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  1. The Drunken Scotsman

    The Rattray Corporation Open Comms [101.1]

    *Gordon presses the PTT button* "You know i am just saying mate i dont care what yer beef with Angus might be, am just saying if your coming looking for me first well lets just pal you better have a lot of freeeeee time on your hands, cause your really gonna fecking need it. its one dam big fucking country, but even then still some what doable. Now when you start throwing some of the neighbouring country's into the shit show you now face well ..... your shit show just got a serious fecking upgrade. Anyway bud, if your gonna make threats to my life when it comes to Angus you should have asked dose your bro even spend much time in the country. ehh awnser .... NAW MATE HAHA talk about one big fuck up in your little itty bitty plan to scare Angus into giving you shit. mind you your boys have never even seen my coopin so how the fuck were you planning to recognise me you gonna hold up every fucker ye meet EVEN BIGGER SHIT SHOW. HAHAHA well i best let you and you merry men get to searching. good luck *before releasing Gordon would let out one last belch of laughter then let go of the PTT*
  2. The Drunken Scotsman

    Important Meet-Up [OPEN COMS.]

    *Presses the PTT* "In the mono tone of a voice mail system" Welcome to the snake-rat corporation voicemail system. The person you're trying to reach can't take your call right now, due to being caught and having his grey matter emalgamated with a metal support beam. After the beep please cry like a little bitch. *Releases the PTT*
  3. The Drunken Scotsman

    DnD Night Series?

    sounds fun i would be up for a few games
  4. Pre-Outbreak While Gordon is the elder of the two brothers, they’re often mistaken for identical twins. The only noticeable difference between them is their height. Born to decent upper middle-class parents, they had every opportunity growing up. They went to the best schools, played a lot of rugby, and went to the University of Edinburgh. Gordon got his Master’s in International Politics , while Angus got himself a Master’s in Business Economics. That, of course, was only what they did on the surface. They started early on, stealing candy and the like from the local convenience mart and selling it at lower prices. By the time they were 12 they’d moved on to cigarettes. By the time they were teenagers, they had worked out a way to get their hands on booze. In their late teens, it was weed. In secondary school they had moved to selling anything they could get their hands on, which ranged from heisted flat-screen TVs to cocaine. They had friends in low places, and due to their stellar performance in school, Army Cadets, and all their volunteer work, nobody ever suspected them. They were the poster-children of model young men. The rumors flew, of course, but nobody would ever take them seriously. The authorities all just figured it was the less popular and talented children spreading rumors. The truth was, by the time Gordon was 19 (and Angus was 17) they ran an acquisition and distribution network that spanned from Inverness to Liverpool. London was...too hot, and also controlled by the bigger syndicates. Most likely, the key to avoiding suspicion was that they never flaunted their money. By the time they hit University, they had enough smarts to start up a car wash (using a startup loan from a local bank) and turned it into a booming business, then a chain, then branched off into buying up fast food franchises...the perfect fronts to embezzle their ill-gotten gains. The day that Angus graduated, they formed Rattray Holdings, a corporation to handle all of their various business interests. Life was good. The Move to Chernarus 2015 was the first year that law enforcement first took an interest in the brothers and their corporation. One of the “managers” of the “fine commodity distribution” sector of the business sent the wrong dealer to the wrong deal. That dealer talked, and MI-5 raided the manager’s estate. Thankfully, the manager didn’t talk, but his association with the Rattray brothers caused them no shortage of troubles. Scrambling had to be done to send their non-public assets to new locations and reorganize. It worked, thankfully, mostly in part to the efforts of the President of the company, Jared Lockwood. He had come over from the States in early 2003 and run with the brothers ever since. They were able to get everything organized, seemingly just in time. MI-5 finally left them alone by the end of 2016, but the brothers knew they wouldn’t stay gone. They had to go somewhere out of the reach of MI-5. Jared and Gordon had developed contacts all over the world to bring in the best products. It was Jared who had suggested Chernarus, the place from which they got most of their weapons and a good deal of kush. The brothers agreed, and arrangements were made. By the time their boots hit Chernarussian soil in the bitterly cold January of 2017, they had everything already prepared. The corporation in the UK would effectively run itself, commanded by trusted “managers.” The true headquarters, however, was to be in Elektrozavodsk.
  5. The Drunken Scotsman

    From the Entirety of Storm Front

    Well brother what can i say man i will miss you on here man you may be gone but you shall never ever be forgotten (i already killed for you)
  6. The Drunken Scotsman

    S2 Killing of Compliant Hostage/Metagaming

    And yet he still said he seen FIVE guys roll up on you as for clutch at straws everyone involved on my side of this report agrees so i ask you how am i clutching when i can clearly point this all out also it is NVFL as i am sorry FIVE verses 1 is i dont know VERY WELL OUT NUMBERED. you were killed because you were with Noah in a dynamic group and even in character this was clear to us so when he started shooting we put you down as keeping you alive would have put us at risk while trying to you Sniper as i said he was part of the situation we knew he was there and he should not have shot the hostage rules i mentioned apply very clearly your man was botha hostage and a rescuer we might not have taken him but he was within 500 meters and ALONE agenst FIVE other that he knew off Noah King [Crow] Pov as Elliot aka @Lego has said I was being his overwatch for trade, just if something did happen I could help, also cause I personally don't think our german friend Mr. Klaus was going come solo so I set up in a building which was able to see them easily. as my gut feeling told me the deal did turn bad and Elliot got screwed over by from what I saw five heavily armed men rolling up wear the green armband and no of style uniform. I try hail Elliot but was to late cause I saw his hand were up and I lost all contact with him. from what I saw Elliot was more less talking someone face to face and saw him drop his mask. So I decide to let cut the head off the snake and shoot at the leader. he drops with my first shot, then I saw Elliot being sprayed down and from that point on firefight started.# That is his statment WORD FOR WORD he clearly stated " I saw five heavily armed men rolling up wear the green armband and no of style uniform" NO VALUE FOR LIFE clear and simple
  7. The Drunken Scotsman

    S2 Killing of Compliant Hostage/Metagaming

    In any-case when you have a very long, good and inquisitive look over every piece of evidence i must say Lego your clutching at straws with your meta-gaming. and still taking a good look your over watch openly admits to firing on a group of 5 guys whom had you prisoner and he is technically part of the hostage situation as well as a rescuer please see this reference 8.5 Hostages may only be killed in the following scenarios: 8.5.1 Hostages do not comply with your demands or pose a direct threat to you or your group. 8.5.2 Hostages do not value their life, for example they talk back or insult you despite being told to keep quiet (see rule 8.1). 8.5.3 The rescue party refuses to negotiate and open fire, after the hostage takers contacted them on the radio. as you can clearly see all three of these rules apply to the situation you both as an involved party on the hostage side DID NOT comply (by shooting at us). you both had NO VALUE FOR LIFE (for shooting and not complying with more than five guys). and the technical rescue party aka part of the hostage situation Noah King (OPENED FIRE). from this point you can see the ways your twisting this. OK so one guy asked to be bandaged while he was unconscious, THAT tells me jack about where he is who shot him and ill have you know from what i could see he might not have even been bleeding. so being that you are somewhat of a long standing member with the community that we all love to RP in why dident you already know that you had not complied because last i checked is that if you are with in 500 meters of the situation and part of their dynamic group you are part of the hostage situation and not a third party rescuer. SO as i have asked twice and now for the third time rather than make this any worse than it look how about we all sit down like the adults we are supposed to be and properly sort this crap rather than loose more members due to idiocy what do you say Lego and Adlofo.
  8. The Drunken Scotsman

    S2 Killing of Compliant Hostage/Metagaming

    you know i must say lego gloating in a report that you are more than simply twisting is not something that you should be doing this is why i wish to sit down with you and you friend to resolve this properly
  9. The Drunken Scotsman

    S2 Killing of Compliant Hostage/Metagaming

    I would like to ask that we all sit down with a couple of admins and talk about this because as per the last post this is now turning into just rules being thrown around and there are rules that are being quoted in an out of context mannor
  10. The Drunken Scotsman

    S2 Killing of Compliant Hostage/Metagaming

    DR James nelson POV: we had a plan to lure the two gents in question to a meting to take them and eventually torture them to death. i was stationed on over watch across the road in the opposite apartment buildings. With a view down into the situation i could clearly see and hear over the radio that they had taken one of the gents we wanted and that the other was hidden inside of the apartment buildings on their side of the road. about 30 seconds or so after the initial take down and grabbing of the hostage i could hear that things went sour and that the gent in the apartment building had opened fire on the guys in the market place. knowing that there was most likely casualties i made my way to the square to asses the situation and try to save any casualties regardless of which side of the conflict they represented. while trying to save one of the injured i was gunned down at which point i left the server as for my self it was late and had a busy day in front of me. with that being said and this my point of view we had eight people on hand there were 2 in the apartment buildings (myself and Jared Lockwood) and a further six on the ground surrounding their guy. from what i could hear there were no hostage negotiations taking place only a hell fire of bullets which in turn killed the hostage and one of our guys.
  11. The Drunken Scotsman

    Storm Front, can you hear me? [Private Freq.]

    *The sotheren man comes back over the radio* No problem darling you let me know when your comming to town and ill get you set up. *the radio falls silent*
  12. The Drunken Scotsman

    Storm Front, can you hear me? [Private Freq.]

    *you can hear a man that sounds from the deep south come over the radio* Hey there this is doc wilson let me know where you guys are situated and ill make my way to ya *the radio falls silent*
  13. *A destinct western scottish accent comes over the radio* This is Captain James Nelson of the Royal highland Fusiliers attached to the UN as a silence adviser. I can not speak for long on this open frequency all i can tell you is keep your head down and do your best not to use unsecured frequency's. I will find a way for us to talk in a more secure manner, i am sorry for having to do this but chenarus is a rather hostile country to almost all individuals but in any case keep you head down and keep out of sight, Nelson out *The radio falls silent*
  14. The Drunken Scotsman

    To Loscham[Old FPR freq][Private]

    *Nelson Keys back in* He might not scare you but he now has a reason to come for you, that changes the game ever so slightly. You really do not have a good understanding of human psychology. *The radio falls silent*
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