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    The Kingdom Contact open freq. [13.37]

    *The wounded knight pours ale into his wounds as he transmits you hear the deep voice of a broken man* "My King i have uncovered a plot to destroy you and the kingdom by a group known as Arsenal(pause in agony) Whilst travelling through Stary I encountered an odd group that claimed they were under attack i had hopes to aid this group in their defence however I had been deceived... The group of men preceded to escort me into the woods presenting their weapons. Their leader claimed to have been hurt by us and wanted to use me as a message(pause again in screaming pain) Through the night theses men tortured me but i did not break they removed my ear some of my fingers and carved the words SOF-004 into my back. This is when i uncovered the dark truth of their group. They began eating the limbs they had removed while one of them recorded it as part of a test. Their goal was to test the plague on unwillingly subjects in an attempt to give themselves immortality. Once they had finished their brutal act they demanded i give a message to my king. The leader wanted the men responsible for carving enemy into his back and he wanted the kingdom to swear fealty to him for peace. One of the other men claimed that they were forming a heavily armed group to take down the kingdom and to kill the king. My king these men need to suffer for their threats we must act at once" *The knight's voice fades to screaming as the transmission ends*
  2. jabomb10

    The Kingdom

    Hi guys I'm new and looking to join a clan how to I join the kingdom.
  3. 357 Magnum all the way best gun ever!