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  1. This. I know the feeling man, this happened to me recently, didn't queue for as long though.
  2. scarecrowb24

    The Cavaliers

    Sounds good. I thought the group was named after the Vauxhall Cavalier at first
  3. scarecrowb24

    The Quarantined (Open Recruitment)

    Good to see The Quarantined back at it. See you in game.
  4. Jack was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1999. To be continued...
  5. Ok... Yes you can make similar looking outfits with the clothing already in the game but they're still not exact. Maybe we'll see something like this in future.
  6. Hello, Does anyone else miss the old school hero & bandit outfits from the mod? If so, how hard would they be to implement? You'd either need to have it as separate clothing or a one piece outfit + a backpack Thoughts?
  7. Alex grew up in Scotland and after leaving school he came into a legacy so decided to go travelling. He decided to visit Chernarus as it had got its name in international headlines due to it's civil war in 2009. He visited the medieval castles and of particular interest were the many military bases dotted around Chernarus. This interest came from Alex's grandfather being in the military for 25 years and being involved in various conflicts around the world. Once Alex was done seeing the sights he decided to Relax. Alex's father taught him to shoot at quite a young age and he was quite a proficient shot. This led to an interest in hunting which Alex followed up during his visit to Chernarus. He was also interested in fishing and thought he would pursue this later in his trip. He heard rumors of CDF troops being sent to bases and temporary checkouts being setup but he believed they were training exercises and didn't think anything of it. However, when Alex attempted to leave Chernarus and return to home, he was unable to as flights had been cancelled and the country's borders had been closed. After a few days of being trapped in Chernarus, he began to hear rumors from the locals of people bleeding from the eyes and developing rashes, suddenly it was all falling into place for Alex. He decided to get out of town in the hope that a less densely populated area would have fewer risks regarding infection. He set out with enough food to last him a few days. After four or five days on the road, Alex wasn't sure, he was losing track of the days he arrived at the city of Elektrozavodsk but saw it was in complete chaos, things were much worse than they first appeared. This was after the 11th, things had escalated quickly. Alex survived for a few weeks but a few weeks turned into months and Alex realized that survival was paramount, he missed his home, his family but he existed in this wasteland. A man reduced to a single instinct: Survive.
  8. scarecrowb24

    S1 - North West Airfield l GearRP, 5 Minute Robbery, RDM on a mate - 18:50

    Sergeant Rummel has video evidence and his still uploading the video. The name of our 4th friend was Jet Black Edit - Sergeant Rummel just uploaded the video.
  9. scarecrowb24

    S1 - North West Airfield l GearRP, 5 Minute Robbery, RDM on a mate - 18:50

    My POV... Running with friends towards NWAF. Looking for weapons and ammunition for upcoming battle and we were willing to rob other players. Heard shots at NWAF tents so we investigated. We see a player at the NWAF tents and John Creed (Corpral Clegg) said hello numerous times with no response. When the player finally did respond we held him up as he had a black armband (some of us where made to pay some sort of tax by a group a while ago by people with black armbands at the NWAF) and we also required his weapon. Initiation. Hostage was handcuffed, a burlap placed over his head and moved into a container. Hostage was asked about any accomplice's with him but the hostage was shit talking which is fair enough but he wouldn't stop to allow us to explain ourselves or ask questions. Another player appeared but he was shot as he came into a hostile situation and raised his weapon. Hostage continued to shit talk and it was I who attempted to talk to him saying "I like him boys he's got spirit". Group moved out.
  10. Mac and his friend were two scottish foreigners who were enjoying a holiday in Russia when they decided to take a trip to Chernarus for a few days and were staying in Gorka. Mac was a dark haired, blue eyed Scotsman who enjoyed the outdoors as he grew up on a farm and he'd always lived a relatively peaceful life and tried to do the right thing throughout life. Mac and his friend were in Gorka near Severograd. they had heard of stories of crazed people attacking livestock and innocents but brushed it off as crazed addicts and they continued to enjoy their trip. A few days later they soon realized it was more than crazed addicts after people around them started bleeding from the eyes and have rashes all over their skin, they then realized they were in the middle of a pandemic. They managed to hot wire an off-road lada but before they could escape, Mac's friend was caught by one of the infected and torn apart, before Mac could react, in shock and in panic, Mac floored it and managed to escape. Mac soon found out that the government was struggling to contain the infection and Chernarus was soon engulfed leaving him to wander the barren wasteland that remained, Mac knew enough to survive and held out for a few days, living off the land, hoping for rescue and mourning his dead friend, until he realized something. There was no rescue. No one was coming and he was left to wander, reduced to a single instinct, survive.
  11. Buck has pointed out after robbing me that they went to the NWAF to find nothing and then going back to Vybor and they said about 20-30 minutes later Matthew was mugged. So even if it took them an hour to run between NWAF and Vybor, I would still have at least 30 mins of KOS rights.
  12. I was taken hostage by two men at Vybor after talking to them, I only got there first names, those names being Matthew and Buck, they stole some of my gear and once they had taken what they wanted, they let me go. I contacted my friends and we searched Vybor military base, NWAF and then Vybor, My friends found Matthew at the Gas Station, we all met Matthew and then moved him to Pustoshka and we began to interrogate him, we also asked Matthew for his friends second name which Matthew did not comply with, in all honesty, we planned to torture him and I took his baseball bat as poetic justice, I was planning on using my KOS rights but I was not aware the baseball bat would kill him in one swing as the bat has taken two or three hits to kill a zombie.
  13. I understand sound effects are important but I'd like to see a little more.
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