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  1. A boxer of no renown, Shiloh hated society and the 'work ethic' of the everyday man. He fought because he felt alive and because he could get away with doing nothing everyday but work out and play. He wasn't very good but he won as many fights as he lost in his short career. He misses his mama and grandpapa, but they died early on. He isn't going to go down without a fight. He never did- unless paid to. Easily angered and brought to action, Shiloh got on the bad side of the bratva at one point in his life. His papa paid for his son's mistakes with his life. After his father's funeral he swore not to associate himself with organized crime or any groups from the underground. Now that the world has fallen to shit however, he needs adjust his views to survive.
  2. As someone successfully driven away by staff's "unnecessary post" policy I can say I feel it. I hop on the forums now and then to see the state of the union but it's still in disrepair. Will pop in game now and then but it's a shitshow. Last time I was on I was blatantly RDM'd and laughed at about it so I'm not too interested in that either. A community is only as healthy as the mindset of those in it. This community is witch-hunting staff and staff feel the need to defend themselves from every piece of criticism thrown their way. We will continue to get "unnecessary post" warning points until the forums die. Which it should. Someone should literally start a boycott of the forums and stick with it for 1 month.
  3. bigwiz14

    S1: RDM/Invalid Initiation - Stary Sobor - 8/2/2017 - 04:04

    You were also laughing when you shot and killed me. Random death match or RDM is when you make contact with someone before killing them without going through the proper procedure. It's exactly what you did. Twice. "My character is crazy" only gets you as far as the mentor page. You've been around for a year so I think you know better. In short it was trolling and RDM and seemed very much like you were trying to have fun with a last hoorah at the expense of others.
  4. Seriously? Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Examining the thread I suppose the 1st warning for sharing an opinion could have been unnecessary. But I shared an opinion which agreed with the post above it SAYING THE EXACT SAME THING. We were both JUST RDMd and I was a little annoyed my night ended up that way. I'm sure OP felt the same. So why is his opinion worth more than mine since MINE received points? And my second post was primarily to inform staff I was getting off for the night so they wouldn't ask any super urgent question of me and wait hours hoping for a response. Instead now I'm here writing this instead of studying because I got 2 emails saying I was warned. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: that can be seen with the attached screenshots. One is of the exact same thing happening back in DECEMBER where Jamie apologizes on behalf of another staff (that time a GM) who mistakenly gave me points for posting more than just a POV and "cluttering" the report. He says this form of punishment is a no-no. Yet here we are again. So after being told "you shouldn't get points for clutter anymore sorry about that" I get points for clutter. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like all 6 points removed and for moderators to be on the same page as higher up staff to avoid extra work like this as well as contradictory statements and actions. What could you have done better?:I could have stopped at my POV and left out the fact I was getting off for the night. I can also begin using my private profile from now on at the request of Lyca.
  5. bigwiz14

    S1: RDM/Invalid Initiation - Stary Sobor - 8/2/2017 - 04:04

    - User was warned for this post -
  6. bigwiz14

    S1: RDM/Invalid Initiation - Stary Sobor - 8/2/2017 - 04:04

    - User was warned for this post -
  7. bigwiz14

    S1: RDM/Invalid Initiation - Stary Sobor - 8/2/2017 - 04:04

    I heard the shots that killed the zombies as well as those that killed you. He runs up to me and I ask "do you have any morphine" because he was asking "where are you I saw you". My character is a morphine addict and was all 'i need' so I say "I'm over here in the storage units." He comes around and says he has it inside a teddy bear. I say cool and he puts down a teddy bear with paper in it. I look up all wtf and he says, "theres morphine in my pistol too." and shoots me in the head. OP please add my story to your report since it's literally the same thing rehashed with the SAME guy. My IG name is Roy Sterns.
  8. I enjoyed a ton of RP with various people on the forums over the past two days. Thank you guys so much (you know who you are). Can't wait to continue RPing with you since it's been so dank.
  9. Agreed. People can't assume you'll be offended or won't be offended since offense is something taken regardless. If you read something and it really doesn't sit well with you, you are free to say "hey I find XYZ offense please stop doing XYZ." I don't wanna call it tattling when you go straight to staff instead of adulting and maybe shooting a PM giving voice to your concern, but it's tattling when you go straight to staff instead of adulting and maybe shooting a PM giving voice to your concern. And maybe staff should see and take into account the egregious act of posting "issa knife" for it's face value. Rolle has given us reason now: because it wasn't in the right place. So now we know. Let Siorre's sacrifice not be in vain. #remembersiorre #siorreisbestwaifu
  10. bigwiz14

    In one ear and out the other?

    If being who you are can be unhinged with 2 words I don't think you were much of a man to begin with. Or much of anything, really.
  11. bigwiz14

    In one ear and out the other?

    I've noticed and commented on that in the past. One disgusting look at staff feedback and suggestions pages is enough to give you an idea. While they are doing their best they also vehemently refuse criticism. They're always on the defensive on those pages that it makes me think it's a roast forum. Nobody is perfect so instead of arguing with someone about "what could have been better" being done perfectly to begin with try looking at it as a suggestion instead of a personal attack. And if it is a personal attack then give them points. But by flaunting authoritarian power and acting infallible you're alienating the rest of the community. Do an internal review and judge yourselves fairly as well as your colleagues. Don't get disheartened and don't take it personally. EDIT As for victimizing myself I do not. I give my opinions as freely as anyone else taking a stance on the matter. The internet isn't policed so don't tell me what is or isn't a crime. This forum is privately owned to the best of my knowledge so if Rolle says "Pinocchio is not to be mentioned or will result in points" then I'm not going to bring up our little wooden friend. You're being "asked" to avoid using 2 words. If you can't be considerate enough to do that you deserve the points that follow. Playing on this server has always been and will always be a privilege, not a right. The Constitution says nothing about DayZRP and even if it did, Rolle is in FUCKING EUROPE! LMFAO You literally have the right to choose whether or not you continue to enjoy Rolle's community. I was once on final warning and I chose to continue playing. Hopefully you'll choose whichever path looks best for you.
  12. bigwiz14

    In one ear and out the other?

    I think more than not considering complaints it's a matter of inconsistency. I put up a ban appeal at the same time Andrey did for the same post that started all of this. It was seen to already. Mine which went up earlier than his has still yet to be seen to and it's exactly the same situation rehashed with an opposite argument. As long as I've been in this community staff have done their best and I think they're still doing so. The community is a lot larger than it was in 2013 I think and not everyone that posts on the forums plays the game (myself included because of work/school/hours required for a session). Everyone also seems to be very negative and nobody is giving a thought for staff. Do I dislike some of them? There are a couple I wouldn't mind getting axed. Do I think they're actually trying? Yeah. You can't expect >30 people to police <1000 without some inconsistency or at least a delay. That's what I tell myself at least.
  13. bigwiz14

    Is offending someone a rulebreak?

    There are 2 words on that list. Time to roleplay an adult and use soft skills to avoid using them.
  14. bigwiz14

    In one ear and out the other?

    Tru dat. And according to the 0 tolerance policy I think we have our answer in this community's case. It's the internet so people will have differing opinions. A lot of what iDubbbz says hits true to the mark with me but he also has little tact. He prefers to say things straight out and (often enough) causes more drama. He might not have a filter, but he's being paid to not have a filter. People like that side of him. They like hearing what he has to say and what he thinks because a lot of us agree. That said, his persona lacks soft skills. He'll always be at odds with someone over something because he can't just get along. Do I agree with speaking my mind? Absolutely. In such a way that isn't meant to demean someone else. Can I be mean? Hell yes. I'm not a nice person. I just don't think slurs have a place in a community with a 0 tolerance policy and neither does the server owner and founder of all this fun stuff we play on. But staff having to go through every use of these words would be such an undertaking that they'd have no time to handle reports, ban appeals or all the keyboard warriors taking this from 1 to 11 and trying to "pick fights" online. So instead why is it so hard to just not use the n-word in this community? Because that and the f-word regarding homosexuals are the only two words being discussed. Is there such a lack of control that you can't help but blurt out a slur every post? That said I like playing devil's advocate so here's a quote I really like to share. Home for the Holidays (1995)~ "Opinions are like assholes. Everybody's got one and everyone thinks everyone else's stinks."
  15. bigwiz14

    In one ear and out the other?

    You and so many others are so convinced you're offending people. I'm not offended. You aren't attacking me in any way by using a word you don't seem to completely understand. Just because I don't drop in a hard r doesn't make it suddenly 'cool' and 'hip'. Turning a slur meant to break someone down and using it as "another way to say friend or bro" is classic Tyrion Lannister logic. I live in Maine which recently fell from 1st place in the Whitest States in the US to 2nd place in recent years. Racism up here is very much alive because we're not exposed to different ethnic groups. We don't work side by side with minorities every day and realize they're just people. People where I live don't use the n-word playfully or to gaff with the lads. Everyone knows what the word actually means and whether you sugarcoat it or not, @Misty you're propagating the issue. If you really wanted to use it as friend or bro you'd use those words. The sooner we stop using the word the sooner people will realize skin color doesn't matter. But please, continue to spread ignorance in an attempt to fight off invisible "Social justice warriors" for the sake of "true social justice". By fighting against it you're becoming the hypocrite you so despise. EDIT: As a side note it's also against community rules. So cope with it since the person who started all of this has declared the use of the term to be point-worthy.
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