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  1. Holy mother of false equivalencies. This was physically painful to read. I see you have a lot of strong opinions about this subject, and that it should be done. Would you care to try and write out a rule that would work, exactly as you want to see it written on the rules page? Cause you are saying basically nothing new that we haven’t heard before. You need to understand that in the eyes of the staff team the moment you log off what you have left in game basically has no rights. YOUR BASE AND GEAR IS NOT A PERSON. About the only exception to this rule is when it comes to griefing, which should be reported.
  2. The point of the challenge I give people of 'write the rule out' is that its incredibly difficult to do. You blurbed a paragraph above, but it needs to get condensed into a readable, useable, enforceable, trackable rule. Can you do that? Cause I can't, on this subject. Thats the issue with trying to police.
  3. How do you see this actually ever being used? Is this a meme, or are you being genuine?
  4. Hello Andrey. Staff are aware, this will be updated in the future. See this.
  5. Write the rule out, in detail, and you'll come to find pretty fast why it can't be regulated easily. RDM is simple. We have a kill log, we have position logs, the rule is simply. Even so, even with such a /simple/ thing, it still occasionally is inconclusive if peoples POVs differ, and someone doesn't provide evidence. If you read the literally dozens of other threads that have come up, you'll hopefully understand why offline raiding prevention, in this community with our current ruleset and especially demeanor of community members, would be incredibly difficult to enforce. The only form of a 'rule' that would work to prevent it would change the dynamic of this community into essentially a safe-haven with zero hostilities. What works elsewhere doesn't necessarily work here. That being said. Take my challenge and actually write down a rule. Several of our existing rules are word for word suggestions I made, helped write, and helped petition to get enforced.
  6. https://www.dayzrp.com/search/?&q=Offline&type=forums_topic&search_and_or=and&search_in=titles&sortby=relevancy As I challenge everyone to do, whenever they suggest this, write out the rule exactly as you think it should be written. This is the reason its not implemented. Its impossible to manage/regulate/etc without turning the community into a safezone where base raiding is prevented by simply logging out.
  7. What you quoted aren't rules suggestions, so much as ethics. All of this is covered under 1.#'s rules, and 2.3 and 2.4. You can't police 'cliques' if you can't define what they are. Rules need concrete things, concrete definitions, or they lead to confusion. There is already enough vague open ended things. What you are saying is also common sense, so like, I get why you are saying it, but as you've written them they aren't really... enforceable. Or in the specific cases that they are, we have other rules already covering them. DM me on Discord or PM me what you are talking about. If something isn't reported, we can't act on it unless we witness it. Heresay and lack of evidence is basically the reason things 'slide'. Record situations or things you feel are rulebreaks and approach one of us or report it directly.
  8. The reason you didn't receive points and the message wasn't deleted was because this was probably how it was meant. The reason we needed to say something was because what you said was: "If you would like to talk it out in DMs and I can compensate you in a reasonable way to end this report". That was phrased as a tit for tat with the goal of closing the report. Or I'm assuming 'end' meant close.. I'm glad to hear it wasn't how it was intended though. @CrownruleWe are glad that this situation could be solved ICly and in a roleplay fashion, after being connected out of character. Thats how we always want these sorts of things to be resolved, especially when it was a genuine error, lapse of judgement, or misfire that caught the wrong target. With that said, we will gladly close the report. Signed.: @Rover & @Cal
  9. @ImCharcoal- For the record. Offering to talk things out with someone? That is fine. Offering a roleplay resolution to a situation they are in? That is fine. Offering compensation to someone to end a report? That is not fine. That is basically bribing someone to avoid repercussions. We have warned people for this when it was phrased slightly more bribey/gear focused then how you have said it here. You can 'compensate' someone in the ways I'll be listing below, but lets refrain from any sort of 'I do X, you close the report' comments. You are new it would appear, so obviously you didn't know the above. However, its refreshing and pleasant to see a community member willing to discuss things around being killed invalidly. Just please know you can't accept items/gear/compensation/etc because someone shot and killed you, in order to close a report. Usually the sort of 'compensation' people receive from reports is an understanding of the situation that lead to their death, and potential roleplay avenues. (For example: A member of The Violent Kind killed you by accident, now the group in-character owes you a favor and permits you to break NLR by remembering one of them 'shot and hurt you' but because of our RP story line you never died to them, just got wounded. This is okay 'compensation'. But shouldn't be a tit for tat, they let you do that, you close report thing) One more thing: If in the future you ever die/get killed/get winged during a firefight by someone you can join the voice 'Waiting for Staff Help' channel in the official DayZRP Discord, and a staff member can usually find out who shot you and get them in to have a chat, if that is the way you'd prefer things to go before opening a report. With that said, do you still wish to close the report?
  10. Hello @LumenRP The staff team have reviewed your request to close this report, and we see no reason not to accept. With that said, report closed: Signed: @Rover & @Cal
  11. Closed at OP's request. However, don't be shy about voicing new thoughts or ideas. You might get harsh feedback, or simple answers. Many things have been tried, and we have actually talked in the past about throwing around potential 'forced RP introductions' to people, but its the 'forced' part that makes it unpalatable.
  12. We have a mentor program for this. We'd encourage any newcomers that want to learn to get a hold of a Mentor and use that resource. Forcing people into anything is generally bad idea, if we can avoid it. Forcing people to play an archetype they may not want to play probably wouldn't go over so well.
  13. I wouldn't mind a short period during the normal 'longer' night cycle where its actually beneficial to have lights. Currently, they basically serve no purpose, and are just another random item clogging the loot table that is already over saturated.
  14. Rover


    Please practice your ability to write a proper POV now, in this appeal. As you were told you needed to do in the verdict. If you can do that, we can finally consider unbanning you and moving past the situation. Thank you
  15. As you self-admitted, you are new. You don’t know the history of this community and maps. Try reading the (hundreds) of other threads about maps. When we had Chernarus, people wanted to try Deer Isle, Livonia, etc. When we had Livonia we also had Chernarus, and people would routinely bitch about one or the other stealing population. When we had Deer Isle… well. Actually that one was pretty good Sadly, could not be monetized. Ditto for Namalsk. For both of those maps we NEED a second non-monetized server, and we simply don’t have the population for two maps. On that note: Chernarus is too big. In the last 6 months or so prior to the launch of Nyheim, population was in a death spiral. The bulk of players played at 1-2 hotspots (same as Nyheim) but the big difference is the effect Chernarus had on new whitelists. Imagine going through whitelist, getting approved, hopping in game, and finding…. No one. Chernarus with 30-40 people (and 95% of those moving together or at hubs) is a dead and barren map. New whitelists join, play 10-20 hours, and leave and never come back. On Nyheim at least, it’s so small they WILL find RP. And some might gripe or complain about the RP they find but I would rather players here complaining and looking for solutions then players leaving. Nyheim was developed in house by our own Developer, and it will be continually upgraded and added to. I’d encourage to focus on making suggestions, not asking for a new map, as we won’t be changing maps anytime soon. Additionally: Any map we use MUST allow for monetized content, or can not be paid DLC. If someone buys items from the item shop but can’t use it because it’s blocked behind a paywall of DLC, or because a map owner doesn’t allow their map to have monetized content, it’s an instant disqualification from here. In the past we got around this by two servers and not allowing monetized content on the one, but allowing it on the other. (like Namalsk and Chernarus) But the population being split when it was already lagging was bad. I loved Namalsk personally. Sadly no, not until it’s released as free
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