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    I'm back.

    Eeeey welcome back!
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    Bit late, but stay safe my son!

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      @Rolandhelp, this guy is claiming im his son

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    S1 - BadRP, Invalid Kill, 2019-01-28, 23:00

    a quick Summary: @Jasper was first travelling through Vybor where his first encounter with @YungBrandonRP happens, @Jasper gets taken as a hostage and gets demands from @YungBrandonRP he complies and then gets asked to be scarred he says no. After all this he gets released. @Jasper then travels on and goes to meet with @TommyGun_ [email protected] and then drive towards Kabanino for pants and a drink, once in Kabanino he gets taken hostage again by @YungBrandonRP some of the Green Dragons and is taken into a yellow 2 story building in Kabanino itself. Some activity’s go down and some talk happens and they get brought back outside where more talking happens with the people that were in Kabanino at the same time as the hostage takers, the talking then stops as @Jasper @puncture @Tommygun receive a beating after this @Blunts4_BreakFast gets involved he provided some RP and then there the RP comes to a stop. The first Time that @[email protected] meet everything goes fine, where things did go wrong though is the second time @Jasper was taken a hostage with his friends @Puncture @TommyGun_ by @YungBrandonRP @Sassyand some of the green dragons. @YungBrandonRP you shooting @Puncture was uncalled for and you should keep in mind this game is still very buggy and you should always keep that in mind and wait for a second (If it’s not an immediate threat to your life) before shooting to make sure it isn’t a glitch or ask OOC if it is bugged. With that staff has decided to just leave you with a verbal warning. For the rest of the situation inside the building @Jasper your character showed barely any fear towards your hostage takers, constantly making sarcastic remarks and disrespectful comments towards your hostage takers both IC and at some even OOC, with excessive OOC chatter that can be seen in the logs and video; 22:43:14 : Global: Gary Stiles: // his hands were down for less than a quarter second 22:43:20 : Global: Gary Stiles: //that was some trash 22:43:32 : Global: Brandon Young: // told you, you put your hands down you get shot. 22:43:42 : Global: Gary Stiles: //OK buddy 22:44:07 : Global: Brandon Young: // not your buddy stop ooc Once outside you continue taunting and giving sarcastic remarks to your hostage takers which you and your crew got punched for, at this point, I have to mention @Kermithsmith that provided TrollRP but no action can longer be taken as he was permabanned and @Blunt4_breakfast that Broke the new Life rule and remembered a situation that he died in that involved @Jasper @Puncture @TommyGun_ causing him to invalidly execute @Jerry @Puncture @TommyGun_ , no action can be taken against this as @Blunts4_BreakFast is already perma-banned from the community. Now a quick breakdown with the evidence provided: @YungBrandonRP Shooting the hostage due to a glitch 6:07 @Jasper Excessive OOC and Jasper showing disrespect and lack of fear towards his hostage takers Excessive OOC : 7:09 - 7:22 @Jasper showing disrespect and lack of fear towards his hostage takers: 4:30, 6:12 - 6:20, 8:27 - 8:38 , 10:14, 10:43 -10:50, 13:23 -13:25, 13:56 -13:59 , 14:56 -15:13 , 15:19- 15: 22, 15:45 - 15:48 , 16:02 - 16:05 , 16:47 - 16:52 Which break the following rules: The invalid NLR execution Of @Jasper @Puncture and @TommyGun_ by @Blunts4_BreakFast : 18:56 which breaks the following rules: What could have been done better? @YungBrandonRP , like stated before, you could’ve waited with shooting or given a verbal warning to the hostages. The game in its current state is known for being somewhat buggy and it would’ve been unfortunate for an RP scenario to come to an end due to one of the hostages being shot and maybe even killed over an uncontrollable game bug. @Jasper , you shouldn’t let the quality of your own RP get affected by your personal opinion of the RP around you. Someone’s RP not being up to your standards isn’t an excuse for you to lower your own. RP should always come first, no matter the situation or the quality of the RP around you. @KermitSmith , you could’ve provided better and less trolly hostage RP by not using the ‘Kermit the Frog’ voice. And lastly @Blunts4_BreakFast , Always keep track of your NLR timer and abide by the NLR rule, as to prevent invalid execution like these from happening. Verdict: @Blunts4_BreakFast | Perma-Banned, No Actions Taken. @KermitSmith | Perma-Banned, No Actions Taken. @YungBrandonRP | BadRP | Not Guilty, No Actions Taken. @YungBrandonRP| RDM | Verbal Warning. @JasperNVFL, BadRP, Excessive OOC | Guilty - 5 Day Ban, 10 Warning Points. Due to the fact that you are on ‘Final Warning’, these points will push you over the 30 point limit resulting in permanent removal of the community. Signed |@Banshee, @Zilly @Samti
  6. Samti

    S1: KoS in Zelenogorsk - 08-02-2019 15:30

    Summary: @Stannis , @Xavier , @Clarence were getting chased in Zelenogorsk by infected. As they get chased they hear gunshots coming from a Hill, seeing it as an opportunity they follow the sound and meet the OP @Leonard , Leonard then proceeds to help them out by killing the infected. Leonard then goes and checks if any more are incoming by scoping down the area towards Zelenogorsk. Stannis sees his opportunity and Initiates on Leonard. Leonard turns around hearing the initiation, tries to get away and shoots his Mosin towards Stannis while walking backwards. Leonard doesn’t hit him so he tries to run and Stannis kills him. With that said, Leonard, you stated in your Pov’s that they shot you without you even having a chance to defend yourself or even get a shot off. But with the evidence provided by Stannis and Xavier this was clearly not the case as you turned around, walked backwards and fired at least 1 shot before trying to get away. Making it very clear that Stannis, Xavier and Clarence gave you enough time but you sadly choose not to comply, which as you can see resulted in your death. Before I go over the Punishment I would like to say this. @Leonard , If you happen to be in a situation like this again where your back is turned to your enemy or if you are even facing your enemy, always think before you act. If you see they can clearly outgun you and you're not completely sure if you can take them comply, so situations like this can be avoided. For the report itself, I would like to advise you to think before making a report and ask around if you’re not sure that the situation you were in was breaking the rules and once you make the report that you put in a true and Full pov, because if staff finds out you have been lying/withholding evidence or trying to turn the situation to your favour, harsher punishments can be given then what the original was going to be. Verdict: @Stannis KOS: Not Guilty. @Xavier KOS: Not Guilty. @Clarence KOS: Not Guilty. @Leonard , Lying in a report, false report 7 day ban + 15 warning points Signed: @Zilly, @Osku-chan, @Samti
  7. Samti


    did you ever realize that buildings Don't make earth any heavier because all the materials were already on it?

    1. Shnitz


      But... but the density of materials gets condensed down a good bit so they actually make earth lighter if you think about.

  8. Samti

    Character Cooldown

    Greetings chinchompaa, I've reset the charachter Cooldown for you, could you check if that fixed it? Thank you!
  9. Samti


    Greetings, have you cleaned your skeleton today?

    1. AlanM


      Yes, I have brushed my teeth. 

    2. Goldy


      I even flossed them?

    3. Shnitz


      Shit, and I even thought about doing it this morning.

  10. Samti

    S1-Badrp/Invalid Initation Kabinino 02/09/2019, 06:15ish

    Hit logs: Kill logs: Connection logs: Calling in for a Full detailed POV @Puncture (Jayden Renolds): already posted @Gatorr (Keith Walker) : Already posted @Dusty (Matty Mayfire): already posted @Viking (Yuan ling): POV posted @1SWAT2 (Joseph Ehrenman): @Hollows (charles Hackett): POV posted @Kai (Tristen Dasa): POV posted
  11. Samti

    [SZFR] South Zagorian Free Rangers

    //Archived on Request of @Zanaan
  12. Samti

    S1: RDM in NWAF - 2/11/2019

    Looking over the POV's Staff has decided to honour the request of the OP and Close the report. //Closed
  13. Samti

    S1: RDM in NWAF - 2/11/2019

    Hit logs: [2019/02/12 01:25:53]: (William Foster) hit by (Tobias Richter) to Torso with Bullet_556x45 [2019/02/12 01:25:53]: (William Foster) hit by (Tobias Richter) to Lungs with Bullet_556x45 [2019/02/12 01:25:53]: (William Foster) hit by (Tobias Richter) to Torso with Bullet_556x45 [2019/02/12 01:26:01]: (William Foster) hit by (Tobias Richter) to Torso with Bullet_556x45 [2019/02/12 01:26:01]: (William Foster) hit by (Tobias Richter) to Torso with Bullet_556x45 [2019/02/12 01:26:01]: (William Foster) hit by (Tobias Richter) to LeftArm with Bullet_556x45 Kill logs: [2019/02/12 01:26:01]: (William Foster) killed by (Tobias Richter) Connection Logs: 01:17:47 : Player William Foster connected 01:30:11 : Player William Foster disconnected 00:00:12 : Player Tobias Richter connected 02:33:42 : Player Tobias Richter disconnected Chat logs: 01:29:42 : Global: William Foster: //timestamp minute after rdm Calling in @Enigma for his full detailed POV.
  14. Samti

    More gender neutral options when making a character page

    -1 for me. Due to personnel Belief. I won't add more then that to prevent this thread from getting heated.
  15. Samti

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    Welcome back! 

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