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  1. Samti


    This was going to be one of my PFP but it's too big a file


    1. Osku


      So, no more mentos?

    2. Xehara


      Where are the mentos?

    3. lukaszxe


      where's the mentos?

    4. Samti


      Thank you for reminding me fella's

    5. Aeryes


      Compress it !!!

  2. Samti


    Welcome back
  3. huh, goodluck!
  • Samti

    Private Storage that can be broken into.

    This is just like Dayz Mod mod (not the old dayzrp mod because I wasn't here) days if I remember right, so yes +1
  • Samti

    I'll scrap anyone...

    I'll scrap YoU BRUV, anyway welcome to dayzrp
  • Samti

    hello new friends

  • Samti

    Temp Banned - Report POV

    Normally I would have to ask of you to create an appeal with the normal Format BUT you are right, I thought those Pm's where about you wanting your 7-day ban revoked, My apologies Appeal accepted sorry for the trouble
  • Samti

    • Samti
    • Chernon


    1. Chernon



    2. Samti


      It moves to the rythm of the song 🙂

    3. Chernon



    4. Samti



  • Samti

    Best regions for RP

    Everywhere is a great spot to RP, yes most of the time you will be Alone BUT you can always have internal RP develop your character when he's alone on the road.
  • Samti

    What kind of group do you want to see?

    I would personally like a farming group that supply's the settlements around the Map with food but my idea is kinda useless unless the devs lower the canned food.
  • Samti

    Opinions on this type of group?

    I think groups that want to get control or find a cure about the Virus should work closely with the loremasters and only do things like for example weaponizing the virus with permission of them. Otherwise it's going to be a group that is going to be stuck in one state that couldn't really evolve unless they change their core goal
  • Samti

    Thoughts on the Current State of Base Defense/Raiding?

    I personally think we need some rules to protect people from offline raiding or something like that sort, Maybe a cooldown but that's hard to keep track off
  • Samti

    • Samti
    • Falk

    image.png.d70265c254183e8bce87a63b3c3bc5c3.png 🤔

    1. Falk


      Just like me. 4k 💯

  • Samti

    S1 BADRP / Novy Sobor 10.04.19 21:45ish

    seeing @Steffaaan has been online since being called in, they will be temp-ban until they provide their Pov
  • Samti

    S1 - Stary - Trolling / BadRP - 10/04/2019 19:00

    seeing @Steffaaan has been online since being called in, they will be temp-ban until they provide their Pov and given the nature and number of rulebreaks he will remain temp banned until the reports are resolved
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