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The Mentos Person

"You got any mentos?"

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  1. Samti

    Anime Profile Appeal

    you know roland can win by writing in the websites code how they profiles should look
  2. Samti

    Anime Profile Appeal

    Calling in @Roland for his Very important opinion on this matter!
  3. Samti


    eeey, This guy is through his Finals and I already know I didn't botch it up and succeeded with good points 😄 

  4. Samti


  5. Samti

    New UK Player

    Hello and welcome to the Dayzrp Chocolate factory! Wait no...i wish we produced chocolate tho
  6. Samti


    Going to say this before 100 messages come in, just focusing on studys for 2 weeks then im back 🙂

    1. FalkRP


      Stay safe 

    2. Mademoiselle





    3. Crim


      Who else is gonna close threads now? 😂👍

    4. Samti


      @Crimi mean i still can say //closed but this time i will get bad boy points 

  7. Samti


    I changed my profile again, thoughts?

    1. Osku



    2. Billy


      blink 182 wtf GIF

  8. Samti

    think i'm back

    Welcome back lad
  9. Samti

    S1 | Undisclosed Locaton | AOGM | 2019-05-31, 17:00

    @CamoRP could you please PM a staff member with the location of the base? thank you!
  10. Samti


    @Realize Could you Pm us with the location of your camp so we can find logs for it? Thank you!
  11. Samti

    Keep S2 Open?

    I still say keep the current system to prevent the community to be spliced over two servers during less active times because some of them just want to loot.
  12. Samti


    1. Chernon


      can i have hentai on my profile too

    2. Samti



  13. Samti


  14. Samti


    @NozzyRPYou following me yet?

    1. Billy


      Don't do it.

  15. Samti

    S1 Griefing, R4.4, R2.2 Eden 01:30 2019/05/21

    Alright, I’ll Keep this short and simple, After looking over the evidence and Povs the staff has decided no rules where broken. Reason: First things first were the original Claim of GRIEFING, The reason we have decided on a non-guilty verdict is that shooting guns is not considered griefing but more a way to defend yourself from being hunted further down the line by the person you just robbed. For the claim of AOGM we have also decided on a non-guilty verdict due to the crash causing confusion and as of last the reason why BadRP is also not guilty was because attempts were made to RP and to us it seems it was not only for the gear. Verdict: Dead Batteries | AOGM | Not guilty Dead Batteries | GRIEFING | Not guilty Dead Batteries | BADRP | Not Guilty signed: @Xehara, @Samti & notes
  16. Samti


    @lukaszxe mah boi!

    1. lukaszxe


      You'll make a great admin @Samti

    2. Samti


      U would make great staff @lukaszxe 😏

  17. Samti

    Ability to edit certain things on dead character pages

    This would be pretty nice as long as it's just the backstory and it doesn't break the character system
  18. Samti

    salam :)

    afcourse you posted on this one , besides that Welcome @dany1!
  19. Samti

    Been a very long while.

    Welcome back chap!
  20. Samti

    Character Cooldown Time on How to Join webpage

  21. Samti


  22. Samti

    S1: Invalid Execution/Stream Sniping in Kabanino - 2019-05-15 04:45

    A quick summary: @RiZStream first meets the accused in VMC. In VMC the OP gets initiated on by the accused some talking happens and eventually, a deal gets made between the OP and the Accused, after the deal, they travel towards Kabanino where some RP happens before @RiZStream get shot down by @MrPanda in the middle of the street. with that said, a team of staff members ruled the Invalid kill and the Stream-Sniping inconclusive due to insufficient evidence of @norway using the stream to get the upper hand in game and @MrPanda having kill rights or not BUT with that we have decided to rule badRP for @MrPanda due to the way he killed the OP as there was barely any RP leading to the moment of his death to a point it was only 1 guy talking in the street while the rest just stood around silently as we presume you where all discussing things on a 3rd party software (discord or Teamspeak) Rules broken: Please in the future Prioritise roleplaying out the situation instead of talking it out over a 3rd party software! Verdict: BadRP | @MrPanda | Guilty: 5 day ban + 10 warning points Invalid Kill (Roleplayed) | @MrPanda| Inconclusive Stream-sniping | @NorwayRP | Inconclusive Signed: @Samti, @Xehara & @Mademoiselle
  23. Samti

    Server wiped

    Oh shucks , Jk running without a gun seems to be more fun then with a gun anyway
  24. Samti

    Character Cooldown Time on How to Join webpage

    Calling in @Roland
  25. Samti

    [GAME] Rate the Persons Profile Song Above You

    Same for yours
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