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  1. *Tobiasz picks up his radio and presses the push-to-talk button* Great... another group of kids playing to be heroes. You are a little bit too late, lads. *Tobiasz smiles and releases the push-to-talk button, ending the transmission*
  2. DayZRP becoming stale?

    Exactly... It's easy for him to say that because he and his group mates actually put forth the effort and have enthusiasm for the RP they provide and the story they are trying to make. Instead of being passive aggressive, maybe you should put forth the effort that others are and find a group you enjoy playing with or make a character you're enthusiastic about. To be accepted in a group you need activity and to be active you need to have something to do unless you want to provide that kind of shitty roleplay we have been discussing above. The attention most of the clans/groups have with their applicants is the worst I've seen in years. Some don't even reply with a simple "denied" to applications that took you hours to fill. But well, you are right, I'll make the big effort you prolly do everyday and join with my half-server sized faction where I have all the tools to have fun and not just walk around all the fucking map.
  3. DayZRP becoming stale?

    Extremely easy to say while playing with a 10+ men squad and actually having a "mission"..........................................................
  4. DayZRP becoming stale?

    It's easy to have fun when you are part of a group. Playing alone is fucking boring... everyone you encounter only says "hi - is there anything i can do for you? - bye" and thats it.... and I won't be joining a game 4 hours a day to go from Kab to Novy and backwards...
  5. IC Forum

    Great idea....
  6. Radio chatter Rule change suggestion

  7. CrescentGent Media Thread!

    Great images mate!
  8. Heldentum [Closed Recruitment] [Active]

    Thank you, vizinho I hope to meet you soon!
  9. Heldentum Media Thread

    Took some great pics today playing alone but I dont know why they look like shit.... http://oi65.tinypic.com/2pqtnc7.jpg[/img] http://i66.tinypic.com/szy908.jpg[/img] http://i67.tinypic.com/20k5def.jpg[/img]
  10. The Change

    Big -1....
  11. Survival Games Event

    Heard it was a great event... Will be looking forward for a second edition
  12. Heldentum [Closed Recruitment] [Active]

    Gratz guys 8) #AllezHeldentum
  13. The war in my head

    Just amazing