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  1. Soon Jade, soon

    the real ken goldfinch.jpg

    1. Jade


      o7 I'll be waiting

    2. Dakotaen


      When is this "soon" you speak of, Bradley m'boy? <3

    3. Sam Fields

      Sam Fields

      This is so upsetting. I can just imagine Naomi still waiting. Till the end.

  2. Didn't even invite me to ur party ;-;

    1. Jade


      Happy birthday nerd

    2. GUARDtheHAM
  3. Hey nerd get in TS sometime ;)

    1. groovy mexi

      groovy mexi

      He doesn't remember us Jade..

    2. Jade



    3. GUARDtheHAM


      where were you yesterday when we were CSing huh?

    4. Jade


      Sleeping ;)

  4. @Sofie Member when Ham was active ;-;

    1. Cas


      Member Sofie?


  5. See yah later dude, good luck with everything!

    I miss my friend Ham...

  7. The lore talks of 5 main continents but I can only see 4 continents/civilizations discussed? Am I being stupid or has one been missed out?
  8. Global Warming is a theory. Global warming is a thing I just doubt whether it is affected by humanity as much as people like to claim. The world has had periods of Climate change, whether it's Global Warming or Global Cooling even before humans were a thing. Just seems like a money making scheme to me, if it were really that big a concern they wouldn't make renewable energy methods cost so much for everyone. Fair point, I disagree but i don't wan't to get into a global warming debate, it's basically what I do all day anyway.
  9. The way I see it, environmentally the world is truly fucked. Basically every industry is unsustainable the way they are running things. If we're going to turn it around before it's too late, huge changes have to happen now. And seeing as a man who doesn't believe in global warming has just been voted in, I'd say we're moving backwards. Global Warming is a theory. Please tell me you're joking.
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