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  1. Armun Tunzer

    Armun lived in Ardistan, on a farm run by his family for generations. He inherited it with the untimely death of his father. Armun followed the news of the war passively, but none of his family was involved and indeed wished to stay out of it. What comes would come, but they were simple folk living on the land. Once the war ended, their farm declined. Competition was difficult with Chenorussia as government grants he could not compete with. With the coming zombie hordes, he lost his dear wife and family, and began to travel away to the coast, where the climate would be better suited. The journey was not kind to him.
  2. Ruleplay vs. Roleplay

    Rules, much like real life laws, can be defined and redefined in many ways by rulings, and appeals. And if you have a change of people applying those rules, you will see a change of how they are applied. That doesn't mean they need to be rewritten. I am a blank slate with no bias because I've only been here about two weeks. Makes perfect sense to me. You don't need to be hostile and defensive. If you've never been banned, you clearly know what you are doing. I hope you don't fall into a grey-area situation similar to those that Cory and JackFisher found, and make the wrong call.
  3. Ruleplay vs. Roleplay

    Saying your opinion holds no weight in the context of rules applications, appeals, and verdicts isn't pathetic. And if you took it in a way that makes you feel offended, then I apologize. My opinion also holds no weight if it makes you feel better. I'm just aware of it. I'm new, and I know I'm new. I'm also disagreeing that the verdicts go against the rules. And the reason I keep repeating myself is because its really the meat of the issue. You can not take one specific line of the rules and say 'See I played by the rules!' when there are subsections to that rule that contradict it. The one in your case, and in JackFishers case, is the line I already quoted. Having KOS rights doesn't mean you can or should use them. As for your example: What kind of initiation? Was it a 'Please don't follow me sir, or I'll have to defend myself with bullets.' or is it 'HANDS UP OR I SHOOT YOU HAVE THREE SECONDS TO COMPLY'. You need to understand, that despite a binary look at the rules and trying to make everything black and white, there are shades of grey. The verdicts and appeals are because the situations fell into grey areas. And as I stated above, meeting you yesterday was not the situation I described to Valk. It was just one like it.
  4. Ruleplay vs. Roleplay

    "Tell your friends to stop aiming at me or I'll shoot you in the chest with 12 gauge." Response #1: "THOSE AREN'T MY FRIENDS. *guns down two people not pointing guns, because they clearly initiated and he can't waste the KOS rights* Response #2: "I have no idea who those guys are." *Rp continues, likely with the two people that filed report going to see who the people on the hill are* How do you not see that as being a perfectly valid, if not more valid option? The two people involved never made a single hostile action until they felt threatened, despite Jack Fish making /numerous/ including ordering them to put their guns away. The only difference is he didn't cross the OOC rule of initiation, and waited until they did to shoot him. That was very inorganic to the scene. To me, its obvious. You were the undescribed story. There was actually someone that bluntly threatened to kill me. I don't recall you ever holding me up, even peacefully, before....? Also, if I recall, the people that 'threatened' Jackfish never pointed weapons at him. And I don't believe they had them out, as he'd requested they put them away. Can't remember, and too lazy to check video.
  5. Ruleplay vs. Roleplay

    I'm sure you have. You've been here two years. But clearly, things aren't as you think they are. Again. This isn't meant to be snarky, but your perceptions of it don't seem to currently match staff perceptions of how it should be done. Given your replies in the report that Ryan started, I would disagree that you haven't approached a situation thinking 'I have KOS rights' as you mentioned it numerous times in the report. Your outlook on initiating is a very OOC outlook, and one that doesn't fit in an IC mindset. An OOC perspective of the situation doesn't fit the IC Narrative of every single scene. Hence the section on Killing on Sight rules that states bluntly just cause you have them doesn't mean you can or should use them. A rule that someone doing hostile RP needs to fully grasp. My example reply to Valk above is an example of one. I could easily loft a dozen more examples, but I'll settle with a simple one: When its better to RP it out. That is your opinion. Everyone is entitled to one as the saying goes. However, your opinion holds zero weight, where as the staff and moderator opinions are what governs reports, verdicts, and appeals. In those situations, its best to try to understand their opinion and operate within it, instead of holding tight to your own.
  6. Ruleplay vs. Roleplay

    I suggest reading over the facts of what happened, and asking again how valid you REALLY feel that initiation is. I'll give you an example; Arman (My character) is strolling through Kab. Someone he knows, and has been held up by in the past (albeit peacefully) sees him and asks him if he has any food. Arman is well known for handing out food. I offer him some boiled chicken. He tells me 'this doesn't look' cooked and I reassure him it is. He tells me alright, but if I get sick I'll kill you! Arman laughs, and promises him he won't. RP continues. Was I in my right to whip out a gun and hose him down? He never had a weapon drawn. He didn't point at me. His tone wasn't threatening. It was a matter of fact stated thing. I would have considered it ruleplay if I killed him, because it makes zero bloody sense. By the way, the above scenario has actually happened twice with Arman.
  7. Ruleplay vs. Roleplay

    Having read it? I can see it just fine. Its surprising to me others can't. But if you approach a situation with the OOC mindset of 'Its okay, I have KOS rights' you are approaching it wrong. All I can say is maybe give a break on hostile RP until you have a better understanding of the reasoning and logic behind the staff decisions, and the direction that their verdicts seem to want the community to go in.
  8. Ruleplay vs. Roleplay

    Given the tone of the recent posts, I'm going to bow out of the discussion. Have a good one!
  9. Ruleplay vs. Roleplay

    I've been in such situations. I've had KOS rights on dozens of people, and I've stood behind them with loaded guns in hand, and I've never elected to use them even when I knew OOCly I'd be safe to shoot and run and not get caught. Because thats how I roll! And it fits my character. Towards your 3/4 comment; Like I said, most of Outrun didn't realize an initiation had been dropped. Thats why Cory got mixed answers of no, maybe, yes, and silence. The fact that he instantly took it as KOS rights and ran with it as time to go get a gun and shoot people speaks volumes to me. Not that I want to pick semantics, but no. He didn't use them exactly as prescribed by the rules, because I just quoted you a section of the rules that says what he did isn't kosher. To reiterate; "Remember that just because you have KoS rights, doesn't mean you can or have to use them. Keep in mind all other rules when using KoS rights, for example roleplay taking priority over ruleplay and No Value For Life (NVFL). Think about if using KoS rights is viable in the current situation." Having KOS rights is not the same as using them correctly. You are strawmanning the situation by blowing it up and out of proportion. There was not an active firefight in this case. One guy had winged one shot, and I'm not entirely sure based on rereading the report thread that the Outrun people involved even realized it was Cory until after he killed Ryan. If you don't know, people had a habit of shooting a lot around and at the Outrun base, for days straight. As for Outrun being at fault for telling him to leave; Yet again. Most of Outrun didn't realize an actual initiation had been dropped. We can not predict what might have happened, but I'd wager a bet if Cory maybe hadn't been baiting for the exact reaction he got he'd have been able to make peace. If thats not his character, thats not his character and thats okay. But if his character concept is to go harass people until they initiate, then comply until he is a safe distance away and start shooting.... Again. Is that the community we want to foster?
  10. Ruleplay vs. Roleplay

    Under the Killing on Sight rules, on the Dayzrp.com website, in the red bracket. Under the Killing on Sight rules, in the yellow section. These are /noted rules/. Whether he baited or not is questionable. What he was punished for is within the same section of rules that gave him the rights to kill them in the first place. Clearly, he was not prioritizing roleplay. I have no doubt in /my/ mind of that. It was pretty clear when Ryan ran up, unarmed with no weapons, Cory didn't feel that threatened. Cause he had time to start to say something, before he just changed his mind and gunned Ryan down. Now I'm off to do some work, but I'll be back later for more replies. Edit: +1 to Oliv
  11. Ruleplay vs. Roleplay

    It wasn't my intention to put words in your mouth, and giving a background on how long I've been doing roleplay was only meant to illustrate that despite being a dirty white name and having less then 50 posts and less then a month of activity I'm versed in roleplay and roleplaying games. Onto the meat of what you said. Its not my place to tell anyone how to roleplay. If he wants to roleplay like that, go right ahead. He is more then welcome to roleplay being a bandit and doing hostile RP. You are missing out that in this situation, /no one/ in outrun was aware Elena King had initiated. As is said numerous times in that thread, most peoples POV was it was RDM, and wasn't called for. It was only when video was posted and scrutinzed that people became aware there was an initiation at all. Unfortunately, in large groups like that it can be hard for one voice to ring out. As was noted in the verdict, when Cory asked 'is that a threat' he got a medley of replies from silence, to no, to 'Yes'. And he chose to hear only the yes, because he was pining for those glorious KOS rights. Thats the mentality I'm against. The 'I've got them, time to go pewpew'.
  12. Ruleplay vs. Roleplay

    I think we agree on the same thing. We want people to answer for their actions and words. Which Cory did, by being banned for breaking the Ruleplay rules by prioritizing RAW over RAI. This is a concept I helped train members of my roleplaying group in. You operate under the RAW mentality, which is where everyone starts. RAW: Rules as Written. By the written rules, under the KOS section, Cory had KOS rights. RAI: Rules as Intended. By the way the rules were intended to be use, he shouldn't have used them. (See: Ruleplay over roleplay). This is why I read reports. Understanding RAW vs RAI can only be done by people that have spent years in the community. That know the staff team, and know how and why they elect the choices that they make. This is why I read all the reports and verdicts. It helps me understand how the rules are enforced and more importantly why the rules are enforced. I've never dismissed that he didn't have KOS rights. He sure did. His use of them however, was the problem. As for his baiting, sure. There is a legit baiting. There is also against the rules baiting. No one lodged a complaint against him, and I've never seen a verdict for guilty on 'Baiting' yet, so its not my place as a newcomer to the community to guess. As a newcomer to the community however, I'm free to say I feel its incredibly scummy to go down to someones known camp, goad and poke and prod until you have KOS rights, then go away and start sniping people while your people inside their locations. How in the hell is that fun for anyone? Thats trollish.
  13. Ruleplay vs. Roleplay

    You are ignoring what led the RP to the point it was there. You are ignoring that it was not like they IMMEDIATELY grabbed him and said 'RAWR LEAVE OR DIE.' There was a /buildup/ of role-play. He could of left at any time, but he instead elected for either IC or OOC reasons to sit and wait to make them initiate, before he left and /immediately/ started trying to shoot ANYONE in a green armband. He says so himself by lofting a shot at random Outrun #4 on top of the School building. Your outlook is one that I've commonly seen from people. You are free to feel that way, but as someone that has been doing roleplay through a variety of mediums for the better part of 15 years, I can definitely see how this is ruleplay. And I'm glad the verdict reflects that.
  14. Ruleplay vs. Roleplay

    http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S1-KOS-RDM-Lopitino-road-15-08-2016-15-30 This report is one I was /very happy/ to see the verdict go the way it did. I'm very surprised by the number of senior community members that have a problem with how this was handled. I think they are missing what in my mind is a very key aspect of this report. He talked shit to them. Thats a kind of roleplay, definitely. But you guys are missing out on the point the guy went down there and goaded them. Baited them even. Would I think it was a breach of the rules kind of baiting? No, definitely not. But lets look at how Cory HANDLED himself. He shit talked them. They asked him to leave. He kept shit talking them. They told him to leave. He kept shit talking them. FINALLY, he was threatened. And only once he was threatened, (And by his own admission asked 'And what if I don't?') did he leave. He stayed there, RP'ing up until the point he earned his precious KOS rights by shit-talking until he got told to leave. Then he happily complied and left, and went to get a gun to kill people with. Read his POV. It explains the OOC mind-set he had in that initiation, and you can see the point where it changed from 'I'm RP'ing' to 'YAY NOW ITS CALL OF DUTY TIME'. Seriously. Is /That/ the kind of community you want to foster?
  15. Ruleplay vs. Roleplay

    As a new player to the community, I've been reading every report I've seen. There seems a certain brand of people that value those tender, sweet KOS rights. And once obtained, they /must/ use them. They can't not. THEY HAVE KOS RIGHTS! Do you know how hard those are to get?! It doesn't matter if it makes no sense. It doesn't matter if its a shot from 200M away with a silenced rifle. I have the golden KOS rights. I must use them. That mentality to me seems to be something that staff are punishing, as I've seen from recent verdicts and the soon after denied appeals. And personally, I think its for the better that that mentality goes away, instead of people being ultra-trigger happy and gunning down someone thats actually in the middle of RP because an hour and a half ago they said something, without ever going through with a robbery/initiation or doing anything /truly/ worth getting killed over. Killing doesn't promote RP.