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  1. Okay rant time for me. Most of you know me in someway or some other. I just recently came out as nonbinary and my parents have been giving me hell for it. And I recently told them that I have a boyfriend. And they have been giving me hell. Mad at me because I bought some feminine clothes at a color guard competition. And they don't like me talking to my boyfriend because they say he might be a pedophile.
  2. @Chewy Everything already settled deleting my previous post. I just realized I should not clutter the thread. Because it makes me look childish.
  3. If I can hop in on this @Aiko this has been going on since to report was opened as I have shown you proof... so you can't blame one bad day for being abusive to another member of the community.
  4. COMPLIMENT the person above you

    Good Rp and great immersion
  5. Other thing for ooc hate https://imgur.com/a/UbyFz Calling and making fun of me on snapchat and called me on my facebook messenger app and told me I was a whiny little bitch ooc. @Sophie Can confirm that drake was making fun of me on teamspeak and is a third party. And logs show that he knew where I was and that he was going to kill me.
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    keep ya head up and tell the bastard to fuck off.



  6. KoS No RP

    Pov: Jade Casamassa I was at Green Mountain looking for a new hat matching my camo. I was talking to my friends over ooc over radio. Just before I got told to put my hands up, I was about to speak IC over radio. When he tells me to put my hands up my friend @Drake hears it and was within 500 m so he sprints up and the guy asks me if I have a radio I say no. But I was lying and waiting for him to get there. As I am laying on the ground Drake comes around the corner and shoots the guy.
  7. The Sojourners

    Hey we should meet up sometime
  8. Dont ALT+TAB in hotspots.

    Well I am going to play devils advocate here... I myself have a windows glitch that happens at the same time every hour. And it glitches out and the makes me alt tab no matter what. I dont think we shouldn't have a rule against it due to computer glitches and what not.
  9. Jade Casamassa

    Daughter of Cosmo Casamassa she ran away from her father as soon as they landed in Chernarus. She hid in a house of and was found by the ChDKZ and eventually joined them. She was a great cook and learned how to cook with almost nothing around. You give it to her she could make a meal out of it. When she heard of the war that broke out she went looking for her father. When she couldn't find him she hid in the center of Chernarus with almost nothing while the infected roamed around. She eventually found her way to join UPS
  10. The Death of Cosmo Casamassa

    *Cosmo presses down the PPT*
  11. Ban appeal:Griefing

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: It is not fair due to the nature of the case. I do not consider it griefing due to I had a ic reason to do so. And that if anything it was a miss ID of a base and in the next section I can explain better why. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: So my IC reason was that I wasn't helped by what I thought at the time was Kovars. My character almost starved to death because come to find out later it was Rory's group of people. And I just remember last night that I did have hostile interaction with Rory's group as in the form of robbery. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To be unbanned or to get the ban lessened What could you have done better?: Should of ID'ed the base better and should not rely on month old memories.
  12. After talking to Darra I have to say that I have to say that I mixed the 2 groups up. I messed up Kovars and Rory's group I want to apologize to @Darra and the Kovars market. For raiding their base and burning their base down. If there is anyway IC I can make it up I will try. But I still stand by my defense of combat logging.