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  1. Welcome aboard - great community here I'm new myself. Good luck on whitelisting and see you in game.
  2. Good times back then, and in fact, I've been looking to find my new "RP home" since then! I'm hoping it's here
  3. You've got me curious now. Which server? Oh, and welcome! I've been here a day, so I know nothing, Jon Snow. Avlis NWN PW You play there? Oh, just got white listed! Looking forward to getting online
  4. That does, it's exactly what I was looking for a little guidance thank you! o7 This can be marked as solved - I re-read that lore section and spotted what I wanted
  5. May I get a little help with some background lore? I'm baffled by this one - but -do not post whitelist questions on the forum- It's not a question I've ever thought of playing DayZ - and reading the lore backgrounds I'm still uncertain. -snip- but as this is the only question I am stuck on - I don't want to risk a fail for one question. Even if someone could give a tip where this specific info is mentioned - as it wasn't clear to me in the lore backgrounds I read. I'm sure it's there - I guess my brain is full at the moment of DayZRP stuff Thanks in advance.
  6. I dug up the old 2013 threads on IRC, and got excited (seeing as I'm an old IRC'er from way back when). I then got sad when I joined an empty channel on Quakenet. Did the IRC chan move or am I just too old and no one uses it anymore? I also note no chan op/Q so figured it's just been let go. #DayZRP on irc.quakenet.org [attachment=3316]
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome, much appreciated. I'm definitely feeling I'm in the right place. Read the rules - love the passphrase system, this is so clever. Really dug it. Unfortunately I got the borders of Chernarus incorrect so just waiting 4 hours to re-submit I did get all the RP and rule questions right though! Can't wait to see you all in game.
  8. Hello, Just a quick hello post. Bit of an old school RP'er (NWN PW) and had a few people tell me about the DayZ RP servers so keenly interested. Havn't played DayZ SA for a long long time - looks like a lot of welcome changes have been made to the game. Hoping to be white-listed soon and look forward to seeing you all online. o7