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The Mentos Person

"You got any mentos?"

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    Greetings fellow Game-master!

    1. Derek Steel

      Derek Steel

      Greetings grandpa

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    A New Beginning

    Welcome to the community david!
  6. Samti

    S2: Combat Logging/BadRP/Blackmail?/ Sosnovka 2019-08-05, 05:15

    @dondiddy43 & @Oskan you have been temp-banned until you post your full and detailed POV and possible video evidence
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    Welcome back!
  8. Samti

    How's it going? [Returning player]

    They are called the RP boys! they are a group of friends that identify each other on the forums by putting RP behind their username. anyway WELCOME!
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    Ayy lmao

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    S1: Invalid kill/Baiting/NVFL, Berezino - ~6 AM server time

    Verdict: After looking over the report and the newly found evidence staff has ruled a full Non-Guilty verdict. Reasoning: We simply don't see @lunathecat & @William89 bait either @Kain & @WongRP into anything as they the Accused either tried to leave OR requested for @Kainand @WongRPto leave but the OP and his ally's decided to stay and further the situation through RP that eventually led to @Kain being punched by @William89 which then eventually led into a gun being pointed by @Kainwhich is seen due to the situation at hand as a valid initiation as he directly threatens @William89 life. For the NVFL, we have ruled @William89 not guilty as it was a 2v3 situation that could have been a fair firefight that could have turned into either direction as both party's were properly armed Result: @lunathecat | Baiting, invalid kill | not guilty @William89 | Baiting, NVFL | Not guilty. A quick bit of feedback. @lunathecat, if you request a counter report we'll have to ask of you to open a separate report regarding that situation. @WongRP and @Kain Please always provide any and all evidence unedited when you either make a report or get called into it! signed @Samti & @Saunders
  15. Samti

    S1: Invalid kill/Baiting/NVFL, Berezino - ~6 AM server time

    after talking to @WongRPhe claimed you received the footage to use in the report before he got initially banned on Friday one day after the report. so may I ask why you didn't even bring up you got this footage in the first place?
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