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  1. why does everybody have Rp in their name Lady in blue
  2. Hello people of South Zagoria!

    Welcome lad!....I hope you're going to have fun here
  3. Birogs new face?...


  4. My characters outfits in a nutthsell


    1. Spartan


      He's armless?!

    2. Samti


      ....Sure @Spartanyou got it!  jesus you got that fast!


      *he whispers to himself* "you bloody idiot...I meant a black raincoat and some sort of Ak"


    3. Sleepyhead


      Your character looks like he's going to drop at apartments/school.

    4. Havuei


      True slav has hands ready to shoot Kalash and drink vodka

    • dimitri
    • Samti


  5. Warning warning: samti hopping in rp hide your camps and hide your barrels...Like usual ;)

  6. I had an short rp session in 420 pvp kinda lit


  7. Drunk Thread

    y'all got beautiful faces
    • Samti
    • RogueSolace

    I somehow manage to listen your Profile song in loop without realizing it ending up listening to it until i close the website xD

    1. RogueSolace


      lol, the piano guys are amazing 

  8. The Trek into The Warm Glow of Ground Zero

    *john (samti) presses down the ptt and and starts with a deepsigh* "Goodday the egghead called tivi its your old pall deaddiny here and i even advise you not to become a boiled egghead...*he shuckles* "how about you go back to hillbilly operations to help the people that are still healthy and need imiadete help?" *he sighs* "deaddiny out" *he releases ptt*
  9. What got all of you into DayZRP?

    Google search
  10. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Generaly rping with my charachter samti and also trying to make a 1000 year old charachter Do you prefer english breakfest or an typical french one?
  11. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    All the star wars movies Whats your fav kind of cookie
  12. Hmmm *taps his all his shins before speaking making them wobble as he does* "should i return to dayzrp?"

    1. Brayces



      Calculations say ... Yes. 

    2. dimitri


      U can join my buss company

    3. Samti


      Im a mortician not a bus driver xD but maybe easy way to have fun with peeps