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  1. When @Spartan saves you from drowning in the hell of "no status updates."


    1. Samaritan


      Welcome back to the status update privilege.

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    3. Wulf_jon
    4. Dakotaen
  2. What do you collect?

    Banned friends.
  3. Cya

    Smell you later, gator.
  4. I should be real clear though; I'll only be around till 5:45 PM EST. It's DnD night with the gangsters.
  5. @Wyoming - North/South American connection, bb?
  6. Roleplay, players, conflicts. Honestly, the whole war on Anarchy is driving me more than anything at the moment.
  7. REPORT: Powergaming, Metagaming, Castle Winterfell, E7/S7

    How dare you, @Chewtoy, that meme will never die!
  8. REPORT: Powergaming, Metagaming, Castle Winterfell, E7/S7

    How the hell has no one, honestly, called in @LouieRP for his POV? I am so fucking disappointed in you plebs.
  9. I just generally ignore the radio chatter threads. Most of it is just the same boring big dicking jibber jabber day in and day out, and much of the rest is shit that (while good!) has nothing to do with me, so I leave it to the people it matters to.
  10. Alexa dead

    Not too long ago I had to see that suck fuckin' Hondo boy threaten Alex with a fuckin' chainsaw, screamin' at her to stop cryin' when he made sick fuckin' threats to her. All because she wouldn't give over her fuckin' gun. Sal lets go of the PTT and takes a moment to stay composed. Though mostly succesful, had anyone been near him they would see a tremble in him. We all got outta that shit alive, but I don't think I've seen Alexa since. Now I won't, ever, and that ain't okay with me. Alexa was good, she was kind, and she was not part of this fuckin' war, even if you boys did your best to drag her into it. Another break to compose himself fails, and though he doesn't resort to downright screaming, he leaves no uncertainty of his anger. This took it too far, and you will pay in fuckin' blood, you no honor havin', ADHD-stricken, noodle dick sportin', shit for brains gang o' fucks. Boris, that fuckin' voice will end you, 'cause there ain't no fuckin' hidin' that shit in the crowds around these parts. Silence for another moment. Sal shakes his head, knowing full well that he let his emotions get the better of him. He calms himself as well as he can again. To the rest of Anarchy; I know you boys have a hard-on for this fuckin' war, but that man will turn this war into a slaughter on your people. The blood on his hands will fuckin' bolster our numbers. Hand him over to us, that shit might buy you some fuckin' time. And to Moretti, who now takes up arms with the boys who killed his old friends, from what I hear, and now kill women with fuckin' pride; You'll want to get the fuck outta there before your old friendships can't save you no more. He lets go of the PTT and pockets the radio. For a time he remains more or less frozen in place, and when he leaves it is with exhaustion in his walk. Whenever the radio lets out a noise he listens intently, but he knows well enough to not let himself lose it as easily again.
  11. Greifing of tents

    I agree with the sentiment that this destroys some RP opportunities that could be pretty fucking cool, but it's just one of those things that won't change. Tents, and camps in general, are fair game, and it's only griefing if they just toss what they find on the ground. Personally, I wouldn't dream of fucking with a camp like The Railroad's, because all you guys do is provide RP possibilities, but in all fairness that is a very OOC choice on my part, so others taking whatever the fuck they want is honestly more "correct." But yes, it sucks.