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  1. Rover

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    You won't lose all your medical stuff. Mostly guns and ammo. I went around as a doctor for months, and in all of the cases the large experienced PVP groups robbed me I was generally left mostly intact in terms of 'equipment'. Health and IC moral being something completely different. The only time I got robbed of everything was by newer players that didn't really understand that this isn't a place to do the 'take your clothes off' kind of robbery.
  2. Rover

    False Report?

    He was an amnesty player, which means in the past he accrued enough points to be permenently banned, and was allowed back on a 'trial' basis. Any points received after that point result in his immediate ban again.
  3. As I've said numerous times, past reports and interpretations of the rules have put out that punching is not a hostile act that gives rights. Not even two months ago there was a report on the same thing, except the 'puncher' didn't even die. And the person that shot him caught a ban for invalid attempted kill - Ruleplay, I think. Getting rights and using them is never a defense against ruleplay. That would actually be the definition of what ruleplay is: Prioritizing rights over roleplay.
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  5. He should be initiated on, taken hostage, and hostile roleplay should occur. As is the theme of this server. He should not get instantly blasted. EDIT: And it was /painfully clear/ in the video he was not trying to kill him. He threw a single punch, a light one at that, and immediately backed up.
  6. 3.2 Your character must behave realistically and appropriately to the different situations you participate in, keeping the current world situation and context of post-apocalyptic world in mind. Do not act in a way that indicates no value for your characters life and survival. For example, attempting to kill people when heavily outnumbered, excessively talking back or insulting someone when taken hostage, or knowingly running into an area of active hostile engagement when not involved in the fight. Characters found guilty of breaking this rule will be permanently marked as dead. Here is the literature covering NVFL. - He did not attempt to kill anyone when heavily out numbered. - He was never taken hostage, so can't have been excessively talking back or insulting as no one initiated. - He did not run into an area of active hostile engagement. The only relevant line to your argument that I'm aware of is bolded, and that is subjective to situation and staff ruling. And as I stated above, in prior reports staff ruled a single punch as part of a hostile conversation to be roleplay, and not valid for someone to be SHOT, let alone killed. The literature does not support your stance, only a twisted interpretation of the literature does.
  7. The literature doesn't support killing someone over a single punch. As was stated in past reports. It specifically states 'hostile action that threatens your life.' Read it a bit closer. One light punch followed by immediately backing up with arms up to block is not a life threatening action.
  8. Rover

    False Report?

    Here you go. Report two months ago, same issue. Man with rifle gets punched, shoots puncher, gets banned.
  9. Rover

    False Report?

    This. Keep it to the meat of whats physically in the report. The history of the players don't matter. I don't know anything about who they are or what they did, and I'm still standing firmly saying this report was handled poorly. It wasn't a false report. Player can't know that staff are going to change how they are handling rules. It shouldn't have been NVFL, for the reason above. Whether or not it was ruleplay is arguable. Given the trend of staff rulings, it probably shouldn't be. But the fact that the second someone gets kill rights and then immediately uses them when there is plenty of opportunity to further RP should have been brought up in the verdict and cautioned hard.
  10. Welcome to DayZPVP, everything is on fire and thats okay!

    scary movie burn GIF by Us

  11. Rover

    False Report?

    Has this been overturned yet? I read this and did a double take. I have no sweet clue who Dusty is and I don't know that I've ever interacted with him, but since when does a single punch grant kill rights? There are NUMEROUS reports (He even linked one in the thread) that expressly state in the verdict a punch is not considered an action worth being killed for. One punch does not a life threaten. Its not like he had brass knuckles, a knife, or tried to follow up with a stun lock.
  12. Rover

    Base Raiding / Destruction Time

    But no seriously, it would be nice to have a way to set it up so when you 'start' the animation it continues until you click again to stop it. But I have no idea if this is something DayZ has the ability to let our devs do or not. Toggle instead of held animations?
  13. Did you subscribe to all three mods? https://www.dayzrp.com/join/ The mods are in there
  14. Welcome to the server, new person with 1 week of activity and 30 hours of playtime. This tells me you'll be spending a lot of time here if you keep those numbers up. As I am sure you have noticed, coming onto a platform you are unfamiliar with and giving 'helpful' advice wasn't exactly received the most well. Its not because the community is made of poor roleplayers. The majority are actually very competent, and as such you aren't going to immediately approach someone, say hello, and be able to slide them into a slot of 'hard motherfucker' or 'unfun characters'. Characters have depth and nuance, even the ones that approach you wearing a face and trying to put themselves across as someone else. There is a life behind the character beyond what you'll meet, especially when you act as you described in your first post. Get to know the server and its community and get a feel for the general tone of roleplay being provided. You won't need long playing as much as you've been playing. A breath of fresh air to the server to change the tone can even be a good thing. There is a large influx of fresh blood joining in the last few weeks.
  15. Rover

    Review group recruits

    Hard no. Too much staff management. Anyone can argue any character joining any group, if they stretch it enough. Its not up to staff to decide what your characters thinking leads them to doing.
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