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  1. It will be released when it is released. Stay tuned to the announcements section of the forum and discord.
  2. 5. Home renovations put me on pause. Look at it this way. In two weeks the servers will be the busiest they've been in a long time. Maybe some people are just taking a break to recharge before they come in swinging.
  3. You're a bro ❤️

    1. Malthis


      Name change incoming, "Brover".


    I'm going on break for the next two weeks or so while I do some home renovations.

    I'll be back in time for the Lore Wipe! Enjoy your time, play the game, finish your stories.

    And behave.



    1. Eddie


      Enjoy your break man!

    2. TurkRP


      Stay safe and never change plz

    3. Para


      👋 will miss you Rover good luck with the renovations 

    4. ZedLR


      Enyoy your time off lad!


  5. Hello @Taryn, In order to appeal Final Warning you must have three months of steady activity in game and on the forum. You've been active for just over two months. Please reapply when you reach three months of activity. /closed Signed: @Rover, @Hofer
  6. Ownership transferred from @neom to @Jackfish at neoms request. Good luck!
  7. I'm using hypothetical numbers cause I can't remember the real ones. But IIRC, there is a certain point where you can top up 'above' the max. Like if 1000/1000 is full meter, and 100/1000 is red, you can overeat and get up to something like 5000/1000 (over time, so you don't puke) and give yourself a buffer. I've noticed this can sometimes make it seem like food is depleting faster then you are used to when you run forever and don't have it drop below full, then suddenly you are having troubles keeping topped up. Also, what @cjackson821 said. I haven't personally been in game enough lately to test how bad any changes made were.
  8. @Tokyo I will send it back to you now to redo.
  9. You were placed on final warning as per the support ticket discussion. You may appeal your final warning after three months of in-game activity and forum activity. /closed Signed: @Rover
  10. Please use the 'Contact Us' button at the bottom of the webpage, and your ban details will be sent to you. Do not creature further accounts. Thank you @Rover
  11. I for one welcome our new Lore with open arms and anticipation.
  12. @DownhillPlagueX, @Blisna - What was the initiation? "Hey stop!" while pointing weapons at Blisna?
  13. No. The rules accurately reflect what we have been describing in this threat. Your base is not a living entity that can get defender rights. YOU can, and in order for that to happen, they have to be knowingly taking a hostile action against you. Otherwise its too easy for people to abuse and honeypot players for cheap kills. See my backpack example earlier in the thread.
  14. @Imation11 , @Mademoiselle - Doctor Kevin Shock and Doctor Hope have both gotten to play through moments with me where I've cried like a little bitch. Also, @IsaiahCortez was the cause of a few tears, though he was dead at the time.
  15. Unless there is a player next to the possession that seems to own it, its not a hostile action to take something. That is what I'm trying to get across to you here. One of the components of a hostile action would be a /victim/ to the action. Present at the time of the hostile action, not hiding in the woods.
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