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  1. Ban Amnesty

    That's how I feel. I'm against a ban amnesty, but at the same time bringing back toxic elements won't make me quit the server on its own. They'll likely earn new bans soon enough anyway unless they've matured beyond their old ways.
  2. Desolation Redux Release

    What is this Desolation Redux you speak of? I envy all this hype.
  3. Constant Pvp and executions.

    Not being part of a group myself, my agreement with and beaning of the OP is based entirely on my perception that hostile RP groups these days (not all, but the most prominent ones) seem fixed on just delivering shooty bang bang RP without great substance. Admittedly that opinion comes only from watching the Reports section of the forum (I've thankfully not had to deal with it myself too much), so I'm hopeful that plenty of more creative RP is happening on the side when they're not initiating for the sake of initiating. Also, "just press F2" is the dullest argument ever, but it's also true. My characters will always do that, and I'll be laughing OOC when the bad guys have to wander off without another notch in their PvP-belts.
  4. Question regarding KOS

    Interacting does not give you kill rights. There has to have been an initiation for any kill rights to be gained, and those rights last for 2 hours. Initiations are aggressive actions that make it clear that your life is in danger (I.E: "Do X or I kill you/shoot you/turn your brains into a grey goop slurpy). These rights extend to your dynamic group if they are within 500 meters (I might be off on that number).
  5. Current Issues

    As long as you get quality RP in trade for your gear it shouldn't be a problem at all. That said, if some dude/s hold you up, take your gear, then run off, I'd say go straight in and report them for GearRP 'cause that's bullshit. Not knowing Boston myself, judging only from hear-say, I'd imagine that wasn't the case with his robbery of the guy in that screenshot.
  6. Anyone can perma any of my characters at any point in time, provided they earn it with proper RP and backstory. My dream for one of my characters is killing off @Otter 's Jim Recker, but my character is also of zero import to anything on the server or Recker himself for that matter, so I wouldn't expect rights to be his end since the backstory only really exists for my character and not his; I was just another random victim he never had to bother thinking about again, but to my character he's the devil. Twist that around and put my baby boy Coy on the other side, and I'd probably not accept a perma on my character on those grounds. However, had there been at least some IC stories on the forums that made the hatred obvious on at least an OOC level, I'd probably be fine with it. In that same regard, my other character (who likely won't see much more playtime before the wipe) wants to wipe out @C-J for some bad blood. Say CJ found out about this IC and wanted to make sure Francis was taken out before he had the chance to snuff him out. I would agree to that in a heartbeat because it makes sense to me that their shared history can end that way. Hell, if the story of a character grabs me enough and they catch a character of mine in-game, I'll let them gag me with a chainsaw, no problem at all. tl;dr: If it makes sense to me, anyone can permakill me at any time.
  7. IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

    No I get it, bans from the olden days might feel dated and unnecesary. Still though, people weren't banned for following the rules and being great for the server, so if they've changed for the better they should be allowed to post an appeal as part of this amnesty. In my opinion, that is, of course.
  8. Safe zone discussion

    If Skalisty doesn't work, I'd personally prefer something on the mainland. I'm no good with places, but I'm sure there are plenty of them to pick between. The Prison Island is too much of a swim for some trade RP, I think, and the lacking source of water would mean you'd have very little time to spend there unless you're stocked up heavily before even going there. SZ gets a thumbs up from me, but it needs to make sense for my character to risk the journey there, for me to use it personally.
  9. IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

    Eh, people were banned for a reason. Let them appeal if they want a chance to show they've changed their ways.
  10. Safe zone discussion

    Why? Because of the 50 (random number magically pulled out of my ass) heavily armed soldiers on guard at all times? We can't see them, sure, but since we're lacking mod tools to create NPCs with we'd have to use our imagination for that part. Which shouldn't be hard to accept, I mean... I for one accept that in DayZRP I'm a middle aged man whose allies are the goodies good guys around and all he actually wants to do is see what their intestines look like. I also accept that I'm not scared off by a pack of undead trying to eat me. Hell, I even accept that in a random little town I might find weapons everywhere around me even a few years into the apocalypse, and when I come back to that town a couple days later, a bunch of new weapons have magically appeared. That's without even mentioning the fact that when I die, I actually just crawled to a random spot on the coast and nursed my wounds (I also lost my clothes and found new ones, even shoes). As I mentioned earlier: If we accept that the game has restrictions not allowing the SZ to have the visual representation of a major force, the rules of the SZ become a non-issue.
  11. Safe zone discussion

    I understand the basis of your argument, but I disagree with it. It's not everyone else's job to be targets for you. Yes, I know that's a major over simplification of what you meant, but to me that's what it comes off as at first glance. Hostile RP is not going to vanish because of this, and everyone won't be sheltered away on Skalisty (if they were, I imagine @Rolle would change it real fast as that would be detrimental to the community as a whole, some conflict is needed after all). Even if all the goody goody campfire people were to sit around on Skalisty, what's stopping you from targetting other bandit groups? Hell, they'll probably provide bigger challenges in the PvP aspect of being a bad guy, and you might actually get challenged more consistently. Judging from the people who seem almost angered by this addition to the community, I'd even wager that you'll see none to few of them ever going anywhere near the SZ. Plenty of targets, just not the ones who want nothing more than to sit around and chat in character, and let's be real, those are hardly the best victims to find for some good ol' bad dude RP anyway since they really don't want to be there. You're using a false premise here, Matt. Skalisty won't be housing everyone on the server. As I've mentioned a few times now, even if all the good guys went there (they won't), you'll still have all the other bandit players to do hostile RP with. No one is forcing you to go to Skalisty. You won't have to go to Skalisty to meet people. You can still do everything you're doing now, you just can't do it on Skalisty. One island out of the entire map. I know this wasn't a response to me, but I'd like to draw a parallel to another RPG I used to play online (Neverwinter Nights). That server had cities in which you couldn't attack other players, and while you could certainly slaughter your way through people when no DM was around, you'd be breaking the rules and earn a ban. Obviously they had DM Tools and a server that allowed them to place guards in those cities, but when a level 30 wizard with the ability to stop time and murder everyone around him decides to kill people, he fucking kills people, so those 4-6 guards that were there for show couldn't really do shit (until they turned them into unkillable monsters). The ruling then became that there were in fact several guards everywhere, but due to server loads they simply weren't there on our screens. Which finally brings me to my point! Simply accept that the SZ is a place held by a group so powerful that no gathering of bandit groups could ever dream of taking it. Accept that as the lore, and it makes perfect sense why groups X and Y are standing there, all enemylike and badass without doing a damn thing; They know they'll die if they break the rules, and no one wants to die. That's how simple it is to me, and could be for everyone. All it takes is accepting it and going about RP as usual.
  12. Safe zone discussion

    I'm curious, not just with you, Undead, but with everyone who is absolutely against this SZ idea; Why is it such an issue? Do you (read: everyone against this) feel like you're being robbed of your chance to, what, go to Skalisty to RP? I can honestly say that I have no idea about the answer to this, but do you often go to Skalisty to do hostile RP? What is it that makes it so terrible that a sub-section of the community gets a safe haven, far away from where most people usually hang around, where they can do their campfire RP without having to fear getting robbed/tortured/kidnapped? Is it purely a matter of principle? If so, I can understand that! But knowing that this is, from the looks of what Rolle is writing, absolutely going to happen, just makes it seem to me that debating the matter is obsolete. Be against it, sure, but make suggestions that make it more bareable to you all rather than just saying, "no, no, no!" I feel like if anyone might have some suggestions to improve on this it would be the bandit community who can't ply their trade there.
  13. Safe zone discussion

    KronikMunky said it best, I think, with, "what's the problem?" While I certainly don't regard hostile role players as "big boy PvPers," I find it hard to not to agree with what Rolle says in that a lot of people seem to be here for PvP without KoS. To some extent that doesn't even bother me all that much, because as anyone who has ever captured me will likely tell you, I don't get bitchy about getting captured, robbed, tortured, or anything else. As long as you put in the RP, you can have your way with me any way you want. The way I see the safe zone is that it brings another option for the people who get sick of constant initiations and torture, and I don't think it's a problem to cater to those players just as well as the server caters to the more PvP-happy crowd. Hell, if they want to make a permanent move to Skalisty (my vote for it out of the two islands) then I'm cool with that, too. I'll certainly be going there to enjoy some trading, chatting, gathering information, scouting possible future targets, etc. This doesn't in any way hinder the fun you can have anywhere else on the server, and if you feel as though this takes away some of your potential targets, I'd suggest you simply look for targets elsewhere. Bad guys attacking bad guys (in my experience) brings about much more change and great RP than bad guys going after good guys all the time. Suddenly people have to face the decision of, "wait, whose side am I on here? The Renegades or The Clowns?" That's a shitload more morally problematic than Renegades VS Outrun ever was, and to me that makes it all the more interesting. As for suggestions for the SZ... I don't know, I'm not necessarily great with balancing rules. I would like to see less rules in regards to verbal hostilities, perhaps even fisticuffs, but I'll wait and see what makes sense to me once I get my eyes on the lore of the group that runs the place. All in all this looks like a good thing for the server, I think, and I can't wait to see it up and running.
  14. I recently had an encounter with Gustav from Scandinavia that had me in stitches (as the audio part of @Sam Fields video about the incident will prove). It was absolutely hillarious, and definitely the most fun I've had on DayZRP. That said, my favorite moment here was a string of smaller moments that became the foundation of a small brotherhood that ended before it ever truly began. Jim Recker and his "recking crew" took captive my character and five others, and by doing so he created a small group we liked to call The Silver Lining. It consisted of Sam, Mikey, Alex, Arty, Coy, Bradley, and James, and, though they never made their big mark on the world, they made sure I had a blast during my earliest days on DayZRP, and made sure that I found myself a couple new friends on the OOC side of things. Coy's greatest wish for a long time was to kill Jim Recker, but he never had the chance to do it. Later Mr. Black took on the role as enemy number one, after he killed Sam in front of Coy and made him bury the body, but Recker is still ever present in the head of the Backstreet Boys loving dude. So thanks for that, Jim.
  15. IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

    Looks good! I'm fine with there being a safe zone, to be honest, I don't need for everyone on the server to be a constant potential target for me, and when I'm feeling evil I'll just look elsewhere. If all the "goody goodies" are campfiring in the safe zone I'll just go be bad to someone else who's bad. Hell, it might mean that some of the usual "victims" get to RP in peace every now and then, nothing wrong with that.