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  1. GaryCash

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    • Rover

    Thanks for pointing out my Empire StormTroopers training program and complimenting us on helping making people better role players


    We do our best to help newcomers that join us get adjusted and try to create a environment where they feel welcome and not shunned and feel like they can get acclimated to the server 


    i wanna see a day where this server has a 1000/1000 player pop on server 1 when servers can support that many 


    1. GaryCash


      I just wanna see our community grow and flourish and continue to be come an even greater gaming experience than it already is unlocking its true full potential

    2. Rover


      I like to call out the good when I see it! From my experience you've used Potius Cras as a great 'stepping stone' for newer players to learn the ropes and find their footing.

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