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"Where’s there’s smoke there’s fire."

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  1. Welcome to the community! Enjoy your time and have fun!
  2. Human


    I love this idea! Let’s get this going!
  3. 1. UPS 2. Black Roses 3. The Mascarade 4. Anarachy 5.Rivers Crossing
  4. Yeah I agree I’d like them added but I’m the current state of the game I don’t think it’s possible
  5. Welcome to my Feedback Page Please follow the template Have a great day!
  6. I, Human142, hereby agree to follow the DayZRP Staff Agreement Version 4 in its current form.
  7. Persephone was born and raised on a nice farm in Vista Greece. She didnt have many friends growing up but one kinda stuck with her throughtout Secondary School days. Her name was Artermis Nikos. After the lockdowns in Greece she tried to track down Artermis after the infection got bad and she was nowhere to be found. She got ahold of her family and tracked her down to Chernarus. Where Persephone got lost and held in Zelenogorsk where she took shelter till now. With the little amount of food she had left she took off into the woods. She travels Chernarus looking for her former friend hoping one day to bring her home to her family.
  8. John was a Combat Medic during the American Intervention in Syria. After he was discharged he moved back home and tried to join the medical force but was declined due to his PTSD. He then went to Chernunus. He went to country and helped try and deal with the infection that was ravaging the country. He fled to the country side. And tried his best to provide medical aid to anyone possible. But with supplies running low he needed to find a place to restock so he moved inland and tried to help anyone possible.
  9. Well it was great RPing with you right up until the DDoS. Hope you didn't die.

    1. Human


      I logged in a shipping crate so I should be fine! It was great Rping with you as well!

    2. Zanaan


      Yeah, I'm sitting on the 2 story camo just watching zombies lag all over the place

    3. Human


      Well! We should meet back up as soon as the server is back up!

  10. Dimitri was a soldier with the 74th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade my unit crossed the border but got wiped out after marching into the country by bandits and infected. I am the last known surivor of the unit and my mission is to link up with other Russian soldiers. Dimitri wants to secretly defect the Russian Military but wont until he finds the right group of people. For now he must find the Russian Forces and gain their trust.
  11. *Cosmo presses down on his PTT button and looks around the room making sure nobody hears him* Commander it is the Bushwookie from the airfield earlier. *He pauses before continuing* I wanna help you guys out anyway I can! I may not be a Russian but if you bring peace and justice to this great land I wanna help you. Anyway possible. Bushwookie out. *Cosmo lets go of the PTT button hoping nobody heard him offer the Russians help*
  12. I get that but you also have to imagine that with the whole world breaking down and dealing with their own infections in their country they are gonna have to time to protect their own border.
  13. I have to say no personally. I like the layout of Chernarus. And along with the how the map works out!
  14. I love the idea! Bring more guns into the game and give people a variety of weapons to RP with.
  15. I think in the long run it helps out the community by drawing more people in. But I also think it has its downsides of restricting RP. So like .5+
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