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  1. Warren was born in a small shack in the mountains of Montana, near Yellowstone National Park. His mother died of pneumonia when he was 5. His father raised him since then. His father was a solitary, private, and quiet man. He taught Warren to be the same, as well as how to hunt, trap, and track. Warren admired his father and had almost no quarrels with him. He did what he said to do and that was all. When Warren was 18, his father left him to fend for himself. Without warning, his father traveled to Russia, where he said he had found a nice job hunting bear. His father had always made his living hunting. After 10 years of solitude, going between jobs throughout the 50 states, Warren decided to find his father. He traveled to Russia to find his father, but was caught up in the outbreak.
  2. Alrighty, I'll make one asap. Thank you very much!
  3. I'm sure no one here remembers me but I played a long long time ago and I thought I'd try and join in again and see what's goin on. Howdy.
  4. yo im back lol

  5. Prologue His dreams were restless, filled with haunting figures draped in heavy black. Dead faces stared at him through thin veils of netted webbing, their eyes pale and lifeless, eyeing him down with sullen propriety. He waved at them, screaming in pain and terror and struggle. But it was to no avail, the creatures stood unmoving in the inimical darkness. He looked past the dead faces, into that repugnant, silent darkness, and saw flickers of silhouetted movement. Then, a large primordial figure peaked its head above the rest dead men, it’s shoulders thick and tall and furred, its snout poking into a dim spotlight above him. It was a large wolf, and it looked at him hauntingly, standing as if in effigy, sullen in its stance. They stared at each other for what seemed like a deadly eternity, peering into one another’s souls as if to understand each other, but coming out with nothing but empty and meaningless insight. He felt himself sweating under the enormous weight of the wolf’s stare, his shoulders and knees collapsing under a heavy pressure, which now seemed to pull him into the dirt below his feet. He began sinking, further and further into the deep, dark soil, swallowing him until his mouth was covered in moist soil. A huge pounding sound began, filling the dark environment with heavy vibrations.. He tried to scream, and instead found his throat filled to the brim. He was choking now, reaching out in vain to the wolf who still stared, deeper, deeper, deeper into his soul. The soil reached his eyes and finally he screamed. Part I - Knock, Knock Part II - Unwelcomed Guest
  6. All good. Just next time maybe don't auto-shoot the guy casually strolling into town... Knowing now what happened, how do you wish to proceed with this report? I think we can just move on, obviously what happened was an accident and I think the guy has learned his lesson enough.
  7. Ran into some fellas in Severograd who kidnapped me... ended up joining 'em for a mission since I had nothing better to do. 10/10 would get kidnapped again.
  8. -snip- All good. Just next time maybe don't auto-shoot the guy casually strolling into town...
  9. Server and location: S1, Novy Sobor Approximate time and date of the incident: 29/10/2016, 04:17 Your in game name: Ian Kane Names of allies involved: None, I was solo at the time Name/s of suspect/s: Logs will show. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved: none. Additional evidence?: Unfortunately, my computer can't handle recording software. Detailed description of the events: Really, there's not much to explain. After a round of traveling through Novy and Stary sobor-- along with a short trip to Kabanino-- I started heading back into Novy Sobor. As I was walking in, I noticed a couple of dead bodies on the ground and decided to investigate. I checked their bodies and found that everything they had on them was ruined, so I continued on. However, within moments of walking into the town I spot a man running into the church, and get shot once resulting in my death. If this was an accident and they thought I was the enemy or something, I can probably excuse it, but I want to learn why I just lost a plate carrier, a carbine, and a fully kitted MP5 with two full mags.
  10. *Putting his pen down after finishing a series of notes, he pulls the PTT up to his face. He presses the PTT and his heavy Virginian accent resonates over the radio* "To the men of the UN Expedition, this is Ian Kane, Deputy Commander of ATLAS. My leader has informed me that he would like to set up a meeting between our two parties regarding some... dangerous individuals. We'd like to propose this meeting take place in the Alter Radio station, sometime soon. You can decide the day, but he'd appreciate it if this meeting could take place sometime in the evening. We can discuss details further once you reply. I'll be waitin' vigilantly." *He releases the PTT and places his notes to the side, sipping on a canteen.*
  11. Nomadic

    UN Transmission - Calling All Local Factions [Open Frequency}

    *Ian picks up the radio sleepily, taking off his facemask and hat for a while, settling into a make-shift bed. He presses the PTT, his thick Virginian accent resonates over the radio* "United Nations huh? Thought ya'll were long gone... Well, it's always good to see glimmer of civilization nowadays." "This is Ian Kane, Deputy Commander of Atlas, and currently the one in charge of communication for our group. If you're interested in our leader, his name is Jeremy Wolfrich, and I'll be happy to pass along any messages to him. As for our strength... well that's in the eye of the beholder I suppose. We roam around consistently, but you can usually find us travelin' around Stary and Novy Sobor. We also make the occasional trek up to Sinistok." "If you'd like to contact us to speak more... privately about details and such, don't be afraid to contact us over the radio on 114.2, and I'll be happy to oblige." *He releases the PTT with a sigh, and places the radio down beside him. He instantly falls asleep from the stress of the day.*
  12. *He presses the PTT, grasping it tight in his hand. He stares out at the forest and rolling grassy hills from the roof of Vybor Industrial* This is Ian Kane, Deputy Commander of ATLAS. To all those who wish to contact us, feel free to do so over this here frequency, I'll be waitin'. *He releases the PTT, still staring out at the landscape of Chernarus. He folds up the radio and sets it beside him. He sighs quietly and stares up at the sky.*
  13. Got it, thanks a lot for the note, and I'm talking to him about it.
  14. Thank you very much for the feedback, and work is already underway on the lore and group summary. Unfortunately, our group leader (the one who has access to the current thread) is on a vacation, and won't be back for a few days. However, please know that we are currently working on the summary + lore in a separate document, and work is being done to improve our group and its thread.