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  1. Brandon is your everyday reckless guy. He doesn't think too much about anything and acts the way he wants to with little to no regard for others. Brandon and a bunch of his friends decided to go on a road trip to Chernarus. He had a cabin somewhere in the woods where they'd hunt for food, get drunk and party all day long. They had no TV, no internet and were completely isolated from the outside world. Thus were unprepared for what mother nature had in store for them. However, the fun didn't last long. The outbreak began and the virus started spreading. Panic and chaos everywhere. When they decided to go back home, they couldn't. They were trapped. The borders closed and the country fell. They had no idea what was going on. When they were going back to their cabin, they encountered an odd individual which turned out to be infected with the virus. They acted reckless and thought it was just some guy who had too much to drink. The infected eventually attacked one of his friends, (Derek), and killed him. Eating the flesh of his bones while Brandon watched. They then ran away as fast and as far as possible. Brandon and his group have been trying to survive in this god forsaken place ever since. The world as they knew it, was no more. Brandon and his group slowly started liking this new world though. He said to his group "We were nothing before this. We were less than man. But the end times made us gods." They did as they pleased, robbed some people for supplies they needed.. killing the infected on the side like it was some kind of hobby... and so on. However, also this didn't last long. He and his group got separated when a horde of infected attacked their base. They all went their separate ways. No idea if they're alive or dead. Frankly he didn't care. He had his own ass to look after..
  2. Ever since he was a child, Troy Letto looked up to the brave men serving in the military. His grandpa served and was captured in World War Two. Unfortunately, he was killed while in captivity, but luckily his wife at the time was already pregnant with Troy’s father. Troy never got to know his grandfather, but the stories he heard about him were inspiring. They motivated him even more to do the same thing and fight for what's right. To help others in need. As he grew up, he developed more interest for the military and eventually decided to enlist at 18 in 2009. He was a fast learner, passed the exam, and became a Private in the United States Army. After going through basic training, Letto was assigned to the 13th Infantry Battalion of the 11th Airmobile Brigade, earning him the red beret of an airborne infantryman. His first deployment came later that year. Troy, alongside thousands of other American troops, were sent to the Uruzgan Province of southern Afghanistan. He was part of Task Force Uruzgan and while serving in Afghanistan he took part in several intensive combat operations. His deployment was not easy, but his service didn't go unnoticed. While on a combat patrol, Letto saved one of his fellow airborne infantrymen, which earned him a commendation and a promotion to Corporal First Class. Troy returned to the United States in 2010 with the rest of the forces deployed to Afghanistan. He remained in the United States army, and was again promoted to Sergeant. His time home was relaxing and welcome, but he was deployed again in 2016 and assigned a securitization role in support of NATO’s Chernarus Force, also known as CFOR. His time in Chernarus was, at the start, much more peaceful than his deployment to Afghanistan. However, all that changed when a strange and deadly infection started spreading across the countryside. Troy was ordered to go to South Zagoria and help CDF and UN forces contain the outbreak as best they could. Unfortunately, the evacuation procedures failed, the infection spread across Chernarus. In the confusion, Letto was separated from his unit entirely. They were killed by a horde of the infected. He ran into the hills, where it seemed those sick people would not dare go. Not even the Uruzgan Province could have prepared him for this.
  3. Devlol

    The Riptide Collective - Post-LW W.I.P

    Very interesting and unique, looking forward to potentially meeting you guys IG.
  4. oh lol :DDD man people rly need to take a good ole hard look on demselves coz this sh*t aint gun work
  5. Hopefully this will be a first with a new lore coming.
  6. Hello everyone, DISCLAIMER: Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about the server or the members in it. I love it here and have fun. I just felt obliged to share my opinion about some things that need a change that me along with a lot of members I've talked with find necessary to create MORE fun an excitement. You could say I'm fairly new in this community but not new enough to notice an apparent lack of quality RP on the server right now. It's not realistic or fun whatsoever and should change upon the arrival of the new lore. - What do I mean with lack of quality RP? Well an example will be the general conversation people have when meeting one-another : "Oh hello, what brings you here?" "Looking for supplies, you?" "Oh me too" "Well take care!" Or another example when meeting a hostile group : "Hey there" "Hey" "Where are you from? What are you doing out here?" "Just gathering some stuff" "Oh ok (2 seconds later) -> Put your f*cking hands up dude, do you have a radio on you?" I mean... really? Is this what the server is all about? Gathering supplies and robbing people? Where are all the groups with exciting missions or events? I'm sure there are times and places this isn't the case and quality RP is portrayed by somewhat experienced members of this community... but for people who are new to the game or didn't have the opportunity to join a group where you'd be able to find activities with more "action" in them... there are not. As I myself didn't have the pleasure to witness such a thing in the few weeks I played on DayZRP. I feel like they are making it way too hard for people to actually have a good time on the server. So I really hope people will acknowledge this and change their RP upon the arrival of our next lore and create a more fun and exciting server for us all to play in and look forward to. I'd be happy to hear any comments about this subject.
  7. will i have to be re-whitelisted? as in remake the test
  8. Lore wipe? Will there be a new lore? Will characters be reset?
  9. Kind of hard to do that to be honest, I didn't run into solo players often. If I did, it was on their own preference so they weren't interested. This way is faster and resulting to the most efficient groups!
  10. IGN: (Brandon Luke) Country: The Netherlands English skills: Fluently DayZ Mod Experience: A few months DayZ Standalone Experience: About 300 hours Roleplaying Experience: A few months What kind of In Game role best describes you: Survivor, with a somewhat evil edge to it like robbing if necessary. Have you been in any clan/group previously: A very brief moment, I was the "leader" so to speak of a group called "The Meatlovers" who eventually got destroyed by "The Renegades" Additional notes: If you're looking for a player to have a good time with and share a couple of laughs, I'm your guy. Best way to contact you: my Steam (urm0mma) Backstory:
  11. Hey, not sure if this is the right place to ask.. but I was wondering if there were any single pringles out there who'd like to form a group. i got some experience in sandbox type games and know my way around the map pretty well, as well as stocking up and the general surviving idea. id prefer people who are vocal with a sense of humor and are enthusiastic about the whole idea of combining forces!! good day
  12. Hello, Last time I played was about half a year ago, I recently returned to the game and went to the Airfield where I could "hopefully" supply up all the way and meet new people.. To my surprise, I didn't see anyone for hours. On a place where it used to be crowded. Maybe the server is dying (which I doubt), Also the tents used to be full of supplies no matter what time or day, now it's as empty as it can be. Also the camp itself kind of changed if I'm correct. Could anyone inform me of other such related changes to the server / map and inform me of other places to meet new people? Thanks.