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  1. You guys are the real legends of this lore wipe. From start to finish.
  2. Congratulations 😄

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  3. Whitelist is 1000 characters. Regular characters after are 500.
  4. Issue was a missing mod. /sorted.
  5. if you can't join the discord, add me (Rover#1325) and we'll get you going
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  8. this is fine. The 'oh lawd the sky is falling' ruckus should die down in short order and people will find not a whole lot really actually changes. Only the edgiest of edgelords is going to have to change up their style, or those people that only join certain groups or play a certain way to live out their early 2000's /b/ fantasies. Given we have twitch streamers already that have witnessed some risque things without ill-effect, I'm not that worried. So long as I can still drop f-bombs I'm good.
  9. this old horse again. Short version: You don't know if you are being observed or not at any point .Case in point when I watched a guy yolo off a building in Cherno, and then spent some time looting his body only for a random naked come back to get 'his stuff'. Just because you don't think someone is around or following you doesn't mean they aren't. You never know. It boils down to: Either have the rule, or don't have the rule. You can't selectively enforce it or trust players to be able to enforce it on themselves only when its appropriate as the player simp
  10. wheres that staff feedback thread so I can call the newest orange cute

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  11. Be the same as if someone shot your car up in front of you. A hostile action taken against your property grants you defender rights. I love the idea of dogs, but good lord, I wonder how the server can handle it
  12. Hello @Ryan Shepherd, As your appeal contains the same sort of sarcastic memery and backhanded comments that got you removed from the Discord in the first place, we see no reason to even entertain this appeal. With that said, appeal denied. You will need to wait for Administration team to decide to let you back in. Regards, Signed.: @Rover, @Realize, @Bryan
  13. 1) Context depending, but if people are knowingly abusing the fact vehicles don't kill them in crashes, staff may just have to step in and apply an NVFL ban for intentional cases of people doing moronic things. 2) Could be AOGM, NVFL, AIK if there was an unwilling passenger dragged into it, or another vehicle being rammed by a hostile vehicle. Mostly depends on the specific instance of vehicular abuse. Yes. This is why we can't have nice things. Cars were made this way cause they are buggy as sin, not so people could abuse it for memes or dumb reasons.
  14. Verdict Attempted Invalid Kill - @Jackfish & @SynO - Guilty Metagaming - The Accused - Inconclusive Metagaming - @VolraSlava - Not Guilty Summary In this situation, @VolraSlavais driving down the road when @Jackfish, @SynO, and @Murdoc initiate on him. He is then shot at before he is able to comply and stop the vehicle, exit the vehicle, and be detained. He is then provided at least a half an hour of what is agreed on to be solid roleplay, before being released with his belongings and his car. During the entire incident that @VolraSlava was in, he was stream
  15. @SynO, @Jackfish, @Murdoc - Just so we are clear, and from reviewing the POVs I wanted to be certain. Jackfish and Syn0, only you two opened fire and Murdoc held his fire during the initiation?
  16. Memes aside, good run. I am still not sure I ever met anyone, and definitely didn't meet anyone wearing the uniform, but from conversations around Chernarus CLF was talked about everywhere. The last lore group decimated. o7
  17. Is it possible to reduce the protection vehicles have from bullets, as opposed to physics? No idea how that particular damage calculation works.
  18. @Matt Chillas thank you for the brief encounter at the base, and for not gunning me down on the spot when I initiated Enjoyed the misunderstanding.
  19. Yeah, it is INCREDIBLY finicky to get the door down, but it is possible. Glad you figured it out. For anyone else, you need to move back and forth, back up and 'look up', and just try a bunch of angles until one works.
  20. @Slaviox In the helpdesk call, you admitted to shooting the grenade launcher into the town. Why did you fire the grenade launcher into Berezino? Or are you now saying you lied in the helpdesk call? Your attitude is shit, and you need to drop it. Its incredibly easy to arc a grenade over Berezino from where you were. Knock off the sass, answer with truth, and be respectful.
  21. NBC items from the store do protect from the gas, tested today.
  22. I just hope the toxic zone isn't as buggy this time around. For clarity.: It didn't show up for some players visually. People well outside of it randomly got sick. A lot of gear that you think would work to protect you does not actually protect you. Examples being any modded gasmask/nbc kit that didn't come from the core game, as the modded in extra NBC sets don't have whatever flag the toxic mod creator uses. I'm not a mod, don't know the words, but basically you might be wearing what would roleplay wise be a full protected set of gear, yet it doesn't work to
  23. Talk shit to people, and it'll happen. As someone that normally plays very passive/easy going characters, and I don't run around looking like a loot piñata, I rarely ever get initiated on. If you triple carry high-end guns while kitted out to the 9's like a super soldier and hover around the NWAF you'll probably have a different experience. Or if you give someone a hard time over something. I don't mean being a pointless dick, I mean if someone throws an insult at you don't just laugh awkwardly. Throw one back. Up the game, stand your ground, have a backbone. Someone will take
  24. The top of the page is dated for 03/31/2021 The Sparrows are gone. Flown the nest. The great tower lies dormant and dull, the doors cracked and opened, the walls broken and in disarray. I thought then I'd found Deliverance. I expected banjos. I got Bubba and Meryl Bridgewater. I wonder if they scared off the Sparrows. I wonder if Bubba was an act. I wonder how long he'll make it. Then, the staple of Chernarus. The salty sort of local that calls anyone trying to make a life for themselves an imperialist. We picked over the remains. Still, maybe the Sparrows are deserving
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