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    New Life Rule warning

    Correct. We have issued 29 bans for a rulebreak, that as explained in the first post in this thread by the community owner, does not require a report. I can't speak to others, but I don't enjoy issuing bans. I also do not enjoy community members making me have to do it. The coding to detect NLR does not break sound to you. You might think it does, but it does not. This is based solely on how it works. You are welcome to open a suggestion thread for a guitar, or post it in the discord under suggestions. We had one for a while but it was removed for <reasons> that I don't know.
  2. Rover

    Logging in in the middle of your home being raided

    No. The first one is right. The bottom one is not. The above examples all have the caveat that the player that owns it is home. If you are not home, and you later come home to find people inside, you are not allowed to kill them. You must initiate. I have used the example of imagine your base is a backpack. If you drop your backpack in the street, and someone sprints up to you, grabs it, and runs off... Thats stealing. If you drop your backpack in the street and then go hide in a nearby building to shoot anyone that touches it... Thats not okay. Thats baiting. If you briefly put your backpack down, run out of sight, and someone comes over and picks it up, and you return to find them holding it... You can't shoot them. They did not know they were stealing. At that point you should initiate. The below example further clarifies this. 1.) They might have cracked the code, picked up the lock to remember it, then put it back on the door. And then lied to you. 2.) No. In order to have defender rights the person that broke in would have needed to know that you were home when they broke in, as then they are taking active hostile action against you and your property. If you are not home, your base does not grant you defender rights.
  3. Rover

    S2 Livonia Appeal /report

    You say 'we'. Who is the we? You and JasonBR? Or you and Killscreamguy? Did you see the person standing alone by the body, without any of your allies around?
  4. Rover

    S2 Livonia Appeal /report

    While I appreciate you are trying to help, his POV must be his POV in his own words, not yours @DrJackDaniels - Please answer the question I posed to you above. Your POV is not acceptable in its current state, we require you to give a full and detailed POV covering the events.
  5. Rover

    S1 Chernarus Novo Tower Greifing 1/18-1/19

    Thank you for your POV, your temp ban has been removed. Please be sure to check the forums in case we have any further questions.
  6. Rover

    New Life Rule warning

    This would be something you should be either directly bringing up with the staff member in question, or posting on their feedback. Especially where you are hearing it second hand from someone else, and from what I can gather have not spoken to the staff member involved. That situation in question is tricky; Personally if I were the person respawning only to be recaptured, I would promptly '//I just died here, I need to leave for NLR' and if they refused to allow me to leave, play the situation out ICly to the hilt and explain it to the staff team. I would view someone that knowingly forced another player into a rulebreak under a very harsh light.
  7. Rover

    S2 Livonia Appeal /report

    Are you saying that the first point at which you saw him was on the road at his dead body, and you did not see him prior?
  8. Rover

    Profile songs not autoplaying?

    I can confirm mine is doing the same thing as yours. I am not sure as to why, this'll probably be a Roland question.
  9. Rover

    S2 Livonia Appeal /report

    Your POV is lacking substantially in details. Please take the time and fully explain yourself. I want you to clarify; You are claiming that at the time you say you punched him accidentally, he was standing over top of his own dead body and none of you had interacted with him to get him there?
  10. Rover

    Two Characters at the same time

    Once every six hours. Go to DayZ (at the top of this page) -> Characters -> Manage Character. You will see a list of your characters. The little flag symbol at the far right is used to mark that character active; You can only change this once every six hours.
  11. Rover

    S1: NVFL|Metagaming NWAF - 2020-01-17 13:33:20

    Verdict Metagaming - @C-J - Guilty No Value For Life - @C-J - Not Guilty Metagaming - @A Foul Goblin - Guilty Summary @Undead & @A Foul Goblin are at North West Airfield when they spy @C-J. They decide to initiate on him from two angles, together, and @C-J initially complies. While @A Foul Goblin is circling around to the side @C-J goes non-compliant and exchanges fire with @Undead before being killed by @Undead. During this situation @C-J is communicating over his radio, both before his death and after his death, with members of his group over discord. @A Foul Goblin and @Undead were also communicating in discord arranging the initiation. Reasoning Metagaming - @C-J After your death you relay information that is directly pertinent to the IC-situation to your allies over comms. Regardless of whether they actively used it, you directly passed useful information as a corpse; This is not acceptable and is considered metagaming. Metagaming - @A Foul Goblin While we understand you believed yourself to be out of VOIP range, the rule is written (quoted below) so that if you are in the presence of other players you must double mic. There is no range limit for a reason; We do not want players to risk making the wrong call and incorrectly assuming the range. If you have ANY reason to suspect ANY player is within the vicinity of you, you should be double-mic'ing any and all IC broadcasts over your radio. For this reason, you will also be found guilty of metagaming. No Value For Life - @C-J - We did not determine this to be no value for life as it was only a 2 v 1, and at the time @C-J went non-compliant he had reasonable distance from one of his adversaries. There was a decent enough chance he could have come out of this situation alive we do not feel that it warrants an NVFL ban. Suggestions Metagaming - For both parties; Immediately mute your discord when you die. Take a stretch, walk away, and don't say anything in the discord if you are in a discord with people that play in the community. Let yourself cool off, and return before saying anything. This will assist you from saying anything that you shouldn't say. Additionally, you should always double mic if you have any reason to believe players are around, regardless of the distance. You may have accidentally not set yourself to whisper, you may not have realized the grass at your feet is actually a player camouflaged as a bush-wookie, etc. Especially in hostile situations and gunfights, you MUST double mic all broadcasts. Outcome Metagaming - @C-J - Guilty - 3 day ban, 10 warning points. No Value For Life - @C-J - Not Guilty Metagaming - @A Foul Goblin - Guilty - 3 day ban, 10 warning points Signed: @Rover, @Conor
  12. Rover

    Chernarus - NWAF - Griefing

    Verdict Griefing - Inconclusive Summary In this situation, the 5.0.3 base is raided by potentially multiple groups before allies/friends of the 5.0.3 return to stop the Praetorian Guard & Company from their raid. As is clarified in another report, a gunfight ensued between various members of the defending party and the raiding party, resulting in the death of some members of the raiding party, and the retreat of others. At this point members of the 5.0.3 begin to log on to assess the damage to their retaken base. Reasoning We can not call this griefing due to the fact the raiding party was interrupted mid-raid with a gunfight; It is not an uncommon practice to empty out storage units in order to pack them/move them and sort through things before stashing whats left to have it not despawn. Due to being interrupted by a firefight and allies of the base owners immediately being able to ensure the items did not despawn, we do not feel that griefing would be a viable punishment here. However it goes without saying that had members of the Praetorian Guard and allies left the base in the state shown in the OP's evidence without having been interrupted by an attack, that would 100% constitute griefing. Outcome Griefing - Inconclusive Signed: @Rover, @Inferno, @Aiko
  13. Rover

    Cannot join Game

    If what @G_DateLR sent you doesn't fix the problem, please include a screenshot of your mods list in your next post.
  14. Rover

    Utile Umbra (Strict IC Recruitment)

    I would encourage you to reach out via PM's to those that were vocal in your thread. I don't particularly care for the reason you have for people being on the list; That is IC and will be resolved ICly. They can argue it there, and any claims of BadRP are quite premature. I'll note no one has reached out to me to voice their concerns. However if you are listing characters full first and last names, and anyone is expressing that you would not know their last name, that is something you should be bringing up with them in private to explain how you learned their full name. It is metagaming to take someones complete name off the forum, so I'd encourage you to keep track of how you learn peoples names if you are going to be putting them on a public hit-list, especially when they protest that you shouldn't know it.
  15. Rover

    Utile Umbra (Strict IC Recruitment)

    PM me with why you feel it is badRP. I will not ask again to stop cluttering the thread with the same repeated feedback. Give the group owner a chance to reply. I understand you don't like it from the first two posts you put up stating largely the same thing. As I said in my above post, the point has been made. Stop spamming the thread, if you feel they are breaking a rule PM me and I'll advise you how to proceed. I'd encourage you to have some patience and give the group owner a chance to reply, and stop fanning the flames.
  16. Rover

    Utile Umbra (Strict IC Recruitment)

    Hello @TegsBenedict, As I am sure you've noticed from the feedback you are receiving, a number of players are taking issue with your use of their full names, when they may not have given them. As we all know this information is readily available on the forums, but not so much in game. If this list above is meant as an IC list, I would encourage you to reach out to every player on it and get their permission or understanding regarding how you got their name, or what name to use for them. If it is being used as an OOC hitlist, then I'd encourage making it more obvious that that is the case. To the people complaining about it, stop. The point has been made, you do not need to continue slamming the thread with the same feedback. Leave one post with the complaint, and PM the group holder with a suggestion for a fix, or what your concerns are. EDIT: To the people complaining about the reasoning you are on the list; Thats an IC problem. Resolve it ICly.
  17. Rover

    S1 Chernaurus-Belaya Polana-NVFL/KOS

    Connection Logs Kill Logs Hit Logs Calling in the below players for their point of view on the situation and all video evidence they may have. OP & Allies @BackInNam - Daren Wickens - OP @G_DateLR - Gareth Jones - POSTED @HampzeHP - Daniel Svensson - POSTED Accused @Simon Grugnug - Mark Fields - POSTED
  18. Rover

    Staff Feedback: Rover

    Thanking you, Methias! You are always fun and easy to talk with, and enjoyed the RP we'd had since then. Appreciate the good words! I hope you've been enjoying your time in the community since we got your problem fixed. I appreciate this especially coming from you, Not-Nozzy. I strive very hard to be unbiased, and to approach any situation the same way regardless of who is in it and what personal feelings I may hold for them. I enjoy our chats, and I appreciate the insight you've given me more then once into things I didn't know in the community. Its always a relief when a player comes to an understanding regarding a verdict and doesn't hold ill will towards either the verdicting staff member or the rest of us for doing the best job we can do. I can not help myself, it is the code of being Canadian that binds me to politeness. Thank you! We did indeed get off on the wrong foot and had some tense exchanges. I'm glad that we are past that! My DMs are always open if you gave any questions, and I'm glad you feel able to trust me. I do hope in time you get to know the rest of the staff team and grow the same trust towards them. This part goes for everybody; We are a community and I do enjoy when the community respects the staff team. Not for being staff, but for being professional and performing well at the role. None of us including myself are perfect (unrelated to his feedback, but @Husky. caught me out on a goofup in a verdict recently) but we try our best. Thank you! I figured it was about time I get to this. (and because @TurkRP prodded me to)
  19. Rover

    S2 Livonia: Bad RP in Sitnik 1/12/2020

    I understand that you are reporting for BadRP. Please clarify and list out exactly what part of the roleplay you felt was BadRP and why. We have our own opinions, but we want to be sure we understand what you are reporting, and for what reason.
  20. Rover

    S1 Chernarus NWAF Attempted invalid Kill

    You will be temp-banned from our servers until you provide a full and detailed recounting of the events to your best recollection, as per my last two posts. Take your time. @BucketsFPS will be temp banned until they provide their POV, and any video evidence they may have.
  21. Rover

    Verifying Game Files Wiped All Characters

    Join the server. The main menu is never accurate, your character is stored serverside. When you log in you'll be fine. You don't need to put the name in the main menu, just the launcher parameter settings.
  22. Rover

    Refusing to RP with characters

    There is no case where you can just outright refuse to roleplay with someone at all. You can not treat them as invisible; Or I should say, if you DO treat them as invisible that is treated as if you are ICly doing it, so they will likely respond with hostilities that you can't ignore, or risk death. However, if someones actions are impacting your ability to enjoy the game but their actions in and of themselves are not necessarily a rulebreak, that is something to approach the staff team about so we can advise you. There are 2.3 reports if someone is repeatedly subjecting you to hostile actions unilaterally without you doing anything really worth the amount of hostilities you are receiving. These are handled by the administration team through support tickets. Typically the only time someone is so harassed by a character they lose enjoyment of the game is around the subject of hostilities. 2.3 reports should only be used after all good faith IC efforts have been made and failed, and an OOC dialogue was attempted and turned out to be either rebuffed or fruitless.
  23. Rover

    Refusing to RP with characters

    You must roleplay your character in character in all situations that arise in character. You are welcome to // to avoid certain scenes; For example if you are uncomfortable playing out a torture scene, you can fade it to black or just deny permission to be tortured. Otherwise it would be powergaming. But you can not just blanket avoid or cut out another character from interacting with your own. If you feel they are portraying a character poorly, OOCly harassing you, or anything of that nature I'd encourage you to either reach out to a staff member in the waiting for staff help desk to bring them in and have a mediated discussion, or if you are uncomfortable even speaking to them to submit a support ticket lodging your complaint of OOC behavior.
  24. Rover

    Character Creation and staying in character

    My first step to making a new character is a rough random concept. For example, with my current main character, it all started with "Reluctant Doctor". I flesh my character out by running through scenarios I've seen on my other characters, and deciding how he'd react. I'll insert myself into the shoes of other people, and run a scene through my head on how the character would respond and what they'd do. You can look at reports, from your memories, watch media threads, whatever have you. That helps me fill out how the character will react to the world, which in my opinion is the most important part of the character. Then I build a background with whatever experiences/situations I can think of that I feel would fit in developing the character in a way that fits the headspace I designed above for how they respond to things. Sometimes I have a song as a reference, or a particular character from a show/movie as the inspiration, and I play the "What would X do game" to get away from what I would reflexively do.
  25. Rover

    S1 Chernarus NWAF Attempted invalid Kill

    Please provide a full and detailed point of view. See my above post. You have stated you 'did what i had to do." I want you to exactly clarify what you meant by this, and provide your justification for shooting the OP.
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