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  1. Thank you all for the help, and more. Thank you so much, hope to see y'all in game someday, Thank you Karomas for the artwork. ^^
  2. *Drevin presses PTT button down after listening to the voice on the radio* "We've heard of your interest and will try to contact you with more information shortly, we'll provide you with a radio frequency and encryption key to the frequency. You'll find out more about us shortly, expect yourself to receive a message from us soon" *Drevin releases the PTT button and then starts to wipe the blood off the axe in his hands and leans back*
  3. *Drevin listens to the radio chatter, and looks at Boss Lady and presses down the PTT button* "A name is a name, what we do behind that name is what you'll see us as. Y'all will be hearing more exploits soon, just because y'all don't get to hear them face to face though doesn't mean they're not happening. As for wicked people, we'll find you hunt you down, and wipe you out. We'll not only make sure you're gone, we'll find any of the other wicked you work with and wipe them out too. Expect there to be a change very soon, and not a small change at that. Best to either change your ways or you'll end up suffering your fate" *releases the PTT button, grabbing a splitting axe walking towards a wicked, then nods at Boss Lady raising the axe"
  4. Thank you all for the feedback, we have updated the group thread again. A name is a name, what you do behind that name is what gives it meaning. We all do different things, but what we actually do under the banner of a name, whether it be a group, alias, or even physical name, gives it the meaning and brings with it consequence. "Smiles at Boss lady and wraps his arms around her holding her" Everyone lives there life how they want, this group we've created will eventually be taken seriously, we'll be wiping away the wicked.
  5. *Drevin laughs grinning and holds down the PTT button while laughing* "So you think there are only two of us? That's all you'll hear on this radio but no worries it's not only us two, there are more, many more, and more keep coming everyday to join our cause. We've been talking for well over a week now, not dead but instead increasing in size. The voices on this radio have been saying all kinds of things, how we'll be dead within a week, we won't make a change. Personally I think that's those voices trying to cut us short on what we want to happen for the future, it'll happen whether or not they like it or see it. We do hunt these wicked people down, and we will continue to wipe them out even if we have to do so one by one. We are doing the job no one else will, no one wants to do what is necessary to make things safer for everyone. Yet we don't care we'll do what is necessary and wipe these wicked from Chernarus and make it to where people can walk around without being robbed,murdered, beaten and more. The only one's we'll be hunting is the wicked so if you're not wicked you have nothing to fear." *Drevin releases the PTT button and lays back grinning at Boss Lady*
  6. Thank you all, looking forward to seeing y'all too hopefully we'll meet in the future but only the future can tell. Thank you for the feedback on the thread ^^
  7. *Drevin presses the PTT button as he lays back against an evergreen* "The Soul Reapers, we don't care what you think of us and what you're ideas are about us. We follow our own ways in order to better Chernarus. We will wipe out all the Wicked ones from Chernarus so the good can live in peace. The Soul Reapers do what is necessary, it isn't about what we see is Wicked, it's about what truly is wicked. When you rob someone, when you murder and take that person's life for no reason that is truly wicked. We are prepared to do what is needed so the people whom are just trying to survive in peace will be able to. Whether or not the wicked people hearing this like it or not we don't care, you either change your ways or we'll wipe you from Chernarus. The choice is in your hands, once you make be prepared to deal with that choice." *Drevin releases the PTT button and grabs his bottle of whiskey and takes a swig*
  8. *Drevin grins laughing while listening to the radio and holds down the PTT button* "Seems like all y'all like to do is complain about change, and our mission, yet y'all haven't seemed to look yourselves in the mirror and ask have I done anything to change things for the better? Y'all don't seem to have done much to help the current state of Chernarus and it's people. We've heard of the chaos that Chernarus has been plunged into and experienced it ourselves. We will remove each wicked person from Chernarus one at a time if we must. We're willing to fight and die for our cause to see a better future, the only future Chernarus if we don't intervene now is a dim, blood covered one. We instead are going to make a change for the better of Chernarus and kill any wicked. The people who've tried taking the approach of a pacifist have lost so many, and I send condolences to those people about the deaths of their friends, comrades, families and more. They tried to take an approach that is admirable and if it had worked would have been the right approach. To those few good people whom are listening to this frequency don't let the wicked plunge Chernarus into chaos. Take up arms, show these wicked that plague Chernarus that you won't stand for it, you won't let them get away with their wicked deeds. Show them that no matter what you're willing to fight, and stand up for each other. We, The Soul Reapers, no matter our name, will fight back, we do not fear death, we are willing to do what is needed in order to see a new era. An era where a person may walk down a road without being mugged, an era without senseless murder. We've tried before to maintain some way of peace with these wicked individuals and all they wanted was to take more and more from the few good individuals that remain after the outbreak. We might have came late, but it doesn't mean it's too late to help Chernarus. For those wicked whom listen to this broadcast, either give up your wicked ways or expect to die with your wickedness. We won't tolerate the robberies, the murders, and we will stand against y'all. We will usher in this new era where no person has to be afraid to walk around in plain sight, where one does not have to fear their neighbor. Where one can greet each other, and everyone can live in peace. To let you wicked ones listening know, we have already killed four robbers last night, they've been buried and left with their possessions that they had on them at the time. We saved those people whom they were robbing, we didn't allow them to lose the things they hold precious to them. We kept them from losing their lives that day as well. We stood up for those people when no one else would at the time and made a stand." *Drevin releases the PTT button and starts to clean his rifle*
  9. *laughs grinning as I sharpen my knife close to the radio and presses down the PTT button sharpening my knife into the radio* "It's not edge when it happens, I enjoy hunting wicked people, I like seeing them realize that their actions do have a consequence. It doesn't have to be no where close to Gotham City. Chernarus has seen enough of the wicked people here, you get our kind of people when you can't seem to handle the chaos yourself. We're here to remove the wicked so that the survivor who are just trying to survive can actually prosper without being oppressed. We're strong enough to stand on our two feet and keep to our goals and usher in a new era. Whether or not you're there when the new era arrives or not doesn't matter. Your oxygen? This isn't just your oxygen it's everyone's oxygen, you seem to say this is your country, if it's your country why are you not trying to help make it prosper instead of being selfish as you show yourself to be on this frequency. What we are doing is for the bettering of the rest of the survivors' lives here in Chernarus while all you seem to want to do is better yourself. You think you'll kill me, we'll see soon enough. If you are wicked, best change your ways otherwise you'll be hunted down and slaughtered so the survivors can live easy in this world. They've no need for the likes of you or other wicked." *Releases the PTT button and smiles feeling the sharpness of the blade*
  10. *Drevin grins at boss lady as he stays still watching the survivors closer seeing them stop at a camp, presses the PTT button* "You're very naive to think you'll be finding me, or any of the reapers. When it comes you're time to die we'll find you and it won't end well for you. You're the exact kind of oppression that needs to be wiped away from this wasteland so the new era, an era where people will have no fear can be ushered in. Expect your life to end, we are hunting and any wicked person best be aware, we are hunting them" *Drevin releases the PTT button and fires a round that cuts the silence in two with no remorse* *Drevin hears the voice over the radio as he starts to chamber a few rounds into his rifle and smiles pressing the PTT button* "We're not a cult, we're just sick and tired of the oppression, greed, jealousy, and animal instincts that are destroying the lives of the people whom survive in this wasteland. We only hunt the wicked, if you're not wicked then you have nothing to fear of us. We won't track and kill any survivor whom isn't wicked. Best be prepared though if we find more wicked we'll enjoy wiping you from the face of the world. You'll find people whom failed what we are doing because of the simple fact they were not meant for it. They were not ready, and didn't have the conviction nor the fortitude to do what was needed. We kill without mercy, without a second thought, and we will kill any wicked person we see living. If anyone whom wants to help see a world where one has only to fear the infected and not fellow men, help the cause. We are not like others whom hesitate to kill, just because we decide to get our hands bloody doesn't mean we are a cult. It means we are willing to do what other people won't, what they can't do. We are here for that purpose, maybe if survivors rallied sooner against the wicked, there would be less wicked to cut down" *Drevin releases the PTT button and slowly walks away from his perch, and slings his rifle on his shoulder smiling at Boss lady*
  11. *Drevin still watching the group of survivors, slowly readies his rifle watching closely and presses the PTT button down* "I will enjoy seeing you try and get us to fail our mission, in the end you'll be the first corpse we put out to dry on the road, hopefully the infected will enjoy you as a meal, probably all you're good for honestly. Men are easily cut down only takes a single bullet to end a person's life and I have plenty of bullets to complete our mission." *Drevin releases the PTT button and breathes out slowly about to fire his rifle*
  12. *While stalking a group of survivors Drevin hears the radio chatter and presses the PTT button with a grin on his face* "Where those who have tried and failed we won't. They lacked the conviction to do what was necessary and died. We're willing to kill those who wicked and not spare them, I hope you are not wicked whomever this voice belongs to otherwise you'll be a corpse on display on the side of a road. We don't reason with the wicked, they're lost, if they change before we find them then they might live, but the ones who stay wicked will only be left as fertilizer for grass to grow" *Drevin waits watching the group with a grin on his face and releases the PTT button*
  13. *hears the voice over the radio and presses the PTT button while taking inventory of my ammunition* Creepy Pasta, never been afraid of that for as long as I lived, looking forward to seeing whomever this voice belongs too, best hope you haven't done anything wicked in your life *releases the PTT button and starts to chamber rounds into my rifle*
  14. *Drevin smiles at Boss Lady and grabs the radio from her and presses down the PTT button* "To all the fellow survivors in this cursed wasteland, we are here, we're watching, we're waiting. We've all seen the horrors of what this infection, this outbreak has brought to the world. It's up to us, the few survivors left to change it, we can rebuild this all, but first we must show the wicked that they do not control the rest of us. For the survivors of this outbreak who have survived I've seen the living hell that some have been put through first hand. Looking for food, water, fearing the infected who now walk the towns, and cities where we all once walked. I've seen and heard the harshness of all of this, and the most brutal aspect of all. The robberies, the pillaging, the raids, and tortured screams of others over the wasteland. It's time to put an end to this terror, it's time to hunt all the wicked and either they change or they'll die. We will show the few that struggle to survive that they don't have to live in terror, the survivors of this outbreak will see there is a dawn coming out of this night. If you want to help our cause, you want to rid this wasteland of the wicked that plague it then I recommend you seek us. If you do we'll find you, don't take our cause lightly us that have spoken over this frequency do not take our cause lightly, we will die for our cause. If the people whom have submitted to their wicked ways of greed, jealousy, wrath and more are listening, we are hunting you, we'll find you, and either you'll change or you'll die that is your choice be prepared to lay in the bed you make for yourself." *Drevin shoulders his rifle and releases the PTT button*
  15. Lawrence

    Finger Licking Chicken (FLC) [Active] - Recruiting

    This sounds like a great idea honestly, I like the naming by the way of each of the characters, it honestly shows a sense of humor which is nice, I like the backstory though would hope to find you add more backstory. Otherwise I'm looking forward to seeing a meal on wheels pass by me IC in the server. Might make a huge purchase depending upon the type of transaction you choose for your business. This seems awesome though Best of luck to y'all and hope to see y'all in the server