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  1. *John press down the ptt and speaks from his camp* Hey Louie it's Cosmo I wanna invite you and your boys to my camp I need to talk to you guys about some stuff. Reach out to me on my private frequency at 126.78 *John releases the PTT and goes back to trying to start a fire*
  2. .63 was just released to experimental.... GET HYPED GUYS
  3. @Ark I would like you to delete and close this post my hiatus was cancelled. I was offered a intership and they just turned me away.
  4. Many of you guys know who am I. I am being forced to take a few week hiatus and will be back. Around Mid July. I love this server and can't wait to be back. I am going to remain on the fourms. But not in game hope to see you guys asap.
  5. human142

    Anyone out there?

    *Dimitri picks up his radio and holds down the ppt* Hello there little girl I am Private Dimitri Popov with the Svoboda Movement. I have my own children back home. Contact me on frequency 111.9 for more details and we can work something out. Otherwise I am here to help with you come up to the giant radio tower and I will help you out little one. *Dimitri puts down his radio and releases his ppt*
  6. human142

    Community HOI4 Game #3

    Hungry or Czechoslovakia
  7. human142

    S1 - KOS x3/Attempted KOS at Zub Castle - 25/05/2018 04:30

    -User was warned for this post-
  8. True. I spend nearly all my money on computer upgrades
  9. I joined the Russian armed forces in 2001 as soon as I turned 18. I asked to be place within one of the 8 divisions of border guards. I was assigned as a light machine gunner. On July 10th we came under heavy fire from Chernarussian jets. After our assault on the Chernarussian positions. My unit was inspecting the damage and we accidentally crossed into Chernarus. We got separated from the main unit. After a while we split up looking to find anymore damage. I tripped and fell breaking my radio. I walked Sevrograd and ran into Chernarussian Military as they were evacuating or what I thought was evacuating. All of the sudden I was attacked by them. I fired 3 rounds into his chest and it went down. I went further south and got into a skirmish with the remains of the Chernarussian Military. Taking a bullet to my left shoulder and taking off hiding in the woods praying that the Chernarussian Military wouldn't find me.
  10. False I have was jumped in a locker room by 4 people.
  11. human142

    Group KOS and Combat logging

    They ditched this rule with the new rule change. He can log out but has risk of KOS.
  12. human142

    Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    When I got killed by my friends WE GOT GREEN ON BLUE SAY AGAIN GREEN ON BLUE Arma 3
  13. human142

    It’s been a blast

    But who will I rant to about my life problems jk. Love you Kimmy Take care.
  14. human142

    Who got you in/motivated to make you stay in DayZRP?

    @Sylva @Mr. Blue @Titan_ @Levi Ackerman @kimmylou @Samti All of you kept me in the game when I thought why don't I just quit the game. I love all you guys as friends and hope to get back into the game shortly.
  15. human142

    What do you collect?

    @Dan Same I have over 130 But overall I collect walking sticks that I find on my hikes through the woods.