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  1. Moral

    Leaving without a message

    Oh no, this is terrible.
  2. Moral

    Jenny [Open]

    -User was warned for this post-
  3. Moral

    Jenny [Open]

    -User was warned for this post-
  4. https://s3.amazonaws.com/policymic-images/ez8brtdomu8j3t94zzdyifklgpamkxviioadcpsbqt433sv1wbfgvpkpj5qirrbt.jpg[/img] A phone recording begins to play. Alright guys, here's a little update on that vlog before I head over to that Slavic dump Chernarus. Just getting ready to go to the airport now, it's about 4:20 A.M. and I have a long flight ahead of me. I'll see what I can do about picking up some Orthos like I'm there, heh, you like that? Yeah, Orthos are what I call those- those little minxes I'll be meeting down there. But yeah, we're going to get together, clean up some shitty bourbon and vomit-stained streets and I'll do my best not to offend any sensitive women while I'm there. It'll be nice, I think they'll need a man there to pick up garbage, it's a "man's job" to clean the streets. Anyway I better head out, but uh- I'll keep you all posted. White Mamba - Out. The phone recording ends. http://blogs-images.forbes.com/fruzsinaeordogh/files/2016/06/sam-hyde-screengrab.png[/img] Hand-held camera footage turns on. Alright, *he clears his throat* it's about 3:04 A.M., we just got in our apartment at this little dyketown called Elektrogorsk, this is where all the hot nun babes are at. *tchs, and then laughs* So my 'community service' starts tomorrow. Just hope some drunk inbred Slav doesn't shoot me. The footage then ends.
  5. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S1-MassRDM-NVFL-BadRP-8-9-1700 Why the verdict is not fair: Mass RDM was never my intent when I came across this group of people, I only wanted to help them but was met with raised AKs and nailed baseball bats. Never when I had that fragmentation grenade did I mean to commit undue harm to the majority of people, but I absolutely stick to my guns in saying the game completely screwed me over in this entire situation. I only wanted to roleplay, and I still only want to roleplay. The ban says 'by nature of report' however the report has been settled and in fact, I've already been re-whitelisted since then so I hope you can accept my apology and let me have another chance at roleplaying without having to wait a week. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: My character is helpful by nature, but timid and scared, often relying on his quick wits and cunning. What I thought to be a good distraction plan ended in this horrible accident. The game often glitches out in this regard, especially with thrown items while moving, by item-locking the item in the air or invisibly in your hands. If you've ever had it so you couldn't pick up an item for some weird reason, only to have to throw to be able to pick things up again then I'm sure you've had the same glitch. I'd like to add in this section that my ban was applied before the report came to a conclusion, so I'm not sure it's supposed to even be there or not? It just says 'nature of report', but this is my first time banned so please excuse me for not knowing. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: The ability to redeem myself in roleplay and out of it, and to move on with my life entirely so I can make this entire situation into a bad memory. To hope that people can forgive and forget, and to have a nice time on the server and roleplay with the many friends I've made once more. What could you have done better?: I could have, and never will again rely on a grenade being a crucial part of any of my plans. It's too easy to botch whatever you plan with them, and from now on I'll entirely rely on safer means of misdirection if I have to make a quick escape. (Flashbangs, smoke grenades. At the time, I had none on me of course.)
  6. Moral

    S1: MassRDM/NVFL/BadRP - 8/9 1700

    I'll have you know grenades you pull the pin on don't just 'detonate' if you stand idle. Until you throw them, you are still holding onto the pin. When you throw them, your character lets go of the pin and the fuse begins to burn. I threw the grenade but DayZ sadly, being the glitchest survival game I think everyone here has ever played decided 'Yeah no, lets screw Moral over.' Almost like it does every time I take a step off a sidewalk and break my ankle.
  7. Moral

    S1: MassRDM/NVFL/BadRP - 8/9 1700

    They pulled guns and bats on me, I was scared like a cornered rat. I tried to throw the grenade but the throw was too buggy for me to escape before killing myself, more than anything the grenade was meant to act as a distraction as of my intent I originally meant to throw it to the house across the street to grab everyone's attention: allowing me to make a speedy getaway so I might return to my group, Dima and Mark, so we can continue our travels. No harm intended although I realize my mistakes cost the lives of many people and for that I'm sorry. Regarding the "hero" thing posted above, I was saying I was a hero for bandaging them, not a hero because I was going to 'martyr' myself or some other religious iconography mix-up. However despite this, the fact so many people pulled guns on me gave me KOS rights I should bring up, even if me killing them was never the intent. - Thanks, Cletis