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  1. My name is Dale I grew up on a farm and raised my daddy's cattle. He taught me everything I know from reading and writing to hunting and shooting. When I was young my mom died of breast cancer, yet of the little memories I have of her she was a great and beautiful women. My bigger brother Dirk taught me to take a hit, keep my chin up under any circumstance, to fight, and to be brave. In 2010 I was just 10 when my dad decided to put me in Boot Camp. I hated him for it but if it wasn't for his decision I don't think I would be here today. Four years later in 2014 when I was 14 I was playing pool in the rec room one day and overheard something about military officers and some place called "Chernarus". At the time I didn't care it wasn't happening in the great nation of the United States of America. Boy was I wrong. About one month later news of something sounding like war happening in Russia. Then something about all of Russia being turned into a war zone and refugees spreading everywhere throughout Europe. It wasn't until about 3 months after I heard the news about Chernarus, when we learned the true nature of what was happening. Europe was falling everyone was saying. We were in the dark of what was happening I was only 14 at the time I didn't know what was going on. Our Supreme commander told us to remain hopeful and keep going on with our normal day to day but, I knew something was up and so did all the other cadets. We were fine for a while then one day in April of 2015 about a month after my 15th birthday news of a virus from New York to Florida, the whole east coast gone within a couple of days. Our school sent everyone home and I mean everyone. When I got home my dad was stocking up food, water, and gas. I asked him if he had heard what was happening, he said "What the hell do you think i'm doing, were preparing." I went in the house to grab a couple of things. I called my brother to ask if he was ok or if he had heard anything, he was stationed at a base in Tennessee. It went straight to a dead line. It only took a week for the virus to hit my hometown of Victoria, Texas. we quickly ran out of supplies and my dad went into town to get supplies. When he got back he was all sweaty and shaky. I asked him what was wrong and he told me he saw one of my childhood friends Sally, but it wasn't Sally it was something else. When he got close it bit him. He took out his 1911 and shot her but, she didn't fall she kept coming towards him and now more of these thing started coming towards him, he aimed in and shot Sally in the head, she or whatever she was fell and died. My dad got in his car and came back asap. My dad within in a couple of hours seemed to have a severe fever and he fell asleep. I made dinner for my dad for when he wakes up and for me. After I finished I went to my room and went to sleep, I woke up at around 5 am. What woke me up was sound that resembled animals going ape shit in my house. When I went downstairs I saw my dad standing in the corner with his back towards me. When I said "Good morning Dad." and he turned around I can never forget. When I looked into my dad's eyes I knew whatever was standing in the corner was not my dad. It came after me and I quickly ran into the basement and started begging God for this not to be happening. I kept yelling at my dad to stop and to go away then it started breaking the door. I locked it and ran to my dad's gun case. I grabbed his revolver loaded stood in front of the door said "I'm Sorry." and aimed in, I looked once more into my father's eyes except they weren't his anymore they were that things eyes. I pulled the trigger. That was in September 2015, it's now July of 2016. I went into town to get supplies and heard gunfire and went to it. It was at the airstrip in town where I could see people guarding this small plane. I came up from behind the biters as I call them and started to take them out using my knife and my father's pistol with a suppressor attachment. I went up to them and asked where they were going, they pointed their guns at me and asked me who I was so I told them. They were heading to Russia so I asked if I could come along and they let me. I had nothing better to do. We headed west from Texas and stopped at California to refuel. We stayed their for a day to get some sleep and get more supplies. I asked the group why they heading to Russia they said that there was a safe heaven in some part of Russia. I just went along with it. The next day we left for our next refuel point Alaska. We refueled at an airport in this place called Anchorage, Alaska. From there we headed to Russia. It was about 10 hours in when we started to have really bad turbulence I had a strong stomach but one of the girls on the plane didn't, she through up into a bucket. We smoothed out but then there was a huge jolt and the all these sirens and red lights started. The pilot told us to strap in. He got low and said he saw somewhere he thought he could land but he couldn't make it so he told us that he was going to have to land in the water. He told us to brace for impact and then the next thing I remember is waking up on the shore of wherever I am. I am writing this letter and keeping it on my body so if I ever die people will know who I am and why i'm here. It is August 2016. My name is Dale Pedlar and this is my story.
  2. To all you great people for welcoming me into the community Thank You. I just checked and I got whitlisted and hope to see you all on the roads and streets of Chernarus Thank you and I did read the guides and tutorials carefully, and I watched the quide to RP in DayZ. I got Whielisted ))) Thank you Daisy yes I know the test was really hard and so was finding the secret passphrases but I had a blast reading about the lore and Newcomers guide and etc. Hope to see you and others on the streets and roads of Chernarus. Thanks dude hope to see you too. Got Whitelisted today. Thanks Frosty. Like Your Frosty memes to. Thanks dude. Glad to finally be here. Dude thank you and I did get accepted so I hope to see you and many more in Chernarus.
  3. Hi my name is Rewind and I am new to this community I just went through the white listing process and hope to be listed so I can be apart of this community. Hope to hear back thank you for you're time and goodbye.