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  2. Well yeah @Hardwired the groups may be bigger but Server population didn't become bigger after the rule change hell it even lowered! and when i ask around to people why they no longer rp it is either because they are waiting for a new update OR do not agree with with the new rules
  3. So this happend on my status updates After this I decided to make this thread now curious on what you the people think. should staff bring back dynamics? or would that be even worse then what we have now? The links fifhtyfootant used:
  4. I kinda feel....we need them dynamic groups back

    1. Samti


       "Don't you agree, @Roland? Give newcomers a chance to first get used to things with friends and family before joining an rp group,?Or just people having a family without getting pulled into stupid IC politics?  Yes i know in the past initations were rampent and so were reports... but that kept the server going and alive! Unlike now were we barely hit 60 and have to wait in queue like good old times! and by the by It was just on trial wasn't it? so what more damage can it do to change it back?"
      A nobody that has seen to many great rp'ers quit this community and want it back and flourishing 

    2. Roland


      Newcomers can role play just fine without being able to share kill rights. Kill rights do not affect RP in any way, they affect killing without having to RP, that's what they're for.

    3. Fang


      It makes no RP sense that each individual needs to go up to the person/group they're initiating on to get kill rights if they don't comply, it completely takes away any strategy for protection in the case the initiation goes wrong because every person needs be right up in there to do it. So yes, it does effect RP because hostilities are usually a big part of it whether or not you're in an actual group or a dynamic.

    4. FiftyFootAnt

      Just finished reading through the posts from the announcement thread. I don't want to rehash the points that were made, but I feel like the end story was: dynamic groups COULD be abused, so staff straight up removed them.

      I will say, though, that I found Rolle's response to RP concerns EXTREMELY concerning and somewhat disappointing. Basically it boils down to "there are already situations created by rules that are unrealistic, so we're not worried about dynamic removal". Obviously rules are going to overall crimp realism. They have to, to stop people from being twats. But "well there are already issues" should NEVER be a justification for creating MORE issues. If anything, it should be the exact opposite, Rolle: those issues you outlined should be motivation to fix immersion breaks, not create more.

      I did have an objection that somehow wasn't brought up at all. Several times, supporters of Removal stated that if you're with a friend and they get jumped, you can "just reinitiate". That this would create a "standoff". I don't know who originally thought this or what server they play on, but it couldn't possibly be this one. Bandits drop an initiation and you counter-initiate, you're just going to get shot at instantly because so many players have itchy trigger fingers. Hell, I've been shot even when complying because the game's animations dind't immediately register and for a split second it didn't register my F2 movement on the shooter's screen.

      Standoffs are great, but I only see that as a norm in an ideal world, which is a world where dynamic groups work fine anyway.

    5. Storm


      No point pointing out how flawed the rules are anymore. Just get used to them and remember when things used to be fun.

    6. Samti


      No that shouldn't be the case if that's the case I rather see the player count go to 0

    7. Roland


      The dynamic groups caused issues and were abused, therefore they have been restricted by rules. The same way how KoS or NLR is abused if not forbidden. If these things weren't abused and caused problems on the servers then these rules wouldn't have been added. I don't rules to restrict RP, I add rules to prevent abuse. So don't blame me for the rules that were a direct consequence of actions done by you the players.

    8. Storm


      A majority of 'us the players' would rather have dynamic groups and many of the old rules back rather than having this restricted safe space we have right now. These new rules make me not want to play, and I'm quite sure I'm not the only one that feels this way.

    9. Samti


      I mean dude...Like don't put us all in the same basket.  Yes some people abused it But If i'm not getting this wrong people who abused it got banned because We the players reported them or you the staff team cought them doing it. your rules are getting in the way of rp. Like i  remember back when i started All to most of my rp was dynamic based! Hell i remember groups popping out because a bunch of people went dynamic with each other for a while (Incudling my very own group: spectrum). Roland for once I can actualy say Dayzrp is dying and some of the newer rules are DEFINITELY NOT helping

    10. JimRP


      No, we don't.


  5. Memes


  6. Birog comes from a long family of people that can live upto a 100 years old due to their peacefull way of life even tho they where wanderers and often visisted war torn country's. Birog himself was born in belgium around the area of bruge, he went to school there until he was 18 then his family decided to move on and move to churnarus to be more specific.. south zogoria but not before visiting surounding country's once they finaly arrived in chernarus Birog would be around 30 getting tired of always having to do what his parents want from him he moves away for a while and he travels the globe documenting story's of people and afcrouse his own story's (some of them made up). once he turned 87 he moves back to chernarus a couple of days before the outbreak hoping to live the rest of his life there (wich would probobly be shortend but who cares realy). at the outbreak birog would have gone in hiding. Hiding himself until this vary day but now he has decided to finaly come out and surive with other.
  7. Samti

    SCREENSHOT OF THE MONTH CONTEST - Lakes, Streams & the Sea