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  1. The Soul Reapers [Active]+(Recruitment:Open)

    Thank you all for the help, and more. Thank you so much, hope to see y'all in game someday, Thank you Karomas for the artwork. ^^
  2. The Soul Reapers [Open Freq]

    *Drevin presses PTT button down after listening to the voice on the radio* "We've heard of your interest and will try to contact you with more information shortly, we'll provide you with a radio frequency and encryption key to the frequency. You'll find out more about us shortly, expect yourself to receive a message from us soon" *Drevin releases the PTT button and then starts to wipe the blood off the axe in his hands and leans back*
  3. The Soul Reapers [Open Freq]

    *Drevin listens to the radio chatter, and looks at Boss Lady and presses down the PTT button* "A name is a name, what we do behind that name is what you'll see us as. Y'all will be hearing more exploits soon, just because y'all don't get to hear them face to face though doesn't mean they're not happening. As for wicked people, we'll find you hunt you down, and wipe you out. We'll not only make sure you're gone, we'll find any of the other wicked you work with and wipe them out too. Expect there to be a change very soon, and not a small change at that. Best to either change your ways or you'll end up suffering your fate" *releases the PTT button, grabbing a splitting axe walking towards a wicked, then nods at Boss Lady raising the axe"
  4. The Soul Reapers [Active]+(Recruitment:Open)

    Thank you all for the feedback, we have updated the group thread again. A name is a name, what you do behind that name is what gives it meaning. We all do different things, but what we actually do under the banner of a name, whether it be a group, alias, or even physical name, gives it the meaning and brings with it consequence. "Smiles at Boss lady and wraps his arms around her holding her" Everyone lives there life how they want, this group we've created will eventually be taken seriously, we'll be wiping away the wicked.
  5. The Soul Reapers [Open Freq]

    *Drevin laughs grinning and holds down the PTT button while laughing* "So you think there are only two of us? That's all you'll hear on this radio but no worries it's not only us two, there are more, many more, and more keep coming everyday to join our cause. We've been talking for well over a week now, not dead but instead increasing in size. The voices on this radio have been saying all kinds of things, how we'll be dead within a week, we won't make a change. Personally I think that's those voices trying to cut us short on what we want to happen for the future, it'll happen whether or not they like it or see it. We do hunt these wicked people down, and we will continue to wipe them out even if we have to do so one by one. We are doing the job no one else will, no one wants to do what is necessary to make things safer for everyone. Yet we don't care we'll do what is necessary and wipe these wicked from Chernarus and make it to where people can walk around without being robbed,murdered, beaten and more. The only one's we'll be hunting is the wicked so if you're not wicked you have nothing to fear." *Drevin releases the PTT button and lays back grinning at Boss Lady*
  6. The Soul Reapers [Active]+(Recruitment:Open)

    Thank you all, looking forward to seeing y'all too hopefully we'll meet in the future but only the future can tell. Thank you for the feedback on the thread ^^