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  1. Haha you caught me on my exploring runs hahahaha
  2. Again I was not in game to witness the event. You should take this up to them. I do know that Scott was standing in the bed of the truck so I'm pretty sure he only saw your top half thru the back window. And I do assume that Chris would've spotted your lower half. Again i can only recall the minutes before your spawn glitch happened as I've said multiple times I was not in game to witness the event. But you keep mentioning the fact that a gun has to be in hand to feel threatened, I disagree. I mean theft is a reason to pull the trigger, especially if it seems that this person could just drive off with something that doesn't belong to them.
  3. And as you know at the time the server was acting very weird. And that's the reason I had to log in and out multiple times during today's session. Especially during the later hours. But it just seems to me that whatever happened was a case of allot of bad luck and bad timing. I mean what are the odds of someone spawning into our truck while we had intentions of driving away the second I came back online. And lets be fair, how would you react if suddenly someone popped into your truck with items you just got? I know my initial reaction would be 3 warnings and if no response is given, I would have to pull the trigger. Because Id feel threatened by the fact that some stranger just randomly popped up in the driver seat at the beginning of night time as well, I'd honestly take that for a theft. But just like I said, I just think it's bad timing and allot of bad luck that you just happened to spawn in the driver's seat when night began to fall.
  4. Look like I said I can only say what I heard. Just look at my connection log. I was relogging at the time of the incident so I wasn't present in game. I did however hear the warnings over and over again, and eventually the debate to wheter shoot or not since no reply was given whatsoever. Look if this was a KOS WITH no reason I would own up to the part of the blame as expected to. But I still stand by my report.
  5. First of all. Calm down, like I said before I do apologise and feel sorry as I myself know how this feels like, however Due take into consideration that the server itself was completely glitchy at the time, and once again I wasn't logged in to witness the event itself. All I could do was listen and react to what was happening. Once again the fact that my companions would even say that someone is behind the wheel in our truck, surprised me the most considering that just minutes before this happened there was visibly no one in the area. Second the fact that this person was sitting in the driver's seat is very odd, not saying that it's your fault, but it is fishy, and again we wouldn't shoot anyone unarmed for no reason whatsoever. I heard it very clearly, I heard multiple warnings of stepping outside of the vehicle and unfortunately no response was given. Now look I can only do so much as I was not present in game. I do advise you to calm down. You're not helping anyone with that tone. Just wait for what's gonna happen and we'll figure it out then. Once again I know it probably means BS to you, but I do feel sorry that this happened the way it did.
  6. And warnings were given but no response was showed whatsoever. And with the ongoing tension of this anarchy group and potential bandits in the area. And I can see no reason as to why either Chris or Scott would lie about a player sitting in the driver seat. I heard them issueing warnings over and over again. Yes it's an RP server and warnings were given to a potential threat, from our point of view.
  7. Well at the time I was relogging. I did hear what happened in our discord channel, from what I heard was that someone bassicly spawned inside our truck. And Skott and Chris gave multiple warnings to step out of the vehicle as we were gathering items to set up a base. So from hearing all of this I assumed someone was stealing the vehicle. Mind you the server was glitchy and laggy at this time as well. I did hear Chris and Scott react to wheter or not to shoot said person sitting in the vehicle behind the driver seat. Unfortunately since no response was given to multiple warnings to step out of the vehicle a shot was fired. I logged back on after perhaps a minute or 2 after the shot was fired. It was a very weird situation because of the state of the server as well and the fact that someone just randomly spawned into the vehicle according to Scott and Chris. And I can confirm that a dead body was found underneath the drivers seat. I do apologise for what happened but from what happened all I can say is that warnings were given and I know that neither Chris nor Scott would just randomly pull the trigger. I know that they felt threatened by the fact that someone just randomly spawned in the driver seat of our vehicle and that we got concerned that someone would steal all of our found belongings
  8. Born on the 5th of April '84, only son to a American mother and a Curaçaoan father, and the baby brother of 2 older sisters. Justin Rowley was always a very determined and a patriotic type of person and also a bit of a loner. At the age of 7, Justin and his parents went State side, Newark New Jersey to be exact. A rough neighborhood to start your teenage years in. Nonetheless he seemed to fit right in. A love for the guitar led Justin to The Juilliard School where he was accepted into the guitar program. Two years in the program Justin showed signs of promise, he found love at this time, Daniella who at the time was also in The Juilliard School as a dancer. - September 11th '01 08:46 - Waking up to a loud destructive sound. Everything he saw after that... sparked a fire in him. After the September 11th Attacks, Justin dropped out of The Juilliard School to enlist in the Navy where he quickly gained admittance to the SEALS, the force’s elite special operations unit. Military Life After weathering a demanding selection process, Rowley was selected for and trained as a sniper. Having served 2 combat deployments in Iraq. Being put on hold for the then ongoing civil war in Chernarus but never deployed as attention drifted elswehere. Served 3 combat deployments in Afghanistan. You'd think I'd seen it all by then.. An increase in tension around the Chernarus area had seen Justin's unit deployed to Utes garrison in April 2017. Words of an outbreak spread. July 2017 - US troops are deployed to South Zagoria. The situation itself is getting out of hand. Arrogance between mankind had been put to a halt and we were all forced to work together. Wether we like it or not. We were rolling with the US Marines that were being deployed to the Elektrozavodsk area. Our objective was clear. Get in country, Locate and extract multiple personell. Once the mission was done we were to link up with the Marines. We never got to complete our objective. Certain events.. forced us to go dark. The 16 man Seal team was off the grid and off comms....
  9. Born on the precious island of Curacao while my parents were on vacation. Grew up in Hawaii till I was 15 then moved to the Eastcoast, New York my new home in Queens. I remember hunting seasons like none other. At the time I thought of being a Lumberjack, just like my old man. It just looked so peacefull and to be honest just badass. At the age of 19.. out of frustration and no real thought of my future, I joined the United States Marine Corps. After certain events in N.Y. in '01 Things changed. I found my purpose.. or atleast.. it felt like I did. Had 2 tours in Iraq.. First the invasion of Iraq. Then called back to duty during the fight for Fallujah. To be honest I wish i just followed in the footsteps of my father. In '06 I had the oppertunity to be apart of something special. MARSOC the Marine Raider Regiment. I met my buddy Philly at the green zone, I can't talk too much about what happened... but all I can say is that Afghanistan is something else. After my discharge in '11 and coming back home. It didnt feel like home anymore. My father had died a year ago. My mother couldnt live in Queens anymore, it was just too much for her. Thru all these issues I met a wonderfull woman and the rest followed. We had a kid, Bella and life was good. I tried to work a normal job but It wasnt the same. Eventualy we decided to move to my wife's country of birth, Chernarus a peacefull place filled with amazing people.. and my god so much wood. I saw my father's dream. Just working as a Lumberjack in the woods. Pure solitude. Pure peace. Some much needed alone time, Johnny is like a brother to me. I told him about my idea and it just went from there. So there we go. I started my own comany. Prince Lumber Mills. Located at Запрудное (Zaprudnoe)
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