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  1. Woke up in a house with memory loss, and lost alot of blood, cant remember what happend and who he is, nate now wonders around lonely and trying to figur out what happend, and who he is. he starts to remember bits of his past lfie, but still has alot of qustions that needs to be answered, and the biggset of them all is, who left him alone bleeding allmost to dead! he has been searching for answers for a couple of years now, and learn to survie in this harsh world, alone. He dont trust people, and has killed others to survie, and in his search for who he is.
  2. kzzkzz

    KOS - S1 - Vybor - 11:30ish Server Timer

    Danny POV: Danny was out running with francis, and they run in to pekko in Vybor, while i was in a room with pekko i hear a shot, and ask pekko if he heard it too and he did. i couln´t reach francis on the radio (OOC i was told he just got shot) I move pekko out on the balkoney, and tell the person who ever is out there, that if he tries something i shot my hostage. and after that we moved to another town. I didnt hear anything from the guy who shot francis, first after he was shot.
  3. kzzkzz

    To Danny Boy and others 57.2 (Private Frequency)

    *Danny hears the radio and listen to what C.J says, and presses the ptt.* C.J why do you call me on the radio, i live like 2 min. away from you little cabin? *Danny sticks his head out of his tent and look down at C.J small house, and crawls in again* But if your that hungry, come up here and i´ll cut one more toe of your foot and you can eat that, just like you did whit the other toe i cut of you *Realease the ptt*
  4. I tell you, they where there and they hit us
  5. *Danny sits whit his radio, and listen in, Looks towards his bag whit all his toys and press ptt button* Hello Mr. Daniel, dont know if you remember me, but im Danny, and just wanna say i cant wait to meet you! *Opens the bag and looks in it, and he starts to smile* I´we been collecting alot of stuff for me to play whit, and i just been waiting for a special friend to play whit! Mr. Francis says i need to find a friend, and i do belive your my new best friend. Cant wait to meet you! *Starts laughing and release the ptt. button*
  6. *Danny hear price calling for help, he smiles and look at the other guys running in front of him, and press the ptt button!* So does it hurt getting hit by a bat? I mean, maby now you´ll stay away when i play around whit my bat. *Danny looks at the bat and notic, som blood on it, and one of the nails is bent* Oh, by the way, you owe me a new bat! It kind a broke a bit, when you ran in front of it. *Danny release the ptt button, and start running up to the others in front of him*
  7. Danny sits in his tent, thinking on what happend today. It was a day filled with pleasure, and pain. Danny starts thinking about what he has done to the man today, and then he remembers what the doctor from yesterday told him. That he were there if he was in the need to talk. Danny looked at his radio. -Presses ptt button- Doctor. Eienstien, ohh i mean doctor Eisenhower are you there? I did something today, something bad... I think? *Danny looks at his hand with dried blood on them* I cut a man, I... I.. cut a man again, I tied his hands, took of his shoes and uhmm... I kind a cut off his right little toe... *Smiles a little to himself* I don’t feel bad, I enjoyed it... enjoyed the way the man screamed, the way the knife felt cutting trough the skin and bones, and the sound coming from the toe dropping on the floor. *Looking at his hands again* Oh.. and the felling of the warm blood on my hands... I.. I took the mans toe in my hand, and I.. I... kind a fed it to him... I made him chew it, and then swallow it. I know the man likes human meat so I guess it was okay? Was it okay, Doctor? I mean you told me I was a good boy? You told me I’m not evil, I just went through some hard stuff... But.. I’m getting confused, I got hurt a little, and know how it fells... But when I hurt others, I feel better and get happy.. but are the people feeling the pain I felt when my parents hurt me? -Realeses ptt button- Danny lays back in the tent, hugging his bag with all his toys, and smiles a little while he falls asleep.
  8. Danny´s POV: Danny was running whit Dima, while he was on the radio whit Ellie and the others trying to meet up. On the way Danny and Dima ran in to two guys(witch name we never got) and Dima asked if he could pick up the gun on the ground, and he was told NO! Dima said okay and we kinda wanted to walk away, but the one of the guys, said they wanted Dima gun, and Dima said no, because it was his. After that we got told to take our hands in the air and we did, and were told to walk to the little barn down the field. (thats where i started to record, but apprently it dint record my mic, but getting that fixed now) We walked towards the barn, and small talked on the way to get some time so our friends could get here to safe us. When we got to the barn i got told to put my hands against the wall and i did. The shooting started out side, and the guy in the barn just turned around and shoot Dima, and the me. All can be seen in the video i uploadet
  9. kzzkzz

    S1: mass rdm/baiting/metagaming 14/09/16 16:53

    My POV: The first part at the car, Danny was standing at the car and wanted to put som apples in it, when somone came and asked him to put the bag he has in his hand on the ground and he did. Danny then got asked about what he was doin and he told the man that he was about to put some apples in the car, and the man started to ask i he took anything, and danny said no. The man then asked Danny to take his jacket, bag, facket and pants of, and alex prob heard the last part when he came to save Danny. The man got shot and Danny ran to Francis to get to safty. After that Grabowski and he´s men came and he started talking whit Francis. Danny got told to go a bit back and Danny did, and met C.J and talked a bit whit him. POV, Stary Sobor situation: Danny was looking around town and the some guy started to following danny in a house and around it, so Danny made a little lie IC that the mane asked him to take of his pants, while he ran towards Francis and the other guys down town. The little lie helped and the man stop following him. After that they all went for a walk (Ellie, Danny, and Francis), and Jacoband C.J came running along. The guy who followed danny in the house, started to follow them and yelling that Danny goin to get killed and he was a dead man walking. Francis ofcource would allow that, so he aim at the man, and the shooting started. Danny was hideing behind a bus whit Ellie and the both was crouching whit no guns out or anything (Danny dosent even have a gun) Suddenly Danny get shot unconsciouss, but they wake him up and danny run up to the barn trying to get to safty since they were still shooting at him. He gets to the barn, and hide but they where still shooting at him, so he started running around to get away from the shooting line but got shot dead when he tried. The only reason Danny ran was because they where shooting at him, and if he stayed still he would die anyways. Danny dont have any guns and could never be a treath too them. After i respawn, i ran in to Grabowski, who had respawned in the same places at me, we where both at some garage, where he pulse check me, walk to the garage just in front of us, and turns around and say, put your hans up in the air, told med to stay in a garage, and wait. after 30 sek. he cames back and say im free to go, and run away. i came out and saw he had looked all the garage trough. But dint make any sence the stuff he just did, no RP no nothing, just pulse check and get your hands op.
  10. kzzkzz

    S1- RDM - Bolota Airfield - 17/08/2016 20:40

    It´s was me Mike. it was supposed to be in TS, but hit the wrong button. had just set the ts up that day, and i got angry, about the way they did things, and i hit the wrong button. A mistake from my site.
  11. kzzkzz

    S1- RDM - Bolota Airfield - 17/08/2016 20:40

    POV Mike: The person who ran up to us, told us to stay in the car and dont get out. After that he, said: You whit the door open (and sounded like get out, but not sure) and David said, yea okay, ill get out, and then the guy shot david. After that they asked us to get out one by one, and put the weapons on the ground, and i was the last one. I got out, and wanted to put my weapon on the ground, pressed 2 on the numpad, to find my weapon out and, then i would press G to trow it on the ground but got shot. Prob my mistake not thinking, and do it that way, but wasnt aiming or anything on him. but a stupid mistake by me probely, doin it that way.