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  1. *Hunter stumbled into an abandoned house, keeping a hand pressed over his swollen left cheek. He grabbed the first piece of cloth he could find in the room and pressed it against his face to staunch the bleeding, hissing in pain. He couldn’t remember anything, but he knew how he felt. Scared, for sure, frustrated, definitely. When the Corporation broadcast came over a dropped radio nearby. It said they would be taking guns away from the people. They were clenching their iron fist. Hunter scowled, then screamed. It hurt to open his mouth, but it just made him scream louder, voicing his hatred into the air. He collapsed onto a couch as the Infected outside started to wander towards the noise.* Week 2: I don’t know what happened. I woke up under a pile of Infected with a aching, swollen cheek. When I touched it, I could feel the hole. I’d been shot. I couldn’t remember anything past going to sleep last night, but now here I was. I heard voices a good distance away, clearly the people that shot me, so I started to crawl. I crawled into the forest and, when I was far enough away, got up and started to run. And now here I am. With a hole in my cheek and no idea why. The radio told me everything I probably need to know though. It probably had something to do with the Corporation. They can’t have shot me. I was an operative. A flakey one that was trying to fade into obscurity until they forgot about me, but still an operative. Which means whoever shot me must have known I was with them. I can’t say I blame them. I think I’m near Krasnostav. I heard there’s a store there. When the bleeding stops, I’ll head there and see if they can help me resupply. I need to cover my face ASAP. After that? I... I feel like I shouldn’t go back up north. I want to be with Riley’s people, they‘re my friends, but... what if they were the ones who shot me? Maybe I can convince them that I quit. It’s the truth as of now. People: I don’t know. Events: I don’t know. Times shot: 2 Times shot at: 3 People killed: 0 (I hope.) Cars fixed: 3 Cars wrecked: 2 Current nicknames other people have given me: Master Chief Solid Snake Power Ranger Reaper (From that Overwatch video game.) Castiel (Who the fuck is Castiel?)
  2. Thank you to both @Mr. Moon's group at the Safehouse and the few from Riley's group that came along, including Andre, Riley, Elle, and Dutch (I know there were more but I can't remember, sorry). That was a super tense situation that took a turn for the better and then made a U-turn for the absolute worst, but I had fun the whole time!
  3. Week 2: I have this weird ability to show up to a group of friends the moment they're about to go out and do something. Then they bring me along. Hey, I won't complain. It was the first mechanics group, which sort of... morphed and merged into a different group. They were getting ready to move out and invited me along with them. So I guess I'm with them now. We moved until we found a spot, realized the folks from the Safehouse wanted to build here too, then moved again. I was the last to leave the Safehouse folks and follow the group, staying behind to thank them for not outing me (they're the only ones who know who I work with) when Cho said "Goodbye, Zoom." Fuuuuuuuck. Thankfully everyone in my group was out of earshot. I can't help but feel like she said it to make sure I know they could ruin every relationship I have with a single word. No one in my group or the Safehouse likes the Corp. At all. And y'know what? After hearing about all the shit that's been going down, I'm not surprised that no one likes them. Really making me think about all that. I joined them because they said I'd be doing good. So far? Doesn't feel like it. When we got to the next town over, there was some more debate (some of us are going to split up. I guarantee it) until Riley got shot in a crossfire while killing infected. We had to go grab Cho to help him out. She prescribed him time sitting and doing nothing, so I guess the group's living here for a day or two. Jackson found a nice little hut some distance away he wants the group to use. Told me that even if they don't use it, he might come out here and live in it himself. People: Penny 2 - Found her when we found the second place. Friendly but pacifist. Hates guns. We found her some time later roughed up by infected and apparently dead. I'm not writing her off as such just yet though. People have come back from worse than infected. Riley - The actual leader of the mechanics splinter group. Or at least, the one everyone looks to for leadership. And the one that assigns people tasks. So yeah. The leader. He's pretty nice. I met him alone some time ago, at the airfield. We got along well enough and, well... here we are now. Angel - The builder. One of the guys that might splinter off and go his own way. Haven't talked to him very much but... seems nice enough. They call him the "architectural expert". Victoria - One of the Safehouse folks. She's nice enough, but she's definitely got that "get off my lawn" attitude about her. I don't really blame her, but I can tell it grates against some of the other folks' personalities. Still, she knows who I work with too and she didn't out me either, so... maybe she likes me? Fuck if I know. Dutch - Elle calls him a dumbass. He kinda acts like it sometimes, but he seems generally okay. Funny as shit sometimes too. Theory is that he's the one that shot Riley in the crossfire but, hey, I'm not gonna hold it against him. Things get crazy in a panic. Elle and Jackson are definitely holding it against him though. Well, Elle is. Jackson's just gonna train the shit out of him later. Events: -Moved out of Novo -Found the new Safehouse folks' location (I'm not telling my bosses). -Cho reminded me that they could own my ass if they wanted to -Jackson and I had a bonding adventure shooting guns -Riley got shot Times shot: 1 Times shot at: 2 People killed: 0 Cars fixed: 3 Cars wrecked: 2 (The second one was bullshit. Turned it on and it just died immediately. Soviet piece of garbage) Current nicknames other people have given me: Master Chief Solid Snake Power Ranger
  4. Week 1: Two years is a long time to be away from something, but it’s weird how familiar everything gets when you come back. Years ago, I abandoned everything here, fixed up a bike, and ran from my problems. When it finally died at the border, I realized something: all roads lead back here. Let’s break this little book into categories, yeah? I’ll exempt some shit too, just in case it falls into the wrong hands. Mostly shit about my new “job”. People: Jason - Fuck me, talk about ghosts of the past. Jason was here when I was, two while years ago. He was with the Jackals while I was with Sanctuary. Didn’t honestly think I’d find anyone from back then but... wow. We’re good friends now, no matter what happened back then. Made getting to know everyone else at the Mechanic’s shop a little easier. Kenny - Sort of the leader(?) of the Mechanics? Maybe? I’ve brought him enough nails and pliers that I can pretty much do no wrong in his eyes. He seems pretty on the level and organized otherwise, like someone who’d easily take a leader’s role, even if an unofficial one. Bodey - Some Cali surfer kid, just as wacky and overly-chill as the stereotypes say he’d be. And y’know what? It’s fun as hell to be around. He brings some levity into rough moments when even my puns aren’t enough. He and Jason keep reminding me I sound like Master Chief. Now I can’t unhear it. He’s also joked about getting me someone of my own to be with. Not gonna lie, he’d be a fun wingman, probably. Willow - A quiet, focused girl with the mechanics. She and Bodey are an item, even if he seems to get on her bad side every once in a while. Quiet or not, she won’t hesitate to tell you exactly what she wants you to do with the business end of a gun if she needs to. Doctor Cho - Met her while working with my new coworkers. We found her by the big space needle thing, saying she’d been shot. We brought her back to her compound (not fast enough for my liking, but hey, they gave me my callsign for my exceptional speed, not for being as slow as the rest of them). She’s definitely a competent doctor, and nice as can be. So sweet and kind that hearing her say “shit” made me burst into laughter. The rest of her group don’t seem too fond of who I work with, though she said I’d be allowed at her compound any time. We’ll see about that, yeah? Dakotah - One of Doc Cho’s friends. A real tough sounding and tough acting dude (I believe it). He and I talked a bit when I brought Cho back and it... made me think. Put some things into perspective for me. I don’t know if I should thank him for that or curse him for it yet. Penny - Cho’s apprentice. Met her in the compound and then outside of it with a new group. Quieter than Willow, just as competent as Cho. She told me her story about what happened before the Infection. A little bit of it anyway. Weirdly enough... sounds like she’s better off with the way things are now. Woody - A quiet dude this time, though definitely a military man. With maybe a hint of (righteous) bloodlust. Sort of spearheaded and organized a scavenging party of myself, Penny, Andre, and Elle. Got us into a violent and scary situation during that trip but... after hearing stories? Maybe it was justified. Andre - If Woody’s the serious one, Andre’s the friendly one. Smiling most of the time, works hard, and just like the rest, not afraid to get in a scrap. Sort of who I see as the defacto “leader” of the current incarnation of the mechanics shop (only because I don’t know who the actual leader is. Should probably ask). He even offered to let me claim a house. I’ll have to think about it... Elle - An angel with a sniper rifle. Angel of death, that is. Tough but chill combat medic that, as far as I know, did tours in Afghanistan or something before the Infection. Saw her punch out a guy in a makeshift fight club and win, saw her take out almost half of a group of bad guys, and I’m pretty sure I’ll see a whole lot more. Humble about it too. She’s also got a nose for valuable shit, finding things that the rest of us miss. Definitely someone to hang out with, even if she wasn’t a badass. Frank - Some guy Woody called to come help while we were getting out of trouble. Another tough guy, from Chicago (I think) this time. His actions definitely proved his demeanor though. Dude had us moving quick and quiet through places we definitely wouldn’t get seen. He’d obviously done it more than once. Reliable, witty, and frankly (heh) intelligent, he’s someone I want to keep on the good side of. Jackson - People sometimes teasing me about having the voice of a killer. Jackson? Oh this man’s definitely killed people. A no-nonsense black ops-lookin’ dude that’s quick to point out how badly I’m doing from a tactical standpoint. Gruff, dry, and kinda scary. But his heart? 100% in the right place. Definitely a “defender of the innocent” type. He and Elle would make a bitchin’ sniper/spotter duo. Events: -Found Jason -Found and brought back Cho. Bring her compound supplies from time to time. -Got shot. -Mechanics moved out and splintered. -Found first Mechanic splinter group. -Got into a situation. Learned that Woody, Andre, Elle, and Frank are stone cold badasses. -Found second mechanic splinter group. Times shot: 1 Times shot at: 2 People killed: 0 (Thank God) Cars wrecked: 1 (Fuckin’ trap-laying bandits) Current nicknames other people have given me: Master Chief Solid Snake Power Ranger
  5. Firestorm

    Potius Cras

    "I @Firestorm agree that while I am playing in the Potius Cras group CP, I waive my right to report anyone for KOS or attempted KOS on me under any circumstances. All kills on my character will be valid so long as my character is in the Potius Cras CP no matter how the character death came about. So long as I am playing a Potius Cras character that is working for / with the organization, or my forum name is on the group CP on the forums, I waive my right to report any KOS or attempted KOS on my character." //Signed by @Firestorm
  6. I was standing nearby with my gun out when the initiation happened. If it's alright, what I'm most interested is getting an approximate time that the initiation happened from the others involved. I had honestly forgotten that the initiation had even happened until this report, and didn't look at the time when it did happen. I'd also like to point out rule 4.3. If it makes sense for your character to do this after the situation defuses, then that's absolutely fine. I just wanted to remind everyone of that. Jason was also not online during that situation. I understand that you might have thought he was, since he was next to me when you fired at us, but I wanted to point that out too.
  7. 15 minutes? Absolutely not. Willow and I were there while you were initiated on, yes, but the time between the initiation and shooting me was far, far more than 15 minutes. We'll have to ask the others there for the exact time the initiation happened, but 15 minutes is a gross underestimation.
  8. So! Jason's POV pretty much checks out. We split into two groups and he and I went walked along the street to find a place to talk. We heard two suppressed shots. I saw a bullet impact on the road in front of us and suddenly realized that the shots were probably coming at us. When I turned around, I was hit by one bullet and died. One important thing to note is that, given my affiliation with the Corperation, KOS on me is valid. However, given the KOS on Willow, evidence suggests that this KOS on Willow smells awfully fishy. Thanks!
  9. It was fun going on an adventure with Bodey, Willow, and an old, old friend Jason. Sorry, I mean "Experienced" friend.
  10. pssssst.....hi

    1. Firestorm


      Bruh. Bruuuuuuh.

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      Brahhhhh. Brahhhh like whats happening brah.

  11. Firestorm

    Schnitzler's list: Everything you'd ever want regarding character pages

    10/10 best meme. I applaud you, sir. Don't do drugs, kids. Unless your friends tell you it'll make you cool.
  12. Firestorm

    Schnitzler's list: Everything you'd ever want regarding character pages

    https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-217/ Your sense of humor hasn't let me down so far. Try this one.
  13. Zombies aren't the scary part. Zombies plus lag is the scary part.

  14. Hunter has always loved speed. From a very young age he watched races on TV, no matter what sort of race it was. The sort that really caught his eye, however, was motorbike racing. His entire life was devoted to learning and practicing this sport, learning not only how to win, but how to be humble when winning or losing, and how to do it all with a smile. He would near constantly annoy his online friends with factoids and videos about bikes and racing. Finally, he found himself in the Czech Republic, training for the upcomming 2017 MotoGP race. During a week of downtime, he decided to take a trip meet some of the closer friends he had met online.
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