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  1. My employer MagaCorp Global picked up a nice juicy United Nations humanitarian contract to help rebuild the infrastructure of Chernarus, more specifically the South Zagoria region. Years earlier the Chedaki, a bunch of communist clowns, attempted a coup and failed. In their cowardly retreat they enacted a scorched earth policy that left much of the country without essential services. After 5 years Chernarus had made little progress on its own rebuilding. The government focused on solidifying its power in the capital Novigrad and building up the military. So MCG was brought in with a blank check from the UN and the blessing of Novigrad. I was lead tech of the MCG Maintenance Division-Vehicle based out of Balota Airfield. The airfield was the distribution point for all the supplies that came in from the port in Chernogorsk. For an assignment of this magnitude it was fairly routine. It started out a bit rough but it eventually settled down to the standard maintenance grind. In our free time we got to know the country and its people and the excellent fishing. Anyway, like I said, it was routine. Until October 8th, that is. Word came over the horn that some deranged person had injured some folks in Zelenogorsk Hospital and ran. From what I heard he met up one of our road crews and messed up a couple of the boys. They were brought straight to the airfield. We have two physicians on staff but they weren't ready for whatever this was. Both were bit before sunrise the following day. With Balota Airfield compromised the MCG helis evacuated the top brass and never returned. All MCG ships left port to meet up with the MCG freighter which was anchored a few miles off shore along side the USS Bunker Hill, a US Naval Cruiser. I was stranded. The MCG ships stayed for a few days but left sometime during the night of the 15th, or maybe the 16th. The Bunker Hill moved out a few more miles and shot anything that tried to approach it. Thats when the CDF showed up. MCG people were coming in from all over. The airfield was chaos. The CDF was not taking any chances and shooting anyone suspicious. I decided to load up a truck with some supplies and head to this nice little place I found one day up near Gorka but that didn't last long. Gorka succumbed to the infection very quickly. I repacked my truck and drove south into the woods and found a nice little unoccupied place in the middle of nowhere. I decided that I would wait out the infection there until the temperatures started to freeze. I figured those things couldn't possibly make it through the winter. That was a big mistake. I missed the UN rescue missions. I missed the refugee waves north. But it really didn't matter. Countries were falling like dominoes. In my haste I damaged my old truck and after not starting it for months the batteries were dead. So I became a nomad trader and scavenger seeking auto parts and fuel. During my travels I heard rumors of towns popping up in the old EU. And then those rumors died out. I still have a few parts to find but that's still the plan.