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  1. Rover


    squint I don't think that is what I was implying, sorry. I meant that when there was just S1, and it was getting overloaded with groups all building there (cause it was the primary server) some groups tried to go to S2 to encourage diversity in the player population, and wound up getting a form of punishment by having their RP-hub bases inaccessible for portions of the day unless S1 was full. I think it'd be pretty safe to say that settlements do drive RP, if only because they function as gathering points.
  2. Rover


    The issues with having S2 only open as an overflow is it discourages groups from settling and building if they can only access it during overflow hours. This means even with S2 wide open people will still queue on S1 because thats where their group/base is. I'd say leave both open all the time.
  3. Rover

    Melee/Firearm switching bug?

    Answering my own problem here, I managed to clip an example of it the other day. I fixed it accidentally by 'falling' off the fence. This error wasn't quite the same (Normally when my hands go up and I 'aim' it doesn't look at the zombies, it looks straight up where the barrel is pointing). However later in the day I got the bug again, with that full issue in aiming, and was able to resolve it by just jumping. You won't be able to swap, shoot, or defend yourself but if you jump/fall/or go into an animation it seems to reset it.
  4. Rover


    Maybe the developers can answer this, but many items in DayZ have a limit to how many can be on the map/inventory/buried/etc at any one time. I know this applies to guns. I'm not sure if this also applies to nails as well. I have also had great difficulty finding any nails in the last three days (5-6 hours of my own searching) across various industrial sites. This doesn't bother me too terribly, just adding to your observation.
  5. Rover

    Failed Robberies Thread

    Top notch editing
  6. Rover

    Wrong Discord Account Got Linked

    I've sent the request sir
  7. Rover

    Blocked means blocked

    The block function should work completely to obscure the interactions of the person you are blocking from you. Some people you just don't need to communicate with. Especially trolls, and a block/ignore feature should cover all aspects of that in my opinion.
  8. Rover

    Twitch TOS

    Many people have stated in the past that Twitch TOS only applies to the streamer, not whats going around in the game. That being said, the game likely won't start enforcing Twitch's rules, as there is no obligation in the community to follow any rules other then the rules of the server.
  9. Rover

    Building the ED [Open Frequency]

    Elliott can't help but sag into the forest floor in relief at receiving a reply. He squeezes down on the radio again. "Thank you. I'm Elliott. I'm in the woods, uhm. I don't know if they are still here... Please hurry. I can signal you when you are closer."
  10. Rover

    Building the ED [Open Frequency]

    Elliott fumbles one hand off the bloodstained grip of his MP7, and paws at the radio high on his chess before depressing the PTT. "H-hurt... North of ... Novy Sobor. I can see the church." Elliotts' voice has lost its usual perky cheer, and is tight with pain as he carefully forces the words out through clenched teeth. "I can't... walk. Wolves attacked me. Leg mangled. Bleeding a lot." A beat of a pause as he takes a slow breath, "... help please?"
  11. Rover

    I'm saying it now, 30 fucking beans for someone who can help me.

    If you still aren't fixed this evening hop into Help Desk and we will see if we can sort you out.
  12. Rover

    Child RP

    I agree with the above. I don't want to single out any individual players (and I don't think I know their forum names) but I came across this the other week and I wasn't sure if the person doing it was extremely mentally addled ICly and that was why, or they just don't have a very great understanding of development of teenagers. There is the argument of we don't know whats going on with a characters mind or why they are how they are, but thats never been an excuse for 'troll' roleplay. Not that any character I've come across playing a child I would immediately lump in as troll roleplay, but I did make a very firm and solid excuse for my character to not be around them anymore as I didn't particularly enjoy the encounter.
  13. Rover

    Bad version, server rejected connection

    Glad to hear!
  14. Rover

    Interview With A Community Member: Luke

    Boooooooy, do you ever. And stumble into help desk toasted.... That was hilarious. This was a good read. I'm looking forwards to running into Clancy!
  15. Rover

    Child RP

    I'd be aiming for 15/16 myself. The physical models in game don't really lend themselves well to smaller characters.... But then again, we have some people playing 200 KG 7' + people, and others playing 60 KG 5'6" people, so make do with what you got.
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