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  1. Rover

    S1-mass invalid execution-around 23:20 server time

    Doctor James Cole POV Video in Spoiler. It wasn't until this report that I went and looked at video footage and realized I got shot during the occasion. I otherwise mostly stayed uninvolved, I was there primarily to provide medical support. I was not involved in the initiation/hostage taking, although if I got shot for being where I was I fully accept the blame. I brought myself too close to a hostile situation. Anyway, for the first 3 minutes of the recording I'm standing with two other civilians, watching and waiting in case shit goes down. James wants to ensure people survive. Regardless of their affiliations. I didn't realize I got shot, and I think I got bugged as a result. At 3:07 in my video I get shot. Someone even asks me if I'm okay, and I honestly didn't realize I'd been hit. I misheard his 'Doctor you got hit' as 'Doctor, you got hit?'. I thought he was asking, not telling! I had no idea bullets passed through those walls. I wanted hard cover to keep myself safe. You'll see me pretty quickly grab bandages and run around. I wanted to ensure people didn't die if they were still alive on the ground. I ran out to check bodies and found no one that had a 'treat' option, so assumed they were dead. I then went back out and realized that there was someone I'd missed. I /tried/ to bandage him, and when it started to work I assumed I was bandaging HIM. In reality, I was bandaging myself. I thought I was saving his life, I was just greedily self bandaging. I am a terrible doctor. You can see me shuffle back and forth over him trying to get the 'revive' command to appear, then he gets up to consciousness on his own. I was trying to bandage him, but I couldn't despite trying still. Someone else had to come over and patch him up, I think I was bugged? Not sure. I thought I needed him standing or something, I couldn't fix it. It was aggravating. Moses Goldberg, I'm sorry for that! That was about all of my involvement, I moved to the back of the warehouse and I think I logged off to save the video. I hope this does not count as combat logging, as I wasn't aware I'd been shot. But it looks like that was on me. If you check the connection logs, I may have come back on fairly soon after, as I recall RP'ing with the hostage later and making sure he was okay. But this was a while back, so I may be mis-remebering another time.
  2. Watch your device manager, have it open. When you plug in the dongle it should 'refresh' and show you what it comes up as. It might be something like 'Generic Sound Device' or 'Unrecognized Device' but SOMETHING should show up. If nothing does, it means the dongle itself is probably broken... I know you said you were using it and the mic was low, but were you using it with the dongle or with the cables plugged right into the sound card?
  3. Using the headphone/mic cables directly won't work, IIRC. You need to use the dongle for it to be recognized, however I'm not sure why that didn't work for you. Did you try using it in a different USB port?
  4. Rover

    Restraint + Crash = Dead

    I am nearly 100% positive it has been stated by staff/in reports that if someone poses frisking you and you lie (later pulling a weapon for example) its a bannable offense. (EDIT: Yeah, its rule 4.9) Lord knows I would leap at the opportunity to only be bound by OOC then by IG mechanics that are a crap-shoot at murdering me. Some of the best hostile RP I ever had was cut short by a crash resulting in my death because I was bound.
  5. @Imation11 It was nice to meet the psychiatrist, get a chance to chat and stroll around, sing some songs... Lollypop, lollypop...
  6. Have you installed the firmware update for it? https://support.logitech.com/en_us/product/g430-7-1-surround-sound-gaming-headset/downloads# Try getting the firmware, and see if it helps you to have it get recognized. If its working at all, it /has/ to be under your device manager somewhere. Its just probably only showing up with some generic ID or something of the sort. Manually installing the drivers then ordering it to use those could help get around it.
  7. I use the same mic, and had the same problem with low volume. However, I just downloaded the software and ran it, and it went no problem. I'm not sure whats keeping yours from recognizing it. When you check your device manager, do you see it appearing? Mine shows up as 'Microphone (Logitech G430 Gaming Headset) and Speakers (Logitech G430 Gaming Headset) underneath of 'Audio inputs and outputs' tab. Alternatively, if you go to your control panel -> Hardware and Sound - > Sound, you can see it under recording. When I open that tab, underneath the Microphone Properties window there is a 'Logitech Gaming' tab, and inside there is a quick link to open the software. See if that is on yours too?
  8. I can confirm I treated before logging out.
  9. Rover

    Nerf Zombies Please

    Was this a fluke or repeated? Do you know if the person was low on bone-health? I've been cracked around for a while by a zombie I failed to kill as fast as I wanted, and it definitely didn't one shot me. I know if you've taken damage from a few sources and not shot up with morphine or had enough time to regenerate, your 'bone health' (hidden stat) can drop down enough you get one shotted. But you look like you have enough hours invested you'd know if they was the case.
  10. As the doctor trying to treat a few people with this cough... I'm about 99% sure they must be glitched. I had the cough briefly (before running into them) from being freezing cold for a long run carrying a heavy item. One thing of tetracycline and then disinfecting my water bottles, and it was gone and hasn't come back. I followed around someone in Novaya with the permanent cough, dosing them on codeine, codeine tablets (the 1 slot item), and tetracycline as well as letting them use my disinfectant and they couldn't shake it. I'm pretty sure somehow people are getting a different iteration of the cough that isn't going away.
  11. You pull off confused/disoriented really well, and have good pain RP. I don't live in a place I could make the noises you were making while having a seizure that wouldn't result in cops kicking the door in.
  12. Tagging the same people, and stealing the picture from the media thread. Doctor Tyrus Mason @Mason26led the surgery, on the left in the scrubs. Braxton Lowe @Aeryes I believe is holding the patients legs, and was the combat medic that kept him stable and alive until the surgery team could arrive. Doctor James Cole (me!), anesthesiologist on the right with the press vest... The gentleman standing with flashlight was another doctor that arrived near the tail end of things, but I regret I didn't get the chance to catch the name! And obviously, the patient, @FireDude (With 'concerned' @Mademoiselle over his shoulder?) I had happened to check the forum and saw Moodys post. Realizing that I was logged off literally 20 feet away, this turned into a great RP session for the evening. James was made to help an actual surgeon, so having a medicall team around was good fun. Props to Mason for leading the medical-RP, it gave me some insight into how to go about doing it in the future. As always, Noah makes a great patient. Sorry James couldn't be a help with the [REDACTED] @ToeZ !
  13. Rover

    Need a doctor ASAP (Open Frequency)

    *ptt* Four doctors on site. Thank you for the help. *ptt*
  14. Just make sure the barrel is far enough back from the hole it can actually catch the gasses. Picture makes it look almost poking out of the bottom.
  15. Rover

    Nerf Zombies Please

    Spent most of today skulking around assassinating zombies with a machete. Gun damage got nerfed, melee damage didn't to my knowledge. Yes, they aggro like CRAZY now. I hate it when someone shoots unsuppressed, because it means for the next 15 minutes zombies will randomly BAMF out of the walls at you. But sneaking wasn't changed that I can see. They aggro from further when you make noise, but I still can sneak right up on top of one and start hitting it before it notices me.
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