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  1. John Cruz

    I grew up in a rough neighborhood. I lived in the South Side of Boston. Life was rough but I was always good with my hands. I was always working on something even if it was something that didn't need to be fixed. When I was 14 I saw the Twin Towers fall. I knew after that, that I needed to serve. When I turned 16 I got my first real job working on cars. It was a tough job but it was a job that payed alot. Once I turned 18 I signed up to join the US Army. When I was asked what MOS I wanted to be I said 91B a wheeled vehicle mechanic. I was assigned to 1st Battalion, 64th Armor Regiment know as "Desert Rouge" I worked a lot on the Humvee's and other armored cars in the 64th Armor Regiment. After serving for 6 years he left the service and returned home. I felt like a outsider to my friends and family. They didn't know half of the stuff I went through. I lost some of my best friends from the war on terror. I found a job again working at the same car dealership that I had before. I worked on cars almost every single day of the year only taking breaks for major holidays. A year after coming back I found a girlfriend. We got married the next year. We moved into a new house and had a kid. On the news the world seemed to be getting worse. I got reenlisted and was waiting for orders. When we got orders that we were going to Chernarus. I said goodbye to my wife and said goodbye to my little girl Sarah. When we got to Chernogoursk the place seemed like it was in all hell. Our unit moved into the Balota airfield we were assigned to defend the base. In the middle of night everyone left. I was alone so I am trying to find the rest of my unit. So I am looking for NATO forces. War is hell.
  2. Cosmo Casamassa

    I came to Chernarus after the civil war the help fix the farming industry after the war. I have been north of Chernogorsk since. I live in the woods where ever I go. I never stay in one place for to long. That's how the bandits find you. But I prefer to go it alone but if need be will help out with everything and anything. From farming to medical science. I have missed my brother since he stayed in the states. He was a gunsmith I wonder how he is doing now. But thats not the point I will help everyone and anyone even if you have hurt me before
  3. T-shirt design contest

    https://gyazo.com/30a47391a7db7d6e5c3af370cd859c76 https://gyazo.com/f78ed45c45161cbeaca2b4d66da3ca96 Didnt know wear to post these so here ya go
  4. Any US forces in the AO [OPEN FREQ]

    *Dimitri pulls out his radio while sitting in the woods* Americans Eh..... I am Hunter by I am on this frequency alot more then I used to be....I need ammo and a weapon I will be near Cherno and the south.... Find me if you can my name is Dimtri Popov I would glady team up with Americans my cousin was in the Gorka Garrison when shit hit the fan.... Havent heard from him in a couple of weeks. Contact me ASAP. Hunter Out. *Dimitri puts his radio back in his bag and falls asleep leaning on a tree.
  5. old CDF frequency

    As Cosmo walks around NWAF his radio picks up the signal. And presses the PTT button "Hello Comrade this is Cpt C.Casamassa I am the Cpt of the Former Gorka Garrison if you want to contact me just contact me on a private frequency or on this one I want to restore order to the great country of Chernarus. Over and out" Cosmo puts his radio away and takes out a cigar and starts smoking it.
  6. *Cosmo picks up his radio pressing the transmit button* Sir I am the former Gorka Captain. I have stuck my neck out for friends and even random people that I didnt know but decided to help when they needed help. If you can somehow contact me I will gladly help you out. As I have done no harm to anyone or any group of people out there in the Wasteland. All I want to do is save peoples lives and help my neighbor. Contact me as soon as possible and I will help you and anyone of your friends who need help. *Cosmo stops transmitting. Whipping out a bottle of Vodka and taking a sip.*
  7. *Cpt Cosmo Casamassa picks up his radio and speaks into it* Hello UN anyone there. I am Captian Cosmo Casamassa of the former Gorka Garrison. If you are still around and alive radio me back. I want to meet up with the UN and help them with saving peoples lives. *Cpt Cosmo Casamassa stops broadcasting and puts his radio right next to him as he falls asleep*