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  1. Harder to Obtain Execution Rights and PermaDeath

    I know. Whatever shall we do? There's gonna be an investigation!
  2. Harder to Obtain Execution Rights and PermaDeath

    Would probably make roleplay better. On the other hand, it may make people avoid roleplay more.
  3. Harder to Obtain Execution Rights and PermaDeath

    Unfortunately, life is not so kind. What reason is there that roleplay should be?
  4. Harder to Obtain Execution Rights and PermaDeath

    I actually quite like this idea. We had a situation on Prison Island where some of our members took a Remnant hostage. Two members fo the Remnants then came to try to rescue that person. When that happened, they were given an ultimatum: drop your weapons and approach with your hands up or we will kill your friend. They never even bothered to reply, so the captive was killed. In a case like that, it should result in a permadeath. You say some people, but let's be honest. I've met, mmm, maybe three people who are good enough with roleplay to actually do such things. Most people just throw a character together all slapdash. While I write out extensive backstories to my characters, (Edit: Well actually it depends. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't) the greater majority of people are like " Hurr durr, this guy is an ex marine blinded my pain and now he's gone mad and will try to kill and rob everyone he meets. Hurr durr" Obviously just an example, but a realistic one. But, in this case, it wouldn't be some random bandit killing off your character. It would be either someone you've been at odds with for some time, or your own choices IC that lead to your death, ultimately making the decision yours.
  5. LoreMaster Recruitment Change

    Alas. One day.
  6. LoreMaster Recruitment Change

    Am I correct in the assumption that this is open to all people wanting to apply? I did not see any restrictions.
  7. Best Line when approaching players

    I usually approach talking about the local game. If the person I'm approaching seem bandity, I'll try the bounty hunter approach.
  8. The End of the Remnants?...Dont Drive...ever....

    Jason leans out of the shadows and clasps his hands in glee. "Yessss. It worked perfectly..."
  9. NLR Clarification needed

    I doubt my opinion carries much weight, but I agree that the NLR should apply to a particular area. In the case above, the area was the island.
  10. Black Death [RP/PvP Event]

    That sounds really fun, actually.
  11. Jason Boor Open Broadcast

    Jason laughed aloud at that and took a quick glance in his salting barrel. Sure enough, there was a supply of chicken there. "Of course I hunt chickens, though it's not much of a hunt. And who doesn't like some cooked chicken?" The American grinned to himself and sat back against his tree.
  12. Jason Boor Open Broadcast

    Jason raised an eyebrow. That was weird. It was almost as though the man had read his thoughts. Clearing his throat, he held down his PTT again. "If you're referring to humans, I prefer to not encourage cannibalism, so I do not sell human meat. As to the taste, I've heard it's akin to pork, but greasier." He let off the PTT, an odd expression on his face.
  13. Jason Boor Open Broadcast

    Jason finished his dinner and stacked some more logs on his fire. He was surprised when his radio squawked and another man's voice came over it. Well. That was awfully fast. He picked up the radio and hit its PTT. "Why, whatever animals exist in this country. I've hunted them all. But, what is most common these days are wolves, deer, and cow. I heard the boar and pigs are less these days. Nearly gone, to be honest. And who remembers the last time a bear was seen?" He chuckled and released the PTT.
  14. Jason Boor Open Broadcast

    Jason takes a last bite of his wolf steak and chews thoughtfully for a moment before digging out his radio. He wipes his greasy hands off on a red kerchief and then pushes the PTT. "Evening to anyone listening. Jason Boor here, yes, I've heard the jokes, no, I haven't seen the movies. Now that that's out of the way, I'm a hunter, friends. And I've got it in my head that it might be useful to start bringing meat and leather to the people who might not be...let's say hunting capable in order to be nice. I've recently seen a man step on every fucking twig in his path while trying to track a deer, for example. Dumbass Texans. So, anyone who wants what I have to offer, you can reach me on this radio frequency. And remember, just call Jason Boor for all your meat and leather needs." He releases the PTT and digs back into the wolf steak. Strangely enough, wolves tasted the best when they had a good diet of human. What was odd was that, as far as he had heard, human just tasted like really greasy pork. Hmmm. He needed to experiment.