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  1. Artur was born on the 5th of april, 1990 and raised in Cervana Polana, Chernarus. Artur grew up in a family of four, Father Grigori Tokarev, Mother Lydia Tokarev and his younger brother Boris Tokarev. Both brothers were used to guns since their early childhood because of their father's affiliation to the military resort and his job as a high ranked employee at Chernaruska Zbrojovka. Artur was always very interested in how things worked, a clock, radio/tv and even a gun. He loved the mechanical aspect of it. At the age of 19, Artur got in trouble with the law as he and his brother were found guilty of underage weapon carriage, which resulted in their father losing his job. His father became a very depressed man and an alcoholic. Shortly after all of this their mother commited suicide. October '09 the rest of the family moved to the Czech Republic where their dad started working for Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod. As the brothers were dismissed out of the school in Chernarus they had to start over on different high school in the Czech Republic, eventually they were both accepted on Vojenská střední škola a Vyšší odborná škola Ministerstva obrany v Moravské Třebové. Artur graduated at age of 24. And shortly after that Artur went on the University of Defense/Engineering in Brno. As Artur and his brother were Chernarussians they were not allowed to join Czech army, so they had an option to join the upcomingn Private military company RED HAWK SECURITY(RHS) and during their time they formed a team called The Lumberjacks. The Lumberjacks included Boris as main Commander, Artur as a technician and demolition expert, Victor Ivanich as a recon sniper, Pavel Bezruč as a Medic, Filip Borovský pilot and air support. Shortly before the entire outbreak of Chernarus RHS was known for their PMC efforts around the globe(Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria) During the massive evacuation of Chernarus their(now fallen) government needed security personel to help evacuate and instil peace and order of a now broken country. In came The Lumberjacks, hired with the sole purpose of the extraction of VIP's of Chernarus at the time. Lumberjack Unit Log, 2017 July 5th 2017, 17:42 : Arrival at Balota Airstrip. July 5th 2017, 17:50: Last remaining police unit of Chernogorsk await link-up. July 5th 2017, 17:55 Convoy of 3 police vehicles heading towards 75.49 / 102.26. July 5th 2017, 18:16: Convoy halted by military personel July 5th 2017, 18:34: Convoy arrived at 75.49 / 102.26. July 5th 2017, 18:42: List 1-2 is in safe hands, reported Oscar Mike to grid 55.99 / 22.68 July 5th 2017, 21:57: Convoy arrived at 55.99 / 22.68. July 5th 2017, 22:17: List 1-1 in safe hands July 5th 2017, 22:32: Convoy reported Oscar Mike to grid 47.25 / 128.85 July 6th 2017, 00:09: Grid 47.25 / 128.85. Package on the bird reported lift off. July 6th 2017, 00:16: Reported LJ 1-4, LJ 1-5 on Bird to extract Package at destination. July 6th 2017, 00:18: Reported LJ 1-1, LJ 1-2 and LJ 1-3 awaiting Police escort.
  2. Born on the precious island of Curacao while my parents were on vacation. Grew up in Hawaii till I was 15 then moved to the Eastcoast, New York my new home in Queens. I remember hunting seasons like none other. At the time I thought of being a Lumberjack, just like my old man. It just looked so peacefull and to be honest just badass. At the age of 19.. out of frustration and no real thought of my future, I joined the United States Marine Corps. After certain events in N.Y. in '01 Things changed. I found my purpose.. or atleast.. it felt like I did. Had 2 tours in Iraq.. First the invasion of Iraq. Then called back to duty during the fight for Fallujah. To be honest I wish i just followed in the footsteps of my father. In '06 I had the oppertunity to be apart of something special. MARSOC the Marine Raider Regiment. I met my buddy Philly at the green zone, I can't talk too much about what happened... but all I can say is that Afghanistan is something else. After my discharge in '11 and coming back home. It didnt feel like home anymore. My father had died a year ago. My mother couldnt live in Queens anymore, it was just too much for her. Thru all these issues I met a wonderfull woman and the rest followed. We had a kid, Bella and life was good. I tried to work a normal job but It wasnt the same. Eventualy we decided to move to my wife's country of birth, Chernarus a peacefull place filled with amazing people.. and my god so much wood. I saw my father's dream. Just working as a Lumberjack in the woods. Pure solitude. Pure peace. Some much needed alone time, Johnny is like a brother to me. I told him about my idea and it just went from there. So there we go. I started my own comany. Prince Lumber Mills. Located at Запрудное (Zaprudnoe)