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  1. Did something change in the last 3 months, since the lore wipe? As the first few weeks when I was quite active was a markedly different experience then this last weekend, where I did a few looting runs.
  2. Hello Gamers, Retired Administrator Rover Here. I spawned in as a naked-ass Freshie over the last weekend, and spent a few hours roaming around some distant villages. I noticed the exact same thing. There was a number of civilian houses that simply didn't have.... ANYTHING in them. Now when I'm alone, I am one of those weirdo's that will scour every building and every spawn in every structure in a town, because I am thorough and you never know what you'll find. Compared to the beginning of this lore wipe (June or so) when I was last active, it seems like there is just large blank vacancies in the spawns of things within basic residential buildings, the standard small red/green one story homes, the dark log cabin styled homes with one room, or the one with the extended bedroom, and just.... standard homes. Even the ones that had spawns in them, it seemed far less then other zones. As for the 'quality' of what I found, I didn't notice all too much 'off' about what I was finding, only that there was far less things to be found at all which no doubt makes it harder to see. I never found any 'piles' of spawns on top of one another, it just seemed like... By a gut feeling if I had to put a number too it, it seemed like there was 50-75% less spawns. I'm not talking about quality, I'm just talking plain SPAWNS. Some buildings were quite literally empty. And I know, I know, people will say 'someone must have just ran through', but I'm talking over the course of a few hours spread over a few days. Unless it was the most coincidental timing in the world, something may actually be amiss in the civilian spawn rate/location rate. This happened far north of the map.
  3. I don't necessarily agree with every force-archival, but one mans version of 'fun' isn't another mans version of fun. You can believe one of the two below theories.: Admins hate the server and just like to archive to torpedo population They have a valid reason, and archive in the hopes of preserving fairness and keeping the server enjoyable. All cases are case by case, and if a group isn't happy they got archived they can do what everyone else can do. Appeal to Roland.
  4. The Fair Play rule would like to know your location. But honestly, I've been against traders from the onset. However.... This is where my stance is now. Fuck it, try it, and if its garbage it'll get removed. If it isn't and it 'works out', then what do you know. I'd be surprised.
  5. BPM: Bullets Per Minute is an amazingly fun beat rhythm shooter. If you haven't tried it or seen it, I encourage watching a video or giving it a shot. Its on Steam and GOG. Its like a mix of 'The Binding of Isaac' meets 'Doom (2016)' meets rhythm.

  6. I find most people that wear these wear them just because they found them and therefor they must wear them. No one would wear a ghillie suit as 'walking around clothes'. I've worn one. They suck.
  7. Have a look through the report section. People have been caught out in a variety of ways. Two quick examples: 1) Someone claiming they said something in their POV, when someone elses video shows it was never stated in game despite that person being right next to them. So either the person lied about it in their POV, or didn't double mic. That was a guilty verdict in one report. 2) The far more likely option is someone posts video evidence that incriminates themself or their friends. Which is where this threads argument is coming from, people refuse to post video for fear of outing their friends that break rules.
  8. If it had no impact, people wouldn't be posting suggestion threads asking for it to be removed. It has led to a number of people getting banned over breaking the rule.
  9. I've seen it and there are reports on it. Freshies do occasionally get robbed, usually because they wander into areas with ongoing situations. Loot pinata civilians stand out. The ones that look like they've been through NWAF 15 dozen times and have a backpack full of ammunition. Mountain backpacks, belts with pouches, vest with pouches, etc. The loaded down character
  10. I want my loot pinatas to be walking around dressed appropriately. Weight is a bigger restriction then capacity. With a big backpack, some 30-40 slot clothing, and a vest, its easy enough to hit the lowest stamina allowed mark so you can't even sprint. Clothes don't need to have bigger pockets.
  11. I'm not going to weigh in on broad strokes of how/why people left/got banned. I know not every permed player was permed for a 'good' reason, but thats an entirely seperate argument. Squillium, I sure as shit hope your argument isn't dumbing down the RP community to people that can't respect rules. The very nature of an RP community on a game like DayZ sort of has a major requirement for people to be able to understand, respect, and follow rules. Otherwise its just a pub server with a coat of paint and a polite request that people don't do pub-server shit on it. Generally, I like to think the average player here does a fairly good job of respecting the spirit of the rules. There are some rules I'm generally not happy with because even a good faith effort to follow the rules will result in getting pointslapped due to ignorance of interpretation. (NLR rule, Unnecessary Post rule, and some of the standards of what on the forum constitutes abusive behavior) but of all the rules I'm not happy about, the double mic'ing rule isn't one of them. Its a very simple ask, and should not be hard to remember. Its even logical and makes sense. My character can't talk to other characters out of game mechanics unless my character makes the noise in game using in game mechanics. This is honestly not a difficult thing for people to do. The issue comes from people that either A) Don't care, or B) Don't want, to follow the rule. Either because following it is something they can't be assed to do, or because they want the advantage that comes from having telepathy and 'winning' whatever particular gunfight they are about to get into where they need to plan their actions out of game. I don't ever see the staff team or administration team accepting the argument "Since we can't stop rulebreakers lets just remove the rule."
  12. Thats usually GM/Admin discretion. I can recall a few incidents where we 100% have excused instances of double mic'ing that were 'minor' when presented alongside evidence of actual effort to double mic and stay faithful to the rule. But on the other side, its no different then 'slipping up' in a firefight and shooting the wrong person. Shit happens.
  13. Yeah, and I have zero sympathy for those people. Get your friend group to double mic. I've been involved with groups of people that double mic in game. Its not that hard, just takes people actually respecting the rules and wanting to put the effort in.
  14. I'm not a fan of the argument "The rule isn't working as intended because people are flaunting it." Thats a culture shift that needs to change. It wasn't 'fine' before hand, I recall people bitching about the lack of this rule for as long as it wasn't around, and since it came around those that seem to complain about it are usually those that get caught out by it/don't follow it, or are in the camp of friend groups that don't enforce this. It improves the immersion on the server when it is followed. The fact certain elements aren't following it doesn't mean it should be repealed. Telepathy is stupid and shouldn't be in the game. People should be trying to culture shift their friend groups into respecting the rules. That is how the rule is currently worded, unless I misunderstand what you are saying. The issue I have with that phrasing is sometimes you don't know when someone is near you or not.
  15. Are you using the launcher from steam? When you click on 'mods', all the mods listed in the mod pack are loaded in the order the mod pack has? If so, right click each and repair. Then restart steam and try again
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