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  1. I know. Whatever shall we do? There's gonna be an investigation!
  2. Would probably make roleplay better. On the other hand, it may make people avoid roleplay more.
  3. Unfortunately, life is not so kind. What reason is there that roleplay should be?
  4. I actually quite like this idea. We had a situation on Prison Island where some of our members took a Remnant hostage. Two members fo the Remnants then came to try to rescue that person. When that happened, they were given an ultimatum: drop your weapons and approach with your hands up or we will kill your friend. They never even bothered to reply, so the captive was killed. In a case like that, it should result in a permadeath. You say some people, but let's be honest. I've met, mmm, maybe three people who are good enough with roleplay to actually do such things. Most people just throw a character together all slapdash. While I write out extensive backstories to my characters, (Edit: Well actually it depends. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't) the greater majority of people are like " Hurr durr, this guy is an ex marine blinded my pain and now he's gone mad and will try to kill and rob everyone he meets. Hurr durr" Obviously just an example, but a realistic one. But, in this case, it wouldn't be some random bandit killing off your character. It would be either someone you've been at odds with for some time, or your own choices IC that lead to your death, ultimately making the decision yours.
  5. OK. Well, seeing as no one ever responded to my appeal and my ban is now over, I request that this appeal be closed. Thank you for your time.
  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/83490-s1-attempted-invalid-kos-possible-nvflpossible-ghosting-prison-island/?do=findComment&comment=1537638 Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict is unfair because it assumes that, while a Mosin Nagant is indeed usually used for sniping, it can't be used effectively at short range. This line of thinking makes it seem as though I was indeed having no value for my life. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: The Mosin Nagant has the same fire rate as a pump action shotgun such as the MP-133, and, as the logs showed, it is quite effective at killing players at short range. It is my firm belief that they are comparable in close range combat. The person who killed me should not normally have been able to do so if I had not been interrupted. Indeed, the pure shock of a player pulling a mosin out at short range gave me about three seconds in which to kill him. Now, their friends would have likely stormed out and killed me immediately afterwards, but I didn't know there were anymore than the two men. I won't say I'm the best at PVP, because I'm certainly not, but I have pulled off such a maneuver before and it works. Under normal circumstances. Edit: Also, there was a teammate with an AK on the bridge who was "fully kitted". Since I had informed them that there were enemies that had engaged me, I wasn't worried at all about two gunmen. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I don't hold ill will towards the person who passed judgement on me, but I think the verdict should be reversed. I will gladly keep the points as a warning, but I think the ban at least should be lifted. What could you have done better?: Honestly, as this is an RP server, I should have complied. Unfortunately, instinct took over. In the future, I would be better suited in complying when engaged by multiple people while armed with a bolt action. It doesn't matter if I CAN pull it off. If I don't, it looks bad, so it's better to avoid the situation entirely. Thank you for considering my appeal. I hope this doesn't mar interactions with the staff in the future.
  7. Am I correct in the assumption that this is open to all people wanting to apply? I did not see any restrictions.
  8. I usually approach talking about the local game. If the person I'm approaching seem bandity, I'll try the bounty hunter approach.
  9. Jason leans out of the shadows and clasps his hands in glee. "Yessss. It worked perfectly..."
  10. Yes. Yes they are. Pop in the chest, reload, turn, pop in the chest. All done in about a second. If you have trouble understanding still, I can't help you.
  11. I think you guys are having trouble understanding, so I'll explain again. I saw two people. Two people are an easy kill, especially at point blank range. The only reason that I died right then was my game minimized. Understand now? Gooood...
  12. @Eagle Apologies, I just found it amusing to meet him after I died. I already discussed it with him in PM. Just poking fun.
  13. Scythe Massakur's POV: So, @Abu Muhammad and @Reckless had gone over to the island, but I had hung back for a couple minutes at Kamarovo to refill my canteens and rum bottles, as I was in the later stages of cholera (sickly man here, hi), and after I had done so, maybe 3-5 minutes later I too swam over. As I swam, I saw NO ONE else, all the way to the horizon, swimming in the water. (Heavily implying the ghosting, mes amies.) When, I made landfall, I walked up I saw two men, whom I had at first mistaken as my fellow pirates, hiding behind buildings across the bridge from the prison proper. When It didn't add up, I walked up them, whilst notifying my compatriots that there were two strangers, and one had a blue armband. I walked up to the one on the right and greeted him, unlimbering my Mosin as I did so, and played off my friendly hunter, as I have so many times in the past. They immediately tried to encircle me. Well, a Floridian like Jason Boor knows when there's gators in the water, so I backed up in an attempt to prevent it, but when I did, the man on my left initiated on me. It was a simple thing to raise my rifle and touch the man on the right with the finger of death, but when I turned to my left to do the same to the man there, lo and behold, Bill Gates himself appeared to rape me. Windows Updater decided to take that moment to pop up and minimize DayZ in order to tell me that I had an impending update for Windows Defender. Cue double middle fingers. In a blind panic, I clicked DayZ again and tried to go prone so I could avoid fire and then kill the man on my left. Alas, it was too late. I was slain. Luckily for the Somali Pirates, I spawned on Skolisty and I now have a sword. For the Goddess!
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