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  1. asjaen

    S1 - rdm nw airfield tents - 23/08/16 - 06:10

    Hello, my in-game name is “Stang Bacerdi”, but you guys know me as the “firefighter”. I was asked to make a POV to this “subject”… First, I want to get the story straight. Story 1: I was walking to the tents at NWA, when I met 2 guys, I said hello when they started asking me about my outfit, I told them that I was a firefighter, one of the guys now explained that he ones “chopped up, and ate a survivor because he was upset with him, and he had to be cleansed.” [i didn't hear him saying he was killed in any firefight, but I off course can't be sure I heard it right...] they later explained that a guy dressed like me, had once taken down their campfire, which he was really upset about. They now started walking around me, and asked me if I had a yellow armband – which I answered “no” to. They kept walking around my and looking at me, and called me a sinner, because they didn’t believe me. At this point, I felt very scared, so I used my radio, to tell that I’m properly going to be robbed, my friends; Kyle and Yehven, turns up with pretty short notice. [i don´t know how much my friends heard from our conversation] I off-course runs over to my friends, now we starts to talk, with the other “group” and my friends ask me what they have done to me – I answer; “Naahhh they just called me a sinner.” (watch video 3:50) Now this is the moment where the 2 men gets shot. My point of view is; when I am told that the man had eaten people before, I off-course get the feeling that these guys isn’t friendly. Now when I was being accused of something, (I btw did not do) I get the feeling that shit is about to go down. My friend Kyle must have felt the same way, causing him to kill u guys. I am not giving Kyle right in his killings, and I do think he could have acted in another way, however I do not know what you guys were counting on when you tell a man that you have eaten people before, then later accusing me of something I didn’t do. But off-course this doesn’t mean that the right decision is to shoot you guys, but to call a report on it, is for me a bit overreacting, not saying you don’t have the rights to, just I didn’t find it as rule-breaking as you guys might have. I’m not trying to help anybody or accuse anybody just want this thing over with! now I move on to the 00C talking: Story 2: We began running to our meeting place, we did not notice anybody following us, so we thought we were alone, so we began talking 00C shit, because off the fact that we did think we were alone I didn’t think it would harm anybody’s role-play. I’m not justifying the fact that we talked 00C shit, and I fully admit to talking 00C shit in-game (I´m happy to take the ban and points for the 00C talking because that’s me being a rule breaker) Whether or not I knew u guys would get shot? – I did not know Kyle was going to shoot you guys. i do hope we come to the end off this soon!! also hope that this was helpfull -please tell if im missing something in my stories Have a nice day
  2. asjaen

    S1 - rdm nw airfield tents - 23/08/16 - 06:10

    Please post a POV as well. Not able to right now may I do it later today?
  3. asjaen

    S1 - rdm nw airfield tents - 23/08/16 - 06:10

    The third person was called Yehven, but it might be spelled wrong, but he was not the one talking anyway, it was me and Kyle talking OOC shit