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  1. @General RicketsHey its not a problem! I really joined the roleplay from yall and C-Block!
  2. @Stagsview Thank you for the RP event tonight! Had a shit ton of fun tonight!
  3. This hits the nail right on the head. I’ve been apart of many hub rp groups and shit like this happens all the time!
  4. I guess I should explain why I’m leaving. And staff if you read this. There is no staff slander in this. My biggest thing is personally is to me the staff can’t see eye to eye with its player base. Anything small we do on the forums points. New mods add more guns and military clothing. Mods that add role play items go under so much scrutiny. People like me and some of my friends are mostly campfire and hub rp’ers with little experience in PVP. We feel like we can’t do anything anymore without getting attack. I’m not speaking for the entirely for the LH but being constantly attacked and raided
  6. @DuplessisLike I said before. I heard him ssay something among the lines of “Hey what’s up motherfuckers! I own this place” it couldn’t have been less then 15 seconds later we dropped our initiation on him and told him to put his hands up. I was pretty close where I was one of the first people to find him once he started talking.
  7. Bang he’s got that nice German accent
  8. @DuplessisThat is correct, I only heard him say that and I was standing pretty damn close to him when he started talking.
  9. So when Kenny logged in and started talking all I heard was something along the lines of. "Whats up motherfuckers! I own this place!" after that we took him hostage. He couldn't have been in the server long enough to put out a radio message without us hearing.
  10. @DuplessisIm currently at work and will respond once I’m home
  11. Cosmo Casamassa POV: After acquiring intel for the duchy and lost highway about stolen cars about a week ago, I was waiting for The Lost Highways leadership to tell us what was going on. Last night after I hopped on and was told to meet up with the Duchy in Novya and was told that we were going to raid The Transporters. We sit around for what must have been an hour or so, and we were told to move, I moved up to initiate for members of the Lost Highway. We get in and someone domes the AFK guy inside the compound and the raiding is going great, after 2 or 3 mintues someone logs into the server.
  12. Hi everyone! Sorry for the bad formatting but I’m on mobile right now. So I was looking over the recent Metagaming report and thought over a couple changes to the rule. We can all admit to it. Especially if in your in group discord call with your allies or members of a group. Most of the time when people go on long walks or drives and we all talk OOC in the call. So what I’m suggesting is the change to the rules that allows OOC talking while in game. Or a change that makes it so a friend group or official group won’t get hit with metagaming if your talking and joking with friends outside
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