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  1. When I was nine years old, Viktor moved into the house next to mine. We were immediately best friends and were inseparable for years. When we got to highschool we were in the same cliques and hung out with the same people. We were nerds and both went on to the same College to major in Biology. Our sophomore year in College, Viktor’s family moved back to Chernarus and he asked me if I wanted to fly there with him and take the Winter Semester off to live with him. As he was my best friend I readily agreed and the next week we flew to Chernarus. He lived in a town named Vybor. He showed me around the town and we worked on our science experiments with some of the plants and animals surrounding the town. VIktor and I would spend hours searching the woods for plants that we could experiment on. His father was kind enough to teach us how to rig snares and catch birds and other forms of prey that we could then experiment on for our research. About two weeks into our stay, everything turned for the worse. When the outbreak started, we were both scared out of our minds. We boarded up the doors and windows so that the infection wouldn’t be able to reach us and his family. A few days later there were random knocking patterns on the doors outside. Viktor’s father opened the door to four sickly looking men with opens wounds all around their bodies right outside. He was attacked and overrun within seconds along with Viktor’s mother and sister. As Viktor and I ran for the back door, cursing violently as we tried to escape the soon overrun house, Viktor tripped and fell on the hallway rug. I hesitated and turned around to see the men were upon him. His arm was missing and they were working on one of his legs. Not stopping to look back, I continued running even as I left the town and continued to the wilderness. I batted tree branches out of my face as I sprinted as fast as my feet would carry me. Everything was a blur as I raced faster and faster, pumping my arms and breathing raggedly. Only when I physically could not continue did I collapse onto the ground and pass out from exhaustion.
  2. Greenie

    S1 RDM/Mass RDM - Kab Stary Road - 6/11/17

    Edward Greenie POV: I was running towards kabanino in the field when two men walked up behind me and told me to get on the ground. I complied and got on the ground, where they proceeded to tell me to drop my gun, which I also complied with. They then tied me up. One of the men pointed their gun at me, and then the other one proceeded to say that I was good and that they could leave. They began to ran away, at which point I pressed the ptt on my walkie talkie, which was in my pocket and communicated to my friends where I was. I then said that those were my friends and laughed as they ran. At that point I got up and walked towards them for a moment, then turned back and began looking for the items that I dropped on the ground. As I was searching I was shot, in which case I stopped moving, and then I was shot multiple times and I was knocked unconscious, and at that point I crashed. edit: In addition they did not tell me to stay on the ground, the only two commands I received were, "Get on the ground, Take your f***cking gun off, and He's good let's go."
  3. Greenie

    S1 Invalid Kill - Kabanino 6/4/17 00:58

    Edward Greenie POV I was outside of kab when I heard my friends over the radio saying they were in a situation in kab. I then proceeded to scope out the situation from outside kab trying to figure out where they were. I was also with 2eazy who shot and killed one of the men earlier, so I was being careful so they would not see me. When I spotted many of them outside the house, I crept forward slowly trying to see what was going on inside of the house they were in. I was then shot dead.
  4. Edward Greenie's POV: I was walking along the road when I heard someone in my radio channel say that there was a man in the house. Naturally, we all walked into the house to see what was going on. As I walked inside I heard the man say something similar to, "Don't come in here, I want to be alone." Brady proceeded to point at me and say, "I want to show you my friend Teddy!" Strawberry then opened the door and walked in. The man's gun was already up and he began firing. He killed Tristan, before strawberry then returned fire, killing the man.
  5. Greenie

    S2 Attempted KOS Green Mountain

    Edward Greenie POV- We were leaving Stary to go to Rogovo when we walked by the medical building and ran into @Wong. We had RP'd with him before and knew that he was a member of floor 11, who our IC characters do not have good relations with. Our overwatch in game also told us over our comms that he saw floor 11 (orange armbands, the only group we know who wears orange armbands, walk into Stary with a bunch of members. Because our IC relations are bad, we wanted to get out of there, we said our goodbyes and continued to run away. We ran past rogovo towards green mountain. At that point Wong began firing shots at us, and we could not hear him in VOIP so there was no initiation, he began firing shots. I ran from him into the trees for about 5 minutes. When I came out of the trees Wong once again fired at me without saying anything in VOIP and knocked me unconscious.
  6. Greenie

    S2 Invalid Execution Prud Castle

    Edward Greenie POV- We found a man in Kab and walked with him along the road leading to Grishino. We initiated on him and told him to drop anything that could harm us. I OOC searched for his radio and he did not respond. We then ran into a small group of trees North West of Kab. As I thought it was weird that he didn't respond, I searched for a radio again and proceeded to take it. We then proceeded to the castle and did our RP experiment on Erik. We decided to leave as we finished our RP. Brady ran outside and without re-initiation was shot and killed. Seeing Brady begin to bleed I ran back inside and ran to the top of the roof with Kwame. He then asked if he should kill the man and Brady said no. He proceeded to kill the hostage. We then argued with the men outside (RPly) until we went downstairs and Kwame fired at the man outside. Kwame was then killed and one of the other members of the enemy group ran inside and I fired on him and killed him. Another ran inside and fired at me and killed me, while I returned fire and in turn killed him.