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The Mentos Person

"You got any mentos?"

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    DayZ announcement

    1% chance of a realy good update 59% a new map 40% new ingame features that are going to be glitchy and modders have to fix
  2. Samti

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    You gotta change your PFP doesn't fit with the red

    1. Saunders


      I'm waiting for my graphic designer to fix it, tomorrow morning 😛 

    2. Phoenix
    3. Samti


      It was better in purple tho

    4. Phoenix
    5. Samti


      It just looked better lol. Like it was meant to be purple you know?

    6. Phoenix
    7. Saunders


      It's going to be fixed Samti, it was better in purple because the purple was part of the actual music video, now it needs to be edited to red and opacity turned down or something. Waiting on my graphic designer to fix it 😉 

  3. Samti

    New survivor entry

    and enjoy your time here
  4. Samti

    Invalid Character Page

    Roland Just no, I'm not going to go too much in detail on this so not to break TOS but this is not the Fault of a new member of support or any standing support/staff member
  5. Samti

    S2- CL Deer isle 17 PM 21/09/19 Sewers in stonington

    Seeing @PropaGandalf has been online since he has been called in. He will be tempbanned until he produces his full detailed POV and possible video evidence of the situation.
  6. Samti

    S2- CL Deer isle 17 PM 21/09/19 Sewers in stonington

    Connection logs: 17:03:45 | Player "Troye Mansfield" is connected 17:20:44 | Player "Troye Mansfield" has been disconnected chat logs 17:21:09 | Chat("John Marshall": //timestamp Calling in the following person for their full detailed POV and possible video evidence: @PropaGandalf - Troye Mansfield:
  7. Samti


    awkward funny dance GIF Dance break napoleon dynamite dance GIF

  8. Samti

    Not really new just been gone for a while!

  9. Samti



  10. Samti

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    image.png.1dbda95d534b091cc631439ac5719bca.png < He's this youtuber! Don't be fooled!

    1. Inferno


      shhhh shut up GIF

    2. Samti


      angry old man GIF by South Park

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  12. Samti

    Staff Feedback: Samti

    Thank you for the feedback. Rest asured I didnt want or try to rush that particulair verdict. I meself also re-read the verdict multiple times and even waited a day after writing it before posting it with @Derek Steel his sign. HOWEVER i must admit besides derek and numerous spellchecks through spellcheck systems it was not checked by other GM's at the time which I want to asure you will hopefully never happen again. With that said i again thank you for your feedback and may you have a wonderfull time.
  13. Samti

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    • lukaszxe

    where are you?

    1. lukaszxe


      Working alot and playing other games that's all. I see you're still a GM is staff treating you well samti?

    2. Samti


      Workaholics Yes GIF by Comedy Central

  14. Samti


    Is my stuff bugged 🤔

  15. Samti

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    Previous profile was WAY WAY better :trolle:

    1. Samti



      source (1).gif

  16. Samti

    Hello from Wolly

    GOODLUCK and welcome!
  17. Samti

    S2 - Stonington Industrial - Killing complying hostage & Invalid Initiation

    A quick summary: @AndreyQand his allies @Wolfen @Conor, @BrianM @Mugin went into a base in Stonington Industrial which was owned by the accused ( @Drew7822 @Clay_Bridges @Johnny Navid ). Once they entered the base they got initiated on by the accused and some demands are made, During this, however, some shooting happens causing deaths on the side of both parties both hostage and aggressor Rulebreaks: The first set of rule-breaks I would like to address was made by @Clay_Bridges which involves the death of one of your hostages ( @AndreyQ), As we believe your demands are given to him where unreasonable which then led to what we believe was an invalid kill. Reasoning: before you held @AndreyQ hostage you gave the demands to put his hands up or he'll die but then soon after you followed up your previous demands with a demand that he couldn’t have possibly done due to our double mic-ing rule as he had to keep his hands up, which was that he had to radio his friends that they themselves had to put their hands up or he’ll be shot, which again he couldn’t do as he had the other command that he had to keep his hands up, which causes you to break the following rules: and due to criteria not being met: The second rule-break I would like to address was made by @Drew7822 as we believe he tried to use the rules to gain kill rights, which is called ruleplay Reasoning: We believe that you rule played and baited due the reason that you claim you didn’t want to be involved in the situation but we see you aiming your gun near the firefight or into their general area where people where, For what we assume was to get Kill rights as you had the chance to initiate but you seemed to have waited until they shot at you first which they eventually did leading to your death by the hand of @Conor Which breaks the following rule: The last rulebreak I would like to address where the invalid kill made by @Johnny Navid Reasoning: seeing only @Clay_Bridges Initiated you would not have any kill rights unless you initiated yourself causing the following rule to be broken: Before I move on to the verdict I would like to mention the following thing: The kill @Conor made on drew has been found as NOT-Guilty as @Drew7822 was aiming a gun during an active firefight causing him to die to his own ill considered actions @Drew7822 Please in the future do not venture towards active Gunfights and aim your gun while YOU yourself or others have not initiated on you because at that point any kill made on you will be ruled as non-Guilty as others shouldn't be blamed for once ill considered action Verdict: UHD/Invalid Kill (firefight)- @Clay_Bridges- GUILTY: 3 day ban, 10 warning points Ruleplay- @Drew7822 – GUILTY: 5 day ban, 10 warning points: Invalid kill (firefight) - @Johnny Navid. - GUILTY : 2 day ban, 10 points invalid Kill (firefight) - @Conor - NOT GUILTY: NO ACTION TAKEN signed @Derek Steel & @Samti GLITCH
  18. Samti


    ever felt like the earth should walk the moon?


    giphy (4).gif

    1. Eagle



    2. Gaden


      You have one too many mentos there Samti?

  19. Samti

    KOS - NWAF - S1

    Verdict First I would like to address that the staff has ruled that @G19RP has been found NOT-Guilty as it clearly shows in the evidence that the OP ( @ScreenedAbrown ) was aiming his gun deliberately towards @G19RP's ally's during the firefights, making us believe he was at the time part of the same fight. With that said however this brings me to the next topic at hand, @ScreenedAbrown Staff has ruled this report as a false report for the following reason, Due to your povs contradicting with the evidence given to us, we believe this report was made with malicious intent as you actively logged into a firefight and ran towards the area that eventually lead to your death and then a report, which we do not condone as report section are meant to solve rule-breaks made in-game NOT to get back at those who killed you, Due that reason and the one before we have to rule this a false report and due to the same reason you will also be found guilty of lying in a report, This will result in your whitelist being revoked due to you receiving a 7 day ban within the week of you getting your whitelist accepted Before we move on, I would like to address the topic of meta-gaming, First I would have to address the claim that hostages where meta gaming, seeing we don't have any solidifying evidence of the situation both in Pov form or Video evidence we would have to rule it as inconclusive on that topic. However for @G19RP you will receive a verbal warning for not double mic-ing the moment you mentioned to your allies that you just killed somebody but seeing the information doesn't give you an upper-hand in the situation we feel a warning is good enough in the hope you will double mic in the future. Result: False report/Lying in a report - @ScreenedAbrown - Guilty: 7 day ban, 10 points + whitelist revoked Invalid Kill - On Sight - @G19RP Not Guilty: NO ACTION TAKEN Metagaming - @G19RP - Guilty - Verbal warning signed @Voodoo & @Samti
  20. Samti




  21. Samti

    S1 - Tisy - Invalid Kill

    Verdict: Due to the only video evidence provided by @RiZStream regarding the initiation, we can not determine if the entire group was or was not in voip range of the initiation, and therefore we will have to mark this as inconclusive. However @HDragon we hear you call your death over voice but as we are not sure what is said after we will let you go with your FINAL verbal warning in the regard of calling out deaths, please in the future keep it to yourself or leave the call with your friends until the situation is over! Result: Invalid kill (Dalton gang) - Inconclusive Metagaming - ( @HDragon) - VERBAL WARNING Signed: @Realize & @Samti + notes
  22. Samti

    Should writing on notes be modded back in?

    From what I remember paper actually lasted a very long time, I can't exactly remember how long but I occasionally found my own stories back . For the rest of your question well simply If people found it or not, I wouldn't know until they recognized my name + I myself don't realy remember the stories after i've written them so i had no real loss during crashes
  23. Samti

    What are you tired of seeing most?

    Personnely i'm tired of seeing so many Military grade guns/Ammo and just alot of food laying around the map. I've stated this many times before but i'll say it again! , We need less guns/bullets and food so Groups become even more important + Group basebuiling and rping relations with each other would become even more important if you want your group to survive.
  24. Samti

    Should writing on notes be modded back in?

    Personnely for me 100% YES Birog Ross is a bullshite story teller and I loved noting down his Funny and random untrue story's for people to find
  25. Samti

    Hi guys...finally gone about making an intro post!

    Welcome to the server lad! Hope you have been enjoying your time hereç
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