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  1. Yay! I got whitelisted on my first attempt! I'll be meeting many of you soon I think!
  2. Haha oh I like you already Jamie! Thanks for the comment, Ramon. I posted in a thread besides here as well. I've read the guide a few times now and watched the video too. I wanna get whitelisted 1st try so I'm gonna study hard.
  3. Thank you very much! I might need to. I have intense test anxiety lol
  4. I'm Lexi! I've just joined and am really looking forward to meeting people and getting started roleplaying. I took/taught acting improvisation and regularly game master for the tabletop "All Flesh Must be Eaten" by Eden Studios so I'm pretty excited to get started making stories with you all! I can't wait to get Whitelisted! Though I admit I'm a little intimidated as I haven't RP'd in a video game space with other players before. Anyway haha Hello!