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  1. Server and location: S1 / NWAF Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 8:00PM / SAT, 28TH, Dec Your in game name: Oisin Malone Names of allies involved: 503 Name of suspect/s: Unknown. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Well I was heading to 503's small bunker to log off for the night, i was shot at and took refuge in green bunker in video, This man put his hands up and walked inside to where I took him hostage and asked his name, telling him multiple times I will shoot him if he does not respond, to which he logged off and never returned, I was killed two minutes later by who i prosume were his freinds.
  2. *Incase this is what u meant by format I will fill this one out too* Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/502091776?tt_content=full_vod_button&tt_medium=clips_watch_page&t=4h44m20s - As this clip prove's (From Declan Wood and Oisin Malone (me) ) POV. {Time Stamped} Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: we were approuched by the individual where we asked him 'who lives here' and he said 'I do actually' in which we attempted to take him hostage resulting in HECTIK32 Taking out a weapon and firing at me and me defending myself and shooting him as he fired rounds at me. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: An Unban. As this was a false appeal from the Individual HECTIK32. What could you have done better?: Responded in Time, But as I meantioned previously I was away on a trip, Which I apoligies For!
  3. Hi! @CainoGS has failed to respond to this report within 24 hours and will therefore remain banned. He will have to make a ban appeal to overturn this decision, and the report will be verdicted there. We are sorry for the inconvenience @HECTIK32. ^ that is all your message says from the Report, I looked over the Creating a ban appeal, I s says to provide all the approprite information which i Will now, https://www.twitch.tv/videos/502091776?tt_content=full_vod_button&tt_medium=clips_watch_page&t=4h44m20s - this is that exact clip of the whole encounter proving my innocence, from my side of the story the individual approached us and as you can wee we were holding him up to take him hostage and he decided to take a weapon out and attempt to shoot me, I defended myself by shotting him instead and as you can see from the clip @HECTIK32 Shot first.
  4. Sorry for not responding when reported I was Away from town on a Trip! This KOS Accusation from HECTIK32 Is false, The whole event that happend was streamer Live on here 'KooglysKirb' On twitch the embbed link is not working atm, Though i cannot find a clip for the event the player 'HECTIK32' walked up to me and Declan Wood well we were outsdie of a house that was transformed into a base, we spoke with 'HECTIK32' when he asked what we were doing, we told him we were patching up this base. which of course was a lie, then i Attempted to take 'HECTIK32' Hostage by shouting 'Put your hands up' and within the next few seconds 'HECTIC32' took his gun out and aimed it at me and in that second i shot him with my shotgun. If I find a clip or the whole livestream footage i will post it in this form. here is the clip right here i actually forgot to mention that 'HECTIK' actually fired first in this situation. Porving me innocents even more. if these clips are not working i can send them to anyone who needs i have the links saved. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/502091776?tt_content=full_vod_button&tt_medium=clips_watch_page&t=4h44m20s
  5. Ty both anyway for the help i will try that now with the battleeye launcher!
  6. Well trying to connect ingame when i join even though im on my 'active character' i keep getting kicked by a admin for not being on active character? My active character name is : Oisin Malone and i am logging on as oisin malone, please help!
  7. CainoGS


    Hi I have been part of the community for a while now but only got whitelist accepted yesterday, cannot wait to play!
  8. Oisin ended up in the outbreak well studying abroad, He was studying 'Botany' and is looking for information on confirm his suspicions of plants being the main cause for the outbreak and maybe having a cure, He is willing to achieve these goals with any means necessary, Though he is very socially awkward as he was bullied as a teen, He hates being alone and will adapt to his surroundings and play whatever position he has to to fit in even if he does not know much in the area he's put into. He is determined to survive at all costs! Whatever the apocalypse throws at him he will fight through... But one of Oisin's Main goal above all is to travel back to Ireland when this is all over, his skills as a scout may come in handy for the apocalypse, He is also hoping to write a book and likes to document everything he does for history purposes and sometimes will prioritize his book over his basic human needs which leave's him in bad conditions sometimes and though he is a clumsy person he can write faster and neater than the best writer in Chernarus.
  9. CainoGS

    Interview with Thumper

    Good interview i think!
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