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  1. Hi everyone!

    Yay! I got whitelisted on my first attempt! I'll be meeting many of you soon I think!
  2. Hi everyone!

    Haha oh I like you already Jamie! Thanks for the comment, Ramon. I posted in a thread besides here as well. I've read the guide a few times now and watched the video too. I wanna get whitelisted 1st try so I'm gonna study hard.
  3. Hi everyone!

    Thank you very much! I might need to. I have intense test anxiety lol
  4. Where is Everyone From?

    USA here as well.
  5. Hi everyone!

    I'm Lexi! I've just joined and am really looking forward to meeting people and getting started roleplaying. I took/taught acting improvisation and regularly game master for the tabletop "All Flesh Must be Eaten" by Eden Studios so I'm pretty excited to get started making stories with you all! I can't wait to get Whitelisted! Though I admit I'm a little intimidated as I haven't RP'd in a video game space with other players before. Anyway haha Hello!