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  1. Whatchu want, @Osku, my Finnish brother? Oh, a Danish thread. Yes, I am that. No, I'm not here anymore. Just popped by. Peace!
  2. Uh, thanks. That definitely wasn't me, though. I don't play.
  3. Do you know who I am, I'm fuckin Tony Moretti.

    Good to have you back

    1. LeaveOrDieRP


      And *cough cough* I'd figure you'd come back soon enough

    2. Dakotaen


      You and your figuring. I'll take. it, bb. ❤️ Now let's go to the fucking Wendy's, MY DOOD!

    3. FaeLR


      Wow, Banks. Wow.

    4. Dakotaen


      Dako > Genj'. Known facts.

    5. LeaveOrDieRP


      @GenjiRP you know this man needs a public welcoming or he'll lose it. Genji deff > Dako in more ways than one. ?

    6. Dakotaen


      I hate you.

    7. JimRP
    8. FaeLR


      Image result for hugs gif

      Love u Banksy

  4. tumblr_mjjbrgej281r157n0o1_400.gif

    1. FaeLR



    2. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      Has he returned?

    3. Zomby




    4. GalloWB


      You followin' me?

    5. Dakotaen


      Hell naw, mang.

    6. GalloWB



  5. Remember denmark?

    1. FalkRP


      no u

    2. KennethRP


      Never man.

    3. Dakotaen


      Denmark is best country.

    4. Malet


      What is a denmark?

    5. Dakotaen


      Denmark is greatness.

  6. no more staff?

    1. Dakotaen


      Nah, I'm not invested enough for me to take up a position like that. Might as well let someone have it who wants to do the job.

  7. Happy birthday, beautiful boy. ❤️

    1. DrMax


      Thank you! Miss you ?

  8. We share a birthday! Yay, this pleases me!

    Congratulations, Boats!

    1. Jade


      We do! Happy birthday to you ? !!!

  9. Happy birthday old man


    1. Dakotaen


      Please, take me to the void.

  10. Happy birthday??? ?

    1. Dakotaen


      Quiet, you,  no one needs to know about that. 



    2. Mando


      Well rip too late  ?

  11. Blue, I've told you this before on a few occations, and I'll tell you again: You managed to play one of my favorite gaming villains of all times (not just in an RP sense). You're a great guy on the side, too, and I have no doubts you'll continue to be just that. We'll still talk, and I know I'll get to see Asher elsewhere, too. Stay fresh out there, my boy.
  12. Welcome to DayZRP, I hope you have a great stay here! ?
  13. Hi there, Derrick! Let me see if I can't help you out here. 1. Yes, you can mine rocks and build fancy fireplaces. Finding the right ones can be a bit of a pain (that's why I don't do it myself), but it is very possible. 2. Yes, absolutely, but they can be somewhat hard to find. 3. Barrels and tents are persistent and won't go away until the server is wiped from them at the beginning of every month. Cars are different, I believe, and have to be used within (maybe?) a week, or they'll despawn. 4. Best solution I've been able to find myself is to drive in first person, that saves me a lot of stress. I hope that answers your queeries well enough. If more technical detail is needed, I'll make sure to ask someone more tech savvy than myself to check in. ?
  14. The rules look good, very much cut down and with the fat trimmed. 3.4 - Let's go back to forgetting everything. People remembering basically did little more than create cycles of revenge killing, and while some will surely be told IC who did whatever to them, I think forgetting might cut back on endless PvP for vengeance. 4.1 - I'm good with either, but I (think) I voted for not having IC reasons as a necessity. As much as I want RP to be at the forefront of everything, robberies from strangers aren't inherently bad, and the RP they bring with them can be perfectly great. I will say, though, that I hope for very little leniency when it comes to bad RP reports of incidents involving stick-ups, so a standard is set early on.
  15. I can see possibilities in all these options, but personally I'd love to see a new lore with "down the line" goal for people to work towards (or against). The open ended RP is great, and I enjoy seeing people's stories unfold, but I wouldn't mind seeing something entirely new on DayZRP. As for wipes and all that, I have to admit, I don't expect much to be different after a couple months, either, but that's not to say that I would be against it happening. I missed out on the last wipe, so to me personally it could be a fun experience.
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