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  1. Now it changes to 4 seconds. I will pipe down and let the gamemasters do their job, as I have said everything I have to say. Also, out of curiosity, you say that we did not instantly put our hands up. So if I were to initiate on someone; I could in theory kill them immediately each and every time because "non compliance" is purely my disgression? Sounds like in an environment like that, ruleplay will trump all.
  2. So even with all of the information that has accumulated in the thread, I still have the same uncertainty as to what exactly granted the KOS/execution rights in this situation? According to the rules, (from what I have read) “You have to make contact with the target before initiating a hostile action against it. You must make your hostile intention clear and unambiguous and state each demand before you can harm the victim(s) for non-compliance”. If this is the case, then they did in fact make their demands clearly and unambiguously by giving the specific demands, and specific timeframe, however, they did not give the opposing party anywhere near the full timeframe that was proposed/demanded. I quote one of the involved members in this thread, “The initiation was loud and clear and the hostages didnt comply. They were given ample time to comply and they did not so we shot them in case they were to raise their weapons. I started to count down to make it clear we were giving them a chance.” So in this case, we can agree that there were loud and clear demands that were made. However my confusion is what exactly happened between 10 and 7 to make the demands go out the window? Is this an implication that we took the entire 10 seconds when it is said that we "did not comply"? We were shot in case we were to raise our weapons? - To me, this indicates that we did not raise our weapons, or become hostile in those 3 seconds, but rather that we were killed so that it would not get to that point if we took the full time before becoming officially "non-compliant". If I were given 3 seconds in these individuals initial demands, I would have no issue with the situation. However, trigger happiness eliminated any chance of compliance/RP taking place. If something like this is in fact acceptable, then I feel as though some people would be inclined to just "shoot it out" and try to take some with them, rather than actually RP in future instances.
  3. It's interesting, because I took creenshot of Charles response last evening which has since been deleted, and he says things like "I think" he starts to say no. and "I think he turned". Now the stories change to absolutes. The fact of the matter, is that these individuals jumped the gun before anyone had a chance to rp at all. Beginning to say "no need for anyone to get hurt here" is not hostile, and if I am shot after the first, one syllable word of my sentence, then I suppose that goes to show just how quickly the evens transpired.
  4. As stated in my report, I had recently logged in, and planned to meet a friend in the Lopatino train/bus station area. I saw two individuals running on the road since I logged in near the station. They see me. We talk for a few seconds before my friend arrives. We chat for no more than a couple of minutes before 4-6 more show up. Mostly wearing black bandanas with the exception of one with a red hat/bandanna. He refers to us as "reppers" because of our masks, and asks if we are reapers multiple times. I did most of the talking in this interaction so I am standing in front of my friend. After red bandana man fails to make us angry with his banter he proceeds to initiate by telling us we have 10 seconds to put our weapons down and hands up,otherwise we would be killed. Starting at 10 he counts down 3 seconds to 7 and upon arriving on 7 I was shot and killed. In those 3 seconds I was preparing to put my hands up and rp out the situation however I was killed prematurely. Also, I would like to clarify this notion that I somehow "took too long" in this initiation. If an individual gives me a certain terms of his initiating, i.e. A timeframe, then that is clearly and unambiguously telling me that I will be dead, if I do not comply in 10 seconds. SO if I am killed 3 seconds in, without taking hostile action in return, I would argue, that there is KOS in the situation. But again, I am new here so forgive me if I am incorrect.
  5. Server and location: S2 / Lopitino train station bus lot Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 16/8/2016 - Unsure, around 9:30 server time Your in game name: Gannon Hensley Names of allies involved: John O'claire Name of suspect/s: Unknown 6-8 individuals Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I had just logged in fairly recently, and was meeting up with a friend around the train station. I began walking up towards the road and spot two individuals. They spot me and come over and we begin talking for a couple of seconds before my friend arrives. Within 2 minutes there are at least 4-6 more individuals around us. Most of which wearing black bandannas covering their faces, with the exception of one individual with a red hat and red bandanna covering his face. He begins to talk to us, calling us "reapers" because of the masks we were wearing. Red bandanna man attempts to get a rise out of us with his banter, to which he has no success, so he initiates on us and tells us to put our hands up and drop our weapons. The say we have 10 seconds or we are dead. 3 seconds in to the countdown when he reaches "7" I am shot and killed. I am pretty new here and realize that without video evidence this is a fairly difficult case for me to take on, however, I feel as if I have read the rules thoroughly, and in this situation I see some problems. My understanding of hostage situations, as pertaining to this, is that if I do not comply, they have every right to execute me. I could be wrong but that was just my understanding of how hostage situations worked so I apologize if that is incorrect. In this case I would really like to see the logs, and be able to hear exactly what KOS rights these individuals had on my friend and I.
  6. Had a really good time traveling with Ryan Miller, Gina, Rick, and Chuck. Some of the rp displayed by Willis was pretty awesome. Thanks all.
  7. I thought someone was trying to steal Donnie's bus since he took off without saying anything. Had to give pursuit