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  1. pssssst.....hi

    1. Firestorm


      Bruh. Bruuuuuuh.

    2. McDugals


      Brahhhhh. Brahhhh like whats happening brah.

  2. 10/10 best meme. I applaud you, sir. Don't do drugs, kids. Unless your friends tell you it'll make you cool.
  3. https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-217/ Your sense of humor hasn't let me down so far. Try this one.
  4. Zombies aren't the scary part. Zombies plus lag is the scary part.

  5. Hunter Niremaan

    Hunter has always loved speed. From a very young age he watched races on TV, no matter what sort of race it was. The sort that really caught his eye, however, was motorbike racing. His entire life was devoted to learning and practicing this sport, learning not only how to win, but how to be humble when winning or losing, and how to do it all with a smile. He would near constantly annoy his online friends with factoids and videos about bikes and racing. Finally, he found himself in the Czech Republic, training for the upcomming 2017 MotoGP race. During a week of downtime, he decided to take a trip meet some of the closer friends he had met online.
  6. I don't know how I feel about you following me, but welcome back I guess ♥


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      I mean, follows are polite. c:

    4. Joffrey


      I think I scum bagged this poor fellow a month back..  I'm a bad person.

  7. Your best voice

    My claim to fame is sounding like Joffrey. Which has led to some very fun and very hostile reactions towards a character who doesn't even know who that goofy motherfucker is.