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  1. My name is Dima, Dima Koslow. I'm a 17 years old "Ger-Russian" because I'm born in Germany, but my mother is from Russia. Before the infection, we were a nice family. We had a big house in the west of Germany, Düsseldorf. Everything was normal, till my grandmother died. My mother and me decided to fly over to Chernarus, Gvozdno, my father had to work (like always). So we went to the "Chernarus International Airfield", our fly was pretty nice.. But I couldnt understand the stewardess, she talked a different "russian" than I could. That scarred me.. But I wasn't thinking about it anymore. We went to the baggage-receiving, but before we could take our baggage, someone screamed, no one understood why.. After we saw the Cherna-News on the screen. I only understood her barely, she said something with "bite" "Zelenogorks" and that we should stay at home. And that she's being live at the situation. (Didnt knew the situation) While she talked we saw a blood soaked soldier behind her, the camera-guy screamed, she turned around and then it happened. Everyone screamed and started running in every direction, I've never seen something like that in my life before. I hold the hand from my mother so tight that I almost broke it, so long till someone broke us. I've loster her, thats all my fault, I had to hold her tighter! Anyways, I runned so fast as I could, just away from the terminal. After 10 minutes of running, I found some kind of school, in a small City. Luckely I havent seen someone of these.. these.. I dont know how to call them. After I entered the school, I heard some voices, I decided to move down there and look.. There was a door, it wasnt closed.. So I decided to take a small look. I saw some .. lets call them "survivors" Luckely.. they were in my age, also from Germany. I havent got time now to write.. Someone is outside.. knocking on our door.. If you find this letter... Please bring it to my father! 40210, Düsseldorf Emil-Straße 17 Peter Koslow If you read this I'm sorry, and I love you!
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