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  1. Holy shit, I remember telling @Hofer I hoped someone would make a group themed around this Great looking Roster! Hope you guys do well and breathe some life in Deer Isle
  2. Rover


    This'll be a good idea. It has my non-relevant +1. Prefabs are there to replace the everyman basebuilding option, and face a higher level of scrutiny and are (supposed) to be looked over to make sure that no one is being abusive or building abusive. Plus, this prefab location has been one of only two active hotspots in Chernarus for a long ass time.
  3. It was a good long year+ in the staff team, but the time has come for me to hang up my red hat and settle in to handle some RL issues. I've full confidence in the team carrying forwards. ❤️ I look back on my time fondly, and will probably go crawling back in half a year or so 😄

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    2. Stagsview


      stop being an attention whore.

    3. Hofer


      o7 Rover. Mad respect for you and your work over the past year. Now go spread your wings 🙂

    4. AndreyQ


      make me admin

    5. ZedLR


      Quality meme. If not said meme, i should take your place

    6. PaulB


      You will be missed Rover but i know i will see you in DayzRP HELP discord channel 😄. Enjoy your "free time" and get everything solved. 

      With thad being said o7

      EDIT: You taught me much of things how to technically handle the Dayz. Top job from you. Many thanks i could "work" with you in staff.

    7. Inferno


      Doctor Who Reaction GIF

    8. Para


      Say it ain't so

    9. Peril


      Working with you since you hopped in as a Support has been an immense pleasure.  You're one of the greats, and I have nothing but respect for you.  I'm happy to have worked beside you and to call you my friend, and I wish you the best of luck.  See you next time ❤️

    10. Jade


      Whose gonna be discord mom now ;-; pop in and say hi every now and again ❤️ 

    11. Banshee


      o7 Rover.

      One of the greatest staff members that the community has ever seen, and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours. Take care ❤️ 

    12. Eddie


      I wish you the best man and hope you excel in all your future endeavors! o7 pal, you were a great Staff member and Admin ❤️! Take care man!

    13. AMERICA


      NO! Don't go! You were great as Staff. It was a pleasure working with you when I did and seeing you in action. 

    14. DrMax


      Shame to see you go Rover. You did great! 

    15. Frequency


      SUIT GUY NOO 😭 

    16. Duplessis


      o7 Rover. I admire you, and the work you did in Staff and I hope some day you will come back. Working with you was one of the greatest pleasures I had in staff. You did good.

      sad wilfred mott GIF

    17. Brayces


      Gonna miss ya Rover! Come such a long way from the start of staff!! ❤️💕 Have a good rest your earned it! 

    18. Roman


      Good for you, from what I've seen you did pretty decent.

      Enjoy the ex-admin life.

    19. Mommy


      Rover best staff member

    20. Elmo


      Thank fuck 😎

    21. Rover


      I ran out of beans but will return with more once my allotment has refilled. 😉

      Thank you for the kind wishes, and for the snarky memes. 😄 I'll be around for a while still, just backseating or gasp actually playing.

      Also, this Won me The Day for the first time ever. Just had to resign from staff to get that notch apparently.

    22. Peril



  4. This pretty much nailed it on the head. The 'whose roleplay did you enjoy' thread serves fairly well to give positive community feedback
  5. This entire experiment was never about improving the quality of RP, it was about improving the chance of even finding any. Don't derail the thread towards a different subject, thank you.
  6. Its not really a bold assumption. If you have 100 players in a 10 x 10 square kilometer area vs 100 players in a 1 x 1 square kilometer area, you'll have more interactions in the smaller area. This is just a basic thing. This suggestion isn't being brought about to force the loot-gremlins hiding along debug out of hiding, its so that the road-roamers and people in hotspots are more likely to be found. We have a decent number of community members that don't follow the discord/forums to see where hotspots are and if the entire map is consolidating to just a few points (out of a 10 x 10 sq km area) its harder to find them then if it was a 1 x 1 sq km area. Just using extreme numbers as an example. Basically, more people per square km means more chance of interaction.
  7. Also gonna comment, kudos to you for taking it on the chin and not getting salty. Thats a great attitude to see in a newcomer to the community.
  8. When you do anything that is construed as: "Do what I say or consequence will happen" Its an initiation, as others have said. This grants defender rights (what allowed ImAtrix to kill you). The second he 'non-complied' and tried to kill you, you gained Attacker Rights to kill him too, he just won the fight. In your case, the do what I say was 'Stop' and the consequence was pointing the gun, implying you'd shoot if he didn't listen. In the future, you can try to 'strongarm' which is where you attempt to get people to talk or do what you want without actually initiating. Otherwise, the suggestion would be only initiate when you think you can take someone hostage. Some people will comply, some people will try to kill you, you need to always be ready to follow up by killing first if someone pulls out their pocket gun.
  9. If the votes seem inclined for people to want to move to a 'smaller' Chernarus, that certainly could be a possibility. However since it looks like a split, and not overwhelmingly supported, I suspect this is dead in the water.
  10. My man, you were not blacklisted. Go to www.dayzrp.com/whitelist (Or click the whitelist header at the top of the page) and you will see a big red box with the reason your whitelist was turned down in it. Go to DayZ - > Characters - > Manage Characters and make the changes requrested, then apply again. Also, this isn't really an appeal, more of an ask the staff. I'll move it to the correct section.
  11. Not sure, open to suggestions. I want to see if there is even an appetite for it before we begin discussing that. Also, nice signature It wouldn't be the hardest thing to 'change it up' with which areas are off limits and which aren't. The issue is more whether or not people even want us to try to condense the map to make the likelyhood of running into players more.
  12. This is something I've heard people waft around for over a year now, but given the current population decline and number of people I've seen complain about not being able to find RP, I figured I'd bring it up to see if there is any appetite for it. In short, this is asking if you want to cut the map in half. Or into a quarter. No way is everyone going to be happy. People will complain if the NW portion is removed, because Tisy is gone. People will complain if NE is removed, because Svetlo/Berezino is gone. People will complain if SE, SW, center, etc, etc, etc. No matter how its cut up, everyone won't be happy. But the question is, is this something that people feel will actually improve Chernarus and the RP on it? The goal of reducing the size of the map is simple. Player density will increase the smaller the mapsize is. That is one of the largest appeals of Deer Isle. But for those Chernarus Loyalists, is reducing the map size to increase player density and increase the chance of finding RP something you want to see? If so, how do you want to see it implemented? This is not something being tossed around by the admin/staff team, just my own curiousity.
  13. People toe the line of propriety quite well and make a game out of it. Hence why some people get hit with R4's when its time for them to go, then their friends get twisted over why 'with no reason' their friend is gone. You were given direct feedback from Admins that reviewed evidence of a situation. Its pretty hard to say its only one side when the video evidence we were provided formed the basis of where we formulated our opinions. As for people feeling targeted, people will always feel that way. You can't please some people, no point in trying. I would rather most things be handled in open air then not, but I'm not afraid to handle it behind closed doors when I'm comfortable with the evidence provided. Again, this is because certain groups response to feed back has historically been: 'Thanks for the feedback '. Then a targeted campaign of months to harass and bother the player, either on the forum or going out of their way in game to shit on their day. If you think otherwise, oh sweet summer child. Its extremely easy to be a dick while not breaking our rules, and I'm never going to fault someone that comes to us behind closed doors because the Popular Kids Club will be mean to them. You would likely be surprised the number of complaints received that just get kicked back with a 'Okay' because its clearly done out of salt with no merit. Its not like every single complaint brought to us behind closed doors results in a ban. If an official report is up, the evidence will be posted in it in nearly every single case. That is how it should be. Everything else usually is handled through support tickets, that is where the 'ghost feedback' you were complaining about tends to come from.
  14. This is an idea I could actually get behind. However I can 100% see issues with people being accused of false-statements because they remember something differently. There have been plenty of examples, and even personal experiences for myself where I remember an incident one way, go and look at my shadowplay, and oh-fuck nevermind, I fucked up. The mind if a curious thing that plays tricks on people, and when evidence is posted publicly it can help jog people to remember things they may have missed, or let them realize that they did, in fact, make a mistake. I've seen plenty of reports closed when a party presented evidence, and the accuser came back with 'Well shit, not how I recalled that going down, my bad'. We usually only pursue false-report if we feel the case was egregious or clearly OOCly motivated, not someone just genuinely not realizing an element of the situation was present they thought wasn't.
  15. While I agree with the sentiment and truly have hated the feelings of having my 'hands tied' so to speak because certain nefarious community members know how to abuse the process and hold their POVs until the opposing sides in before they post, because they see there is no video evidence... its come to light before we have flat out been wrong in making assumptions. These are the vast minority, but has happened. (Typically when members mysteriously 'find' evidence after a guilty verdict that exonerates them). I am more comfortable with the open air approach to the vast majority of reports. There is already a 'Us vs Them' mentality in this community, as with all communities, and doing reports behind the scenes would simply foster it. Especially where our staff team is rather fluid and members come and go, some of which are in the 'Us' or 'Them' category in the eyes other community members. We already receive plenty of accusations of being biased for situations that certain members of the staff team, past and present, didn't even have a hand in just because they were on the staff team at the time the incident was handled. And in other cases, the open nature of the report system may have truly thwarted actually biased staff members from involving themselves. So, it has its benefits that far outweigh the drawbacks.
  16. This is in my opinion typically the main reason. And not specifically targetting you Mason, but usually the people that complain about video evidence being hidden are from the same crowds of those that like to do this sort of community-bullying. In other cases we've had video evidence being hidden when it contained glitches/AOGM that would be very difficult for us to actually 'stop' in any capacity if it was widely known as being possible, so we preferred to keep the evidence hidden rather then give a demonstration to community members how to abuse game mechanics.
  17. Rate your DayZRP enjoyment currently from 1 - 10: 4 What you enjoy most about your DayZRP experience: The times I get to go in game and actually play, rather then be on the forums or dealing with OOC issues. Reason(s): - What could help improve your DayZRP experience: My life and work slowing the fuck down so I can actually have enough spare time I can spend it in game and not on the forums/discord. But honestly, civil discussions and respect in the community would be a start. Reason(s): How could this be implemented: - Any further comments: Leading by example.
  18. Restarting the lore wont' 'fix' anything, it will just allow us to experience new curveballs and issues instead of the ones we did experience anyway. The Deer Isle lore works hand in hand with current lore and is dovetailed in, so it doesn't need an entire wipe reset to fix that.
  19. Missed bean farming my four year anniversary in the community a few days ago, shit.

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      bean me instead of rover to cuck him 

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      Haha, this is great xD Also congrats on the four years in the community man!


    3. Whitename


      who are you?

    4. Mazer


      Joined 5 days before you.. Wheres my admin rank tf?

    5. Rover


      @Mazer Its around ~6 months to a year of staff work and a good reputation and work ethic away. 😄

  20. Yea, thats not gonna happen. If Deer Isle can't succeed on its own, it'll sit there and stagnate at zero population until Roland decides to remove/change it. We won't be ruining the stories the dedicated players that haven't idled off have made in Chernarus just so the new fresh thing is forced onto everyone.
  21. It works with vanilla masks, and the masks from the Toxic-Cure mod (if it added any.) However, it didn't work with any masks that came from other third party mods.... Of which we have (and had) a ton. So it did cause some issues. I'm not sure how loot spawns work, not my forte.
  22. This was actually used in the last lore, for a period of time. However, the mod had its bugs and issues. Sometimes the gas was invisible and people would just die to it. Only certain items that should have worked actually worked. For example NBC gear that was from other mods not the toxic-mod didn't actually protect against it, and players had zero way of knowing until they got infected. Given how scarce the toxic-cure was, it was a death sentence. Personally wasn't a big fan, and would not think it fits the lore to be brought back.
  23. Proud of you my guy, proud of you. Its not often people read the other viewpoint and change their point of view.
  24. Should base Raiding be RP Only? No. This is a bad idea, and makes zero sense, and is impossible to enforce. Not gonna happen. You aren't the first to bring it up, and its never gonna happen. Should there be a 30 day wipe after inactivity of base? Most items already despawn after 7 or 14 days that are used in basebuilding, so this already happens. Would this bring more RP? No. It would just help the loot-gremlins 'protect' their loot and impose arbitrary OOC enforcement heavy handedly. Do you think player leave due to being raided alot? If they do, I won't miss them. Deal with it or learn not to live with your pixellated items. Quitting over losing gear is not something I have any sympathy for. If someone is being raided into the ground day in and day out constantly, find a better base or gear up the evidence for a 2.3 report. However its rarely as bad as people make it out to be.
  25. For the below, see the above. I agree Gary. It is like talking to a wall. I'm archiving this until you get a Loremaster to reach out to me and confirm that the group details are approved. /archived
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