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  1. Alex McKenzie

    Alex McKenzie is a teenager. He was born in the United States of America. He's mother died at his birth. His father, Mark McKenzie, tried to escape the tragedy of his wife's death and decided to migrate to Chernarus, not long after his wife's death. Alex and his father lived on a small farm outside Novaya Petrovka ever since. Alex loved nature. He was quite the skilled bowman. His father taught him how to hunt. He learned how to make a bow and use a rifle. At the age of ten, a new boy arrived at Alex's home. This boy had come to live with them because he's father, a close friend of Alex's father, was unable to take care of him. This boy's name was John Miller. Alex and John became best friends, and his father treated john like his own son. Alex passed down what he learned from his father, to John. He taught him how to use a bow and a rifle too. In the year 2014 There was news of a virus outbreak. Alex, his father and John, kept on living on the farm, aware of the outbreak. Until one day on the 25th of June, 2015. Scavengers arrived at the farm, Alex's father hid them in the basement. The scavengers killed Alex's father and took all their belongings. Since that day Alex and John had been left to fend for themselves with nothing more than a Winchester rifle and some ammo.
  2. MS Paint stuff.

    That is damn good! Well done