as we began moving he told me died, but we were moving so I couldn't contact him and ask him what happened. I assumed that he didn't get killed by someone and most likely something involving his internet and needing to relog glitched out and killed him. Then I was taken to the building and while they were talking to me my game's video crashed. Eventually my entire game crashed. When I logged back in I was dead. I contacted Nihoolious then soon logged off again. The whole situation was a just a mess.
  2. Link to the source of punishment: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S1-ABOGM-NVFL-Crossroads-8-20-16-6-30 Why the verdict is not fair: I had been banned because I had failed to post a POV which I completely understand and I was then given 24 hours to put my POV, as stated here, "Bobby Velys and Don Pablo have been temp banned. They will have 24 hours to provide a POV." Which, again, I understood and then within those 24 hours posted my POV. However the entire report has since been resolved yet I remain banned though I did post my POV. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To be Unbanned What could you have done better? I should just pay more attention to the forums and check every once in awhile, to avoid this.
  3. ShadowReapz12

    S1: ABOGM/NVFL | Crossroads | 8/20/16 6:30

    I apologize as I haven't been looking at the forums recently. Don Pablo POV: I was walking south on the road leading to vybor & Kabanino out of NWAF. I see what seems to be a large group gathered by the intersection and I decide to approach, under the impression that it's one big friendly group, but as I come closer I see that it was actually some sort of hold up with many people tied on the street, a few men holding them and a couple people chasing what seemed to be an escaped prisoner and then a man starts running at me with his gun up so I put my hands up (this was most likely due to the lag that did ensue). I noticed at this point when everyone was either infinitely running or standing still not saying anything that the server was lagging and I approached the group to have assured this in chat OOC. When the lag seemed to stop, there was no captors near me any longer and the prisoners, for the most part, were free and then that was they began opening fire on eachother and I unfortunately found myself in the crossfire, I put my hands down and ran to the factory wth the rest of them and eventually dying with them.