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  1. One group goal should be: build a boat. Or at least talk about how to do it, ... a lot.
  2. Bill Ockham was raised by an aunt and uncle in rural Michigan after his parents were killed in an accident where a train car filled with hammers spilled off an overhead bridge onto the road below. Ockham dislike trains. Ockham hates hammers. He grew up hunting and fishing and wandering in the woods. He joined the US Army out of high school and went to college on the government dime. Ockham was bright, but lazy. He spent almost a year as a military intelligence analyst, but was discharged for being drunk on duty too many times. To put his life back together he quit drinking, and started working in various conflict zones doing logistics and support for NGOs like MSF and Feed The Children. Ockham was caught on the ground and cut off trying to deliver one more convoy of aid before the UN aid agency he was working for evacuated his team. A mob overran his convoy looking for food and only found 88 boxes of multicolor raincoats and several toolboxes full of adjustable wrenches, nails, and hacksaws. Ockham tried to get his team to an evac point on the NE coast but was cut off by a group of infected. He grabbed a gun that was laying on the ground and climbed up onto a shipping crane. He kept firing shots to distract the infected as his people ran away trying to find help or shelter. He hasn't seen them since, but he is still looking for anyone from his convoy.
  3. I am a late-comer to the thread. Here is a thought: Given that DayZRP has multiple servers, it would be possible to require that if you die in a fire-fight, for example, that you not respawn into the same server, even if you perma-die. Indeed, why not require that you not return to the server you died on for 24 hours--maybe 48 hours if its a perma-death. Danger comes from a fear of loss. One thing to fear is having to start a whole new character (but strangely they tend to end up with much the same gear). But there is also the loss of the group play experience for a time. If, say, when you die, you had to begin again on a new server, then a) the "winner" of your last encounter actually gains some advantage, b) your "allies" would really suffer the loss in manpower, c) the next hour wouldn't be spent trying to re-gear and meet up, d) BadRP revenge play would be decreased, etc. It might also mix things up a bit, e.g players would distribute more evenly across servers and across the map. As for the other things, I have no problem with relaxed engagement rules at night, it makes sense in an RP way--we should all be sleeping at night; anyone sneaking around at night is up to no good.
  4. Hello Survivors, I am looking forward to getting back to Chenarus. I am new-ish to RP in DayZ, but I learned a lot of Japanese once to be a better RP-er as a mech pilot.
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